Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


Would love to see a London level for season 2.


Anyone thinking up anything new?


I was thinking about how to re-capture the success of Sapienza, and I think a possibile setting might be a fictional Scottish town in the vein of the old town parts of Edinburgh. Fictional because I’d like for Edinburgh castle to be the place where the main target is hanging out / llives (among other things that the devs would be free to play around with if they weren’t trying to exactly recreate something existing)

While someone would be living there I imagine there would be tourism and guided tours in parts of the castle area.

Architecture would be different enough that it wouldn’t feel like a Sapienza clone, and all of you people who get wet for rainy levels could get some of that as well.

I imagine a sniper vantage point inside a tower in a gothic looking cathedral (and gothic architecture in general). Obviously you could also snipe from a castle tower (which I imagine is in close connection to one of the guided tours).

There’d be a hotel in the town where a secondary target is staying.

Might do some kind of more amibtious writeup, but I also imagine some kind of fun uses of suits of armor as hiding places (similar to the plague doctor, or the samurai armor in Absolution), kilts (find some wacky reason to have a couple of characters in them and the possibility to grab their clothes for maximum fun), and so on.

Possible “unique” kills:

  • Crushing someone with a portcullis
  • Devastating blow with a claymore style greatsword (imagine this being different from the stabbing style sword kills).
  • Old timey castle chandelier drop and/or breaking off and dropping a gargoyle on someone.


Definitly City of Pripyat, Jantar factory, Chernobyl power plant with dark atmosphere

Retomoto tower from Kane &Lynch, or other location from that game


I must admit, I live just outside Edinburgh but really struggle to see the similarity with Sapienza atall. Might be due to the often poor weather. I am bias due to being Scottish, but I think there is potential for a Scottish Hitman location. I actually think one good place which follows along Kent’s idea would actually be based on St. Andrews. It’s right on the coastline, has a ruined castle and has lots of old architecture with newer stuff in it, I see that place as being far more like Scotland’s Sapeinza.

Not to mention, to be a bit blunt, I kindof want to avoid London. In media, London tends to really be the only place in the UK that really ever gets represented, and I feel like I would want to avoid that, even if for another English city even. Scotland does appear in films but does tend to focus far more on the Highlands, and Wales and Northern Ireland barely get any representation atall.

I dunno, I just think London is a safe choice, and literally anywhere outside it in the UK would be automatically more interesting. I suppose though it is what some French people must think of Paris always appearing in movies.


Because occasionally in real life Maximum Security Prisons are actually the haven of the lawless and powerful:



Sorry that two edits for the title of this thread under my name are visible. I thought there was already a thread for level ideas for Hitman 6, but I couldn’t find one. So I changed the thread’s title from “Level Ideas for future seasons” back to the original of “Level ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons”


I dream of a map with in the spirit of restricts like Colorado-but with limited clothing options-like 3 clothes you can switch into.

The map is majority women and the males that are around have clothes that cannot be switched into. So you either have to SO or you have to use the limited social stealth options to get around the map. Lots of blend in spots and the target is a super enforcer with guards that act like Patrick’s in the Mercenary target.

So I am thinking some drug house or drug making place-only outfits would be the guards-and then the body guards and then like a pizza boy outfit or someone who could at least get in the front door or limited areas in the compound.

So if you go up to the entrance in the pizza boy outfit the guard lets you in the limited front part and makes you stay-as they leave and go confirm with the boss. At that point the player can do whatever take that guards outfit or sneak elsewhere on the map. When the guard comes back he is hostile and shoots you.

so the map would be accident heavy with an ability to get the target killed by other NPC’s much like how Cross will kill Morgan


I like the creepy mansion/slave thing, but its veerrry close the The Showstopper, with one target overseeing an auction, and the other acting as the “public target”. Good character ideas (especially for Hudson) and I can picture it being a cross between The Meat King’s Party/Beldingford Manor/You Better Watch Out.

This would be a brilliant level to bring Lei Ling back into the series, seeing as how we got Smith in Hokkaido.


I was actually basing it off World of Tommorow, but yeah, it needs more originality. I was thinking of setting it in an abandoned Las Vegas casino.


That’s really good… A rescue objective too? Not seen that since Flatline.


I really would like to comeback to russia in atleast one mission.It didn’t happen since contracts and actually since silent assasins because biarchov bomb was in the middle of nowhere.You know like St.Petersburg kind of level but with more NPC and all good stuff with an underground military base or some shit like that.That would be great also to introduce some oldschool weapons like ak47 to the game.Alot of things could be done.I don’t think they will russia,i am 80% sure it will be there someday but hope it will be in season 2.And one level somewhere in modern european country like germany,netherlands or something like that in some cool district.Or some mission in the forest.Just something that wasn’t there before for a long time.


47 must infiltrate a hipster group.
Starting suit:

Explosive iPhone X
Emetic Starbucks Coffe Mug
Incendiary Mac :desktop_computer:


The World’s Eyes

Good evening, 47. Welcome to Beijing.

Your target is British hitwoman Stacey Sullivan, the daughter of British Secretary of State for Defence Christopher Sullivan. A year ago, Ms Sullivan was kidnapped by disgraced sportscaster Todd Barnett, who brought her to a warehouse you coincidentally were hiding out in. You ran across them and in a fight, stabbed Barnett to death, before fleeing. Stacey Sullivan was traumatised by the incident and became obsessed with finding you, travelling the world to talk to bystanders and witnesses of your assassinations. After Sullivan failed to find you physically, she decided she’ll catch your attention and started hunting down targets. Secretary Sullivan, horrified at what his daughter had become, put a hit on her with a heavy heart.

Sullivan is meeting with the Unseen, a secretive triad, who are likely hiring her to assassinate a rival triad leader or government official. The Unseen lives up to their name, we could not collect any more intel on them nor find their whereabouts. You will have to find them yourself. Fellow ICA agent Ren Shu will be there to aid you. She knows Beijing like the back of her hand. Good luck, 47.


Oh man thats a pretty original backstory for Stacey Sullivan! I’d love playing that level.


White Wing Mental Hospital

Good afternoon, 47. You will be travelling to the White Wing Mental Hospital in New York City.

Your main target is hospital director Shirley Guillen. A sadist and nymphomaniac, Guillen has been sexually abusing her patients for years. She was also a member of Providence. Time to settle our old friend.

You will also need to eliminate convicted serial killer Bernard Wilson. Wilson, better known as the Guest, killed 30 men and women, all either staff or security of a hotel. He was committed to White Wing Mental Hospital. Hotelier Kirk Quinn, who lost his brother to Wilson, wants him dead.

We have admitted you to White Wing Mental Hospital under the alias of Jimmy Larson. Shirley Guillen would be in her office, but is likely to take a walk around the premises with her bodyguards. Bernard Wilson is being held in a highly guarded psychiatric ward. The security in hospital is tight, so tread carefully.

Good luck, 47.


When is Episode. 4 coming out?


I like the idea ok killing a psycopath in a mental hospital. Also dialogues must be cool. We could meet mads who think to be Napoleon, Elvis Presley :smiley:
A cool idea for a horror style mission could be a level where the target is a deformed and mentally insane killer closed and chained in a basement to avoid he could go away and kill other people and to hide him from the police. Like in a italian horror movie where the killer is a boy with a deformed face close by his mother to protect him and to avoid he could kill other girls.
He could be the mad son of a powerful man that hides him to avoid scandals, so the mansion is full of guards. And the clients are the parents of a victim who want revenge.
So we have to introduce into the mansion and unlock the basement. Then we must find the target and kill him.
Or we could poison the food that his father (the only one to have basement key) brings him.
Target could be like this


I really like the idea of 47 confronting a serial killer. But I would have him go against someone similiar to,say,Hannibal Lecter. A clever one,not a completely insane one. They could have some sort of confrontation with a dialogue that goes along the idea of “whats really the difference between a hitman and a serial killer?” and such,and then I’d have them face off in a melee fight with a long QTE where one mistake kills you instantly to make it realistic. Maybe it’s stupid but atleast it makes the fight a bit more interesting.


The clever one could be the photographer of the first trailer of Hitman