Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons

  • An English hotel and restaurant, containing vents and elevators, connected to a market street, with tons of people walking around and lots of shops and apartments in the various streets. A tram system connects to the various streets, with a sewer system running underneath. Targets are a property magnate who owns the hotel, paying it a visit for an annual visit, trying out the facilities and meeting with various important people, and his son, a playboy who is out around the town, exploring and doing what a playboy would be.
  • An airport with an attached mini-hotel and convention centre, currently hosting the National Aeronautics Association’s exhibition. Has an explorable plane, various kiosks and airport-like things, while the convention centre has a large, Comic Con feel, with the hotel being a small-ish area with a singular lift and vents connecting rooms. Targets are the chairman of an aeronautics company who plans to sabotage and crash a plane, to prove that his product is vitally important, and the pilot supposed to help him, but is having second thoughts himself.

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Please choose whichever one you like more (I will ignore my vote, I didn’t mean to submit it).


I voted for the airport because I would love to see a level take place in an airport and hotel/restaurant level has been done in Season 1 :slight_smile:


Two skyscrapers connected via the skybridge would be both scenic and interesting + it will be a good homage to the Hitman 2 level where 47 needed to hack server and cross such skybridge.


I for one would enjoy a medieval castle in perhaps Europe. It would be marvelous if they could create such a large structure with a well designed interior and exterior. Along with hidden rooms and halls to sneak through. I would enjoy hiding inside a suit of armor and chopping down the target with a medieval sword.


Feel like South Africa will be a spot since it gets referenced a few times in the story.

Science lab of ether, but i hope it has city too. Johannesburg i think


1)Something like Marrakesh or Sapienza, small district of a city, i would like to see some American ghetto style district with a few gangs that control different parts of it, and targets are those gang leaders.

2)police department where you have to kill some prisoners or even bribed cops, some of nearby buildings can be accessible also, to give more opportunities.

3)Biker club like it was in Hitman:Contracts

4)any sorta mission in Saint Petersburg


I was thinking, why not in an American Country villiage during Thanksgiving. Somewhere in the shopping area or during the night in big old mansion. Sounds like fun to me :slight_smile:


Setting - Washington DC
US president is possessed by devil and is about to nuke some country. US army orders a hit on their own president.


Some people just can’t get over it even after almost a year.

47 needs to visit this beautiful city once more, that’s for sure.


A goddamn airport for the devil’s sake


The Logan Lucky trailer made me want a Nascar level.


Location: The International Automotive Expo, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Target: Unknown, procure intel on site


Good evening, 47. Your next destination is the International Automotive Expo taking place in Detroit. This mission is a bit different than the usual affair; we don’t know the identity of our client OR target.
Our client recently received information regarding a planned assassination of the CEO of Alva, the world’s foremost manufacturer of Electric and Hybrid automobiles, as well as futuristic visionary entrepreneur, Aaron Reid.
The hit is suspected to be planned to take place at the International Automotive Expo during Reid’s press conference during which he plans to unveils three new models of his line of electric vehicles. The intel suggests that an especially greedy individual connected to a major oil corporation may be behind the hit, but information is scarce. The motivation appears the be an attempt to both tank Alva’s stock, as well as serve as a subtle warning to other would-be innovators not to encroach on the big oil monopoly.
Rather than cancel the press conference and put Reid under protection, our client intends to use this opportunity to flush out the Assassin and eliminate them. There is no one better suited to think like an Assassin than you, Agent 47, so you have been assigned to this mission with purpose.
Furthermore, any intel you are able to procure on site beyond the identity of our rival assassin will be invaluable to our client, who has not only offered a substantial bonus, but also the opportunity for a follow up contract to eliminate the person who hired the hit. We don’t normally take multiple contracts from the same client, but in this case, we would consider both targets to be part of the same job.
Good hunting, 47.

An Assassination is planned to take place at the International Auto Expo in Detroit, Michigan this evening during the Alva press conference. Aaron Reid, CEO of Alva is the target.

The mission is to uncover and eliminate the Assassin before they take down Reid. There is no information regarding the Assassin’s plan, but more than likely the act will take place once Reid has taken the stage for the press conference.

To uncover the identity of the Assassin, you will need to patiently observe your surroundings and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. If you see someone acting suspiciously, tail them for some time and monitor their actions. At some point, the Assassin will need to prepare for the hit, at which point you can take them down.

A timer will be displayed, showing the time until Reid takes the stage. This is the amount of time you have to find and stop the Assassin. Failing this, you will still have an opportunity to protect Reid from assassination, at which point you will need to chase down the Assassin before they escape.

A number of NPC’s might exhibit suspicious behavior. Subduing them will not reveal whether or not they’re the Assassin - you must either witness them with a weapon or setting a trap (or whatever), or gather evidence, such as discovering bodies that the Assassin has hidden and disguised themselves as. If you find the body of a photographer, for example, you’ll know that the Assassin may be currently dressed and posing as a photographer.


Part One of Two Covertly tail the Assassin, discovering all of his hidden stashes, listening in on phone conversations, swipe his laptop and copy his hard drive to your thumb stick - all without him noticing. If he catches you, he will kill you on sight, so put those Ninja skills to good use. Gathering this intel will help the ICA assist the Client in learning the identity of the oil company CEO who hired the hit, and will unlock that mission. You may kill the Assassin at the end of all this either manually, or by triggering any of the opportunities that you will have unlocked by the end of his cycle.

Insurance Policy - Subdue Aaron Reid and take his Disguise. This should lure the Assassin out at some point, but you’ll have to be very aware of your surroundings lest you be Assassinated yourself. You can either kill the Assassin yourself, or cause them to botch their attempt and get gunned down by security.

NOTE- The following opportunities will set the Assassin on a set path when triggered. Normally the Assassin’s actions and method of assassination are randomized, but triggering an opportunity will set the Assassin on a particular path for you to follow up on.

Backfire - While listening to the Assassin’s phone conversations, you’re able to decipher his code-speak and determine that he plans on assassinating Reid with a sniper rifle from the rafters. First, go to the maintenance area and collect a wrench if you don’t already have one, a bolt, and quick-hardening epoxy. Then, head up to the rafters above the show floor and find the sniper perch and rifle. First, use the wrench to loose the bolts holding the railing behind the sniper perch in place. Then, insert the bolt into the chamber end of the barrel and use the epoxy to secure it. When the Assassin fires the bullet, it will hit the bolt and shrapnel will explode out of the chamber. This should cause the Assassin to lose his balance and grab a hold of the railing, which will give way, causing him to fall to his demise.

Auto-Pilot - While tailing the Assassin, you learn that his escape vehicle is one of Alva’s very own self driving electric cars, a redundancy to help him avoid suspicion. Collect a module programming unit from the Alva tech crew staging area, then head to the parking garage roof and program the Assassin’s car to drive off the top of the parking garage, crashing onto the pavement 5 stories below - a fall no one could survive regardless of safety equipment - and then blow the Assassin’s cover so he flees.

Broadside - You’ve discovered a hidden body of one of Alva’s tech crew, leading you to realize that the Assassin is now posing as part of the crew. You will need to monitor the crew member’s behaviors to see which of them does not fit in, thereby identifying which one is the Assassin. He will be doing his best to blend in, which should afford you an opportunity to take him out. Once you’ve identified him, he will be asked to move some boxes from the side door of a box truck over to the staging area. Conveniently, one of Alva’s prototypes is parked perpendicular to the truck, plugged in to a laptop, with a tech programming it to drive itself onto the stage during the press conference. You’ll need to subdue, distract, or wait for this tech to leave so you can reprogram the car to throttle straight ahead and ram the Assassin while he is collecting another box from the box truck.

Auto-Asphyxiation - You’ve explored and discovered one of the Assassin’s supply caches - a small storage room. He has apparently had a crate with equipment smuggled into the building, but has yet to retrieve it. First, you will need to disable the storage room’s exhaust ventilation, and you’ll need a screw driver to do it. Second, there is a backup generator on the other side of the wall, but the generator’s exhaust is piped through the storage room into the main exhaust ventilation system. Use a wrench to disconnect the pipe. Third, wait for the Assassin to enter the room to collect his supplies, and latch the door shut from the outside. Finally, manually start the backup generator, which will then flood the room with dangerous exhaust fumes, and the Assassin will soon be eliminated.

Failure to Yield - Event Security is armed and prepared to exercise lethal force in the event of a hostile act. The Assassin has been dodging the watchful eyes of the Security team so far, but should you manage to expose him, you can eliminate the target without any direct contact whatsoever. Follow the Assassin and lure a Security Guard to his location while he is in the process of setting up for his hit.

Map Layout
The main floor is a large convention hall. The Auto Expo is currently only open to the press, so not all exhibitors are set up yet - just the ones giving press conferences today. The main exhibition room is 3 stories tall, with lights and sound rigging about mid-way up and a system of catwalks and a sound control platform.

There is a food vendor area, a kitchen, public restrooms, a main lobby, and of course, all of the behind-the-scenes concrete hallways and staging areas.

The lower level is mostly for short term vehicle and equipment storage. Here you’ll find box trucks, display vehicles, large crates and other things with staff coming to and fro. There are also a number of long term storage rooms meant for use by exhibitors who are regularly present at the various events held at the convention hall.

The roof is an empty, plain roof as you’d expect, with a chain-link fence seperating it from the attached 5 story parking structure. There is a hole cut in the fence, apparently pre-planning on the part of the Assassin. The lower two floors are blocked off by security - no one comes in unless they have a permit to park on the upper floors, and no pedestrians are allowed through - vehicles only. The top floor of the parking structure is where you’ll find the Assassin’s escape vehicle.

Unique Challenges - There are just the ones that I can think of at the moment.

1. Meta-ssassin - Take out the Assassin and steal his disguise, then use his vehicle to escape.
2. Exhausted - Kill the Assassin with the Generator’s Exhaust.
3. Drop Dead - Push the Assassin off of the catwalk and onto the show floor.
4. Guess Who? - Disguise yourself as Aaron Reid and kill the Assassin when he shows up to kill you.
5. Justice is Served - Trick the Assassin into getting killed by Security.
6. Hood Ornament - Kill the Assassin by causing him to be hit be a vehicle.
7. Parachute Not Standard - Kill the Assassin by causing his vehicle to fall from the parking structure.
8. Patience is a Virtue - Refrain from killing the Assassin until you have uncovered all available intel.
9. Full Throttle - Trigger an evacuation and kill the Assassin before he escapes.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s some glaring flaws (besides the obvious requirement of new mechanics being added), but I think this would be a fun mission and I wanted to share it with you all.


I can’t remember specifically but I read somewhere that the literary canon for Agent 47 states that his primary alias is Tobias Reaper.


I just want a neon-soaked city, Hong Kong or maybe somewhere in Japan like Kyoto or Tokyo?
The lighting would look awesome bouncing off 47’s barcode :wink:


Location: a private resort in Bali, Indonesia

Kill Jason Fox and Bucky Cornelli
Return USB flashdrive

Good afternoon 47, your next assignment is at a private villa at the Java sea in Bali, Indonesia. Your target is Jason Fox, young photographer for the famous Excerpt fasion magazine and big icon in the photography world. Fox is known for his famous partys and luxury life. And with millions of money on his bank account, Fox is living the life everyone dreams about.

But not everything seems as bright as it looks in the life of Jason Fox. Last year the Indonesian police was on a case of multiple disappereances of young women living in Bali. Coincidentally, every time Fox threw one of his famous partys, a girl disappeared. Police investigated the house, but did not find one piece of evidence at the villa.

In secret, Fox hides a secret room beneat his villa where he seduces the girls, takes photo’s of their bodies and then brutally murder them by chopping them in pieces to sell them to an organ harvester. The photo’s of the body hide’s he on a USB flashdrive, and that brings you to your second objection.

Bucky Cornelli, business partner and best friend, is attending a party at Fox’s villa tonight to pick up the USB stick with all the evidence on it. Fox don’t want any evidence lying around if the cops will show up, so he let’s Cornelli personally destroy it. He will leave the country at the end of the night, so if it isn’t taken now, it won’t be seen forever.

Our client, the chief of police, hired us to take both men down tonight at the party in Fox’s villa. It is important that both men get killed and the USB drive get’s returned, or the case will be closed for ever. I will leave you to prepare. Good luck 47.

Starting location:
47 walks in throught the front gate saying it’s a nice place, but there is no time to enjoy the luxury.

Inaccessable areas:
-The basement where Jason kills the girls

Burger waiter disguise.
Personal bodyguard
Pool cleaner
Drug dealer
Party guest clothes

Kill opportunities:

  1. After 20 minutes of playing Fox will take a girl down his basement and take photo’s of her. After he is done taking photo’s he sits down in his chair and smoke a cigarette. If you stand behind him with a pistol in your hand and press eliminate this scene will pop up:
    giphy (8)

  2. If you go to the basement you can mess up his camera. By sabotaging his camera it is rigged to explode. When Fox will go down with the girl and is about to take photos of her, his camera will explode in his face.

  3. The pool guy cleanes the pool every ten minutes. This gives you an opportunity cause now everyone is out of the pool. If you turn a valve the power of the drainage will max up to top speed, meaning that it sucks every little thing in the pool throught it. If you dress up as the pool cleaner and push Fox in the pool, he will get sucked to it and drowns. Dying a horrible death.

  4. If you walk past Fox in a burger suit he will order a plate of burgers. You can get the burgers from the kitchen and poison them. If you put rat poison in it he will go puke in the toilet upstairs, where no one else is, if you put lethal poison in it he will stand up and falls with his face down in the swimming pool.

  5. Jason hides the usb flashdrive in a globe in his office upstairs. If you get Cornello’s phone you can send him a text message that the USB flashdrive is gone. When you took the flashdrive before he arrives Fox will get so angry that he completely loses it and will jump out of the window. If it’s still there you can push him out the window yourself when he doesn’t look.

  6. Cornelli orded a private dance for Fox in one of the bedrooms upstairs. There is a big present with the stripper hiding in it. (Note: she will only hide when Cornelli calls her that Fox is coming). If you subdue her, and hide in the present yourself, you get a option to press kill and the box will fall open with 47 shooting a bullet in his forehead.


  1. Cornello has a affaire with one of the girls at the party. If you get the girls phone you can send a text message to Cornello to meet her upstairs in the main bedroom. If he get’s there you can kill him the way you like.

  2. Cornelli likes a good line of coke every now and then. There are multiple people in the livingroom doing coke and when you dress up as the drug dealer you can poison the coke. When Cornello takes a snort he dies King of Chinatown style.

  3. Because Cornelli thinks Fox needs to chill a bit more, he ordered a stripper. If the stripper rings the bell Cornelli goes and open the door. Unlucky for him Fox has a big white statue on the first floor above the hall which you can push onto him. If you choose to ring the bell yourself while dressed as a technician you can lure him outside telling he has to come look at something. You can direct him to the garage where you can kill him with whatever you want. (There are some garden tools in there, such as a hedgecutter…).

  4. You can sabotage his seaplane. When Cornelli get’s into lockdown he wil flee in his plane, only to crash halfway throught taking off.

  5. Fox owns a big aquarium which is located in the middle of the livingroom. If you get Cornelli upstairs by saying Fox wants him to meet while you’re dressed as one of the guards, he will wait outside the office looking over the rail above the aquarium. If you push him he will fall into it and get eaten by the piranha’s in it. Turning the water completely red. Also, shooting the aquarium will make a bit of water fall out, if you shoot an electric box you can get an electrocution kill for in contracts mode.

Exit points:

  1. There is a little dock with the seaplane attachted to it. You can take the plane.
  2. Drive away in one of the cars
  3. Walk away throught the front gate


[POLL] Should the photographer return?

Do you work for IO? Tell us your little secret now!


I would love to see a level in Ireland. My country is never really used in video games, it’s always the same bland Manhattan setting that’s in every other game.

You could meet a contact in an Irish bar, the target could be in one of the many abandoned army barracks around Ireland. As long as it’s done right i.e. actual Irish NPC voice actors, not some stereotype Ireland - the actual one not some diddly-i-do shit.

Also London would be pretty cool, sniping someone from the London Eye or Big Ben :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Pretty good story overall. A little odd that someone like the chief of police can afford to hire 47 though but that’s a minor detail. :wink:


It’s the police itself who hired ICA, only it’s ordered under chief of police’s name