Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


If only they actually made that level. I have always wanted 47 to face a serial killer like Dexter Morgan,but completely evil. It would make for an amazing face-off!


Likely never. I sadly don’t have the time for these any more.


We already had someone similar with the Meat King’s brother. Even though he wasn’t the target. So I could see it happen again. Although I’m not sure how a crazy serial killer would fit into the story.


What about a level placed in a TV show? There are three target: show director, host and a showgirl interviewed by the host. The last is an actress became famous after she accused another more famous actor to have raped her when she was a child. The actor had life and career ruined and finally he committed suicide. But he was totally innocent. The targets invented accusations to increase audience and the showgirl built his career on that. The client is a relative of the suicided actor who wants revenge and wants the memory of the victim redeemed. So 47 is hired to kill them and steal proofs of the innocence of the actor.
But there are some complications.
The client wants host and showgirl dead during tv show. But it’s not good for 47 let his face goes on tv, so he can’t go on the stage. If he does it mission fails. He can do it only during advertising, but in that time he can’t kill the targets.
So he can kill them placing a bomb under the desk during advertising, or he can poison their water to let them die when the show begins. He can sniper them, make lights drop on them. sabotage something to electrocute the targets.
Full freedom for the third target, tv director who isn’t on the stage.


I talk again the serial killer idea, because some cool mission could be placed in Paris or in Sapienza. What about the Vampire Magician as a target? A sort of unknow psycopath hidden where we can find his outfit in Paris. He has some skin problems and he can’t go outside during the day because sunlight can hurt him. So he kidnaps people during the night and bring them on the last floor of Palaice De Waleska to kill them during strange rituals. That area is close to the public because of structure damages, but in the lower floors there are guards checking the building during the night.
In Paris there are people suspecting in that place something horrible happens. Someone thinks there is a strange evil creature, but most of people think this is only an urban legend. But nobody wants to check. We have been hired to do it. And obviously to kill the Vampire Magician (obviously he is only a human). This would be a bonus non-canon mission.
Something similar could be done for Sapienza, with a target hidden in the crypt.
Another idea is a mission where 47 is the prey. We had already some mission like that, in Contracts with Hunter and Hauted, and in Absolution, with Run for your life, Attack of the Saints and Sladgehammer operation. In my idea to hunt 47 is someone wanting revenge for a previous target, someone linked to one of people we killed.
So he hired us to kill a target, but this is a trap. because in the meanwhile he hired some assassins to kill us. So we have to survive, hiding from the hunters and kill them one by one (just an advice). In the end we must kill the kind who wants us dead


What about a mission during the show of a magician. 47 would have to kill him.
The magician would have several tricks during his show and we could trap one of them so as he dies or disappears… for ever !
Of course there would be the classical ways to kill a target too: sniping him, to make fall on him a projector, become one of the assistant of the magician…


I already posted a few months ago about a mission in a big stadium:

There would be an american football game between two big teams and there would be two targets:

  • a rich person who has booked a place in the VIP room’s stadium to support his favorite team
  • a famous football player

To kill the guy in the VIP room, 47 could go on the roof of the stadium with his sniper rifle to kill the target. He would also be able to infiltrate the VIP room, to disguise as an other VIP client, or a waiter, or even a bodyguard. Or wait for the target to go out of the VIP room during every 5 minutes (when the football game is interrupted for commercial breaks)

To kill the football player, 47 would be able to disguise as a football player himself. 47 could make something that will injure the target, so he will transfered to the infirmary. Or try to kill him during the commercial breaks. Or even trap the ball by putting a bomb in it and make it explode during the game when the target has it.
Of course 47 would have to be careful and keep his football helmet otherwise other players and the trainer of the team could easily unmask him. But it would not be easy to kill this famous football player so it would increase the difficulty of the mission.

To justify the fact that it wouldn’t be a silent kill, devs could say that the person who signed this contract with the ICA says that there would be a bonus if the famous football player dies in front of the cameras.

And of course the mission would be impressive for the amount of NPCs there would be in the audience. But it would be a crowd like the one in the New Orleans mission in Blood Money, we can’t interact with them except pushing them when we walk.

Hope you appreciate my ideas, thanks for reading.


This city must be a future location. It would be awesome


I honestly would much prefer Venice. Imagine how beautiful a level set there could be, and who wouldn’t want to go on a trip down a canal in a boat with the target then kill them and throw them into the canal?


Or you could poison target’s food with canal water. Sure death :joy:


Once again I am a fan of tight enclosed spaces that have you doing a lot of social stealth.

I was thinking of a level based off Dotonbori street in Japan.

So maybe a few streets and the canal along with several building interiors being accessible could be the level. The bulk of the level would be connected interiors in the form of tunnels, rooftops and pedestrian bridges connecting building.

I am thinking the hit should be on a blogger of sorts but mostly the contract is for their hacking. They are loosely connected and protected by a street gang so that’s who would serve as the levels enemies. The street gang would be a disguise along with police disguise and various service jobs like delivery boy, cleaning staff, landlord, or lawyer.

So the contract is for a hacker who has been doing contract work for providence etc etc. So that the target has not really killed anyone outright but they have done cover work or in other way helped “bad” people.

The hacker should have a pretty limited route almost like “basement killing” but standing up and walking to a few rooms every so often.

However because of a dead man’s switch the whole place goes into lock down once the target is eliminated. Making the challenge of course getting to the target but getting out.


Several Ideas, some that have likely been stated before:

Trying to follow some of the darker concepts of Hitman: Contracts

  1. Airport,
  • Several levels of security
  • VIP areas
  • Military presence
  • Potential some level of time frame and escape routes for the target
  1. Bank
  • Again several levels of security and security checks
  • Target may be placing something of value or scandelous into a deposit
  • Hidden secret levels for more secure valuables, including exotic pieces of stolen art etc
  • Potential offshore country
  • Multiple areas of entry plus comical topics e.g. other burglars/Other high profile members storing illegal pieces
  • Potential steal key information from bank vault
  1. Large Conglomerate building e.g. similiar to google/apple HQ
  • Again high security
  • Difficult target to gain access to, very much linked to existing story
  • Could have a very favourable picture from consumer but very shady business behind closed doors
  • High levels of advanced security/plus multiple office levels
  • Steal information from server/laptop etc
  1. Cult biulding e.g. scientology
  • Using scientology as a very similiar example compared to other cults, seemingly nice at face value
  • Several levels of cult infrastrcuture, getting to completely dark e.g. torture and imprisonment
  • High levels of secret security and multiple story elements of how to infiltrate
  • Possible linked to patient zero story and cult of ascendance
  1. Hospital or military installation, [possibly even police station.
  • 3rd world drug lord/possibly military leader
  • High military presence again
  • Linked to successful military coup with strings from organisation.
  • Links to organ harvesting
  • Torture/Imprisonment
  • Gangsters/corrupt military
  1. Insane Asylum/Hospital, Mental in patient facility
  • Brings back memories of previous Dr Ortmyr
  • Similiar failed experiments/potentially successful
  1. Historic biulding/similiar to parliament biulding
  • This is were a council of high profile targets meet to discuss how the organisation is run. Very similar to the spectre meeting
  • Multiple differing gangs/criminals e.g. yakuza, Italian Mafia etc
  • Again a huge opportunity for several different sections of security different locations for each target until they all meet and separate aspects for each gang/group.

Hope these locations are interesting to others. Plus I do like a prison concept but wouldn’t suit very well with the story.


The target could be bank director who hides in the bank something secret we have to steal. But in the meanwhile some thieves are doing a robery and if they steal the secret object before 47, they become targets (like infected people in Patient Zero) because nobody must know that secret

In a police station there could be a mission with Cosmo Faulkner as a target. We must kill him and his second in command and steal all the documents about his investigation on 47


I agree with your statement. My ideas were based behind the story that the new targets will likely be others in very high profile positions e.g. high ranking country police commissioner or a Bank CEO/Manager.


A ski resort is something I thought of around the time of Blood Money as a spiritual successor to “You Better Watch Out”, it might remind some of Hokkaido nowadays though unfortunately but I still think it could be pretty fun.




Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa-PRINT_0



Though, I would like to bring up that I actually want them to bring back “normal sized” levels, like, not everything has to be overly convoluted or filled with a bazillion opportunities. For example: Beldingford Manor is one of my favorites but it feels like today that level would have to be reworked into something which is 3x bigger if they had this level idea today.


Your missions involve sex quite frequently…


Yeah, I’ll tone it down a little.


It’s too heroic/Dexter-esque to me. I really want them to tone down that aspect of this personality of 47/The Agency in the future.


More darker style, something like whole Contracts. Very good atmosphere in that game.


Do you remember these three guys on the newspapers in Japan level in Hitman 2? They could be targets in a bonus mission in Hokkaido. Or even Elusive targets in a triple contract. It would be a cool easter egg