Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


Danish criminals who are after 15 years in Japan still not moved, caught or killed. I don’t think so, but I like your idea. It would be better if it takes place in the villiage down the mountain under the hospital.


I tried to Create a Fan Made Season but couldn’t form a decent storyline. While I’m scrapping my season, I’m making an original mission from one of the season’s missions, with an environmental overview, kill opportunities and disguise list. I’ll close the poll on Sunday. The one with more votes will be written out.

Lethal Trade

Good evening, 47.

Your destination is the Chinese city of Tianjin. Your targets are Zhong Ling, leader of the secretive triad the Yellow Lilies, and Serbian terrorist Damjan Stefanović. The Chinese government has learned about the activities of the Yellow Lilies, which include gun-running, drug trafficking and human trafficking, and want us to eliminate Zhong and his partner before they can do more damage to the country. Zhong and Stefanović are meeting at the Curiosity Hotel, a Yellow Lilies front, for what we assume is a weapons deal. The triad is most likely to be there with Zhong and both targets will be armed. But I’m sure you know what to do.

Good luck, 47.


Lumière, Camera, Action!

Good evening, 47.

Your destination is the Myrtlegrove Chateau in La Rochelle, where famed director Ben Noble is shooting his movie “Foreigner Of Desire”. Your targets are his lead actor Hubert Courtet and the castle’s owner, oil magnate Denis Chevalier. They are, respectively, a frequent client and head of the Ice Dragonfly Association, a French criminal organisation dealing in information brokering and contract killing. A mix of IAGO and the ICA. Our client is Auguste Didier, a brother of actress Jane Didier, who suspects the two had his sister assassinated and wants us to avenge her. Both targets hired security teams to escort them and guard the set.

I will leave you to prepare.

    • Lethal Trade.
    • Lumière, Camera, Action!

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Hi everyone.
I’d really love to see some special environment levels, doesn’t have to be the main level or spectacle. Something like a Zoo that had certain interactive features,(cage release doors for unique death styles) or perhaps an airport location (baggage handling unique deaths) something else i thought would be neat is an event style contract, say at a global sports event, where the possibilities for deaths and story can be endless.
One other thing I’d like to see is a counter hitman in-game, basically, 47’s opposite number who also works in a similar way, planting traps or tries to sneak up on you whilst you avoid him you still have to kill your target.

Just wanted to add in Cuba as a destination, Perfect for all types of gameplay, a place full of culture, style, grandeur, and beauty mixed over several terrains. game players dream exploration map and surely something cool to develop.
story based around, tourism, military strategy, import-exports, their health care system etc. lots to play with there.(i can’t help but see 47 poison a cigar for his target)
Love to hear your thoughts.


South America - Delgado - Like an expo with a Vip area dedicated to the “private commerce”.
Russia - Moscow in an embassy.
Uk-Scottish manor.
Netherlands - Rotterdam in a cruiser boat.
India - Something like "temple city ambush’
Australia - A party, big stuff like "a dance with the devil"
Jesper Kyd soundtrack.


Alright here’s my list. Don’t bother me guys i’ve mixed some of your ideas with mine.
The essential part is IOI getting it right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here we go:

  • An airport (inside)

  • A flying plane (silent assassin objective)

  • A black site facility underground/in a mountain/in the desert (Hidden Valley style)

  • A theme park (actually working unlike in BM)

  • A casino (like in BM or something like Casino Royale)

  • A luxury cruiser boat (like suggested before)

  • Infiltrated inside a Cult, or a Cult Village (Church of Ascendants?)

  • An over-the-top secured facility with servers or a “virtual safebox” like in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

  • A train on the move (fast train like TGV) and a limited time to kill target (we must quit the train on next stop at all cost because lots of reasons)

  • A mission involving Agent Smith saving you (yeah you heard me) and actually becoming a useful agent :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Stealing a most valuable jet prototype/usb key from a military boat

  • A mission in Irak or a similar country involving saving a prisoner in a city surrounded by battlefields and terrorists

  • A mission involving killing a crew few minutes before they attack a building (terrorists, robbers, etc.) and without anyone noticing the incident (like nothing happened)

  • A mission involving killing two targets at two very opposite different places…in the same big mission place (most Hitman open world mission)

Real Location Ideas:

  • Germany (any topic is welcome but the Nazi case is obviously a good start)

  • Russia (St Petersburg style or something related to the Kremlin?)

  • China (lots of ideas)

  • Brasil (Favelas like in Fast 5 & Max Payne 3)

  • Emirates (Dubai and all the luxury)

  • UK (anywhere, not just london, get the british vibe)

  • Mexico (and other south-american countries, maybe something related to cartels)


  • 47 in the Pentagon

  • 47 in Area 51

  • 47 in Space: taking someone’s seat right before launch to space station. 47 has to infiltrate the Space Station and avoid a terrible incoming cataclysm.

I might update it later :slight_smile:

Season 2 maps: Poll

Hey @Epic47Sides try this post with your blacksite wish Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons
All credit goes to @gkkiller


I’m just giving some ideas briefly. You guys feel free to develop details if you want :wink:


#mexico level:-
Can be fun that hitman can take part in lucha libre tournament and as a winner he gets some personal time with the target (possibly female😜)



Location: Argentina

Targets: GuLe

Briefing: Good Afternoon, 47. Your next target is speedrunner GuLe, he has been recently rekking contracts. The target is highly secured, and will evacuate in the slightest sign of danger, and that is why the client requests you eliminate the haxer, bare in mind that the client also requests that you hack GuLe’s laptop and find out what hax he is using, I will leave you to prepare


Mastery Level 2: Undercover in GuLe’s garden

Mastery Level 3: Undercover at the Mechanic Store

Mastery Level 3: Small Agency Pickup: GuLe’s closet

Mastery Level 4: Sedative Syringe

Mastery Level 5: Unlock Professional Difficulty

Mastery Level 6: Large Agency Pickup: Mechanic Store

Mastery Level 7: Undercover at Hax Store

Mastery Level 8: Portable Flying Phone

Mastery Level 9: Start point: ICA Warehouse

Mastery Level 10: Explosive Crystal Ball

Mastery Level 10: Small Agency Pickup: GuLe’s Garage

Mastery Level 11: Start Point: Infiltrating along the Electric Fence

Mastery Level 12: Large Agency Pickup: ICA Warehouse

Mastery Level 13: TAC-Silverballer (a silverballer with very low damage but more fire rate)

Mastery Level 14: Undercover as a Kitchen Assistant

Mastery Level 15: ICA Remote Breaching Charges (4 breaching charges, but with less radius than normal ehuehue)

Mastery Level 16: Small Agency Pickup: GuLe’s room

Mastery Level 17: Undercover as a Security Guard at GuLe’s house

Mastery Level 18: Large Agency Pickup: Empty Lawyer’s Apartment

Mastery Level 19: Undercover as Speedrunner that is locked in GuLe’s house forced to make good runs for him

Mastery Level 20: Minigun


@GuLe huehueuehueuehuehue


He already saw this from discord :wink:


Mission: Techvibe vs Twatcher

Techvibe is an up and coming social media company while Twatcher has been in the game for several years.
We’ve got information that Twatcher has hacked into Techvibes servers and are stealing their ideas and tech and that have made them lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

The client wants you to send Twatcher a message by taking out their head of security, Khalid Ibrahim and the 3 hackers that did the breach, Andrea Fontana, Jessica Murphy and Leonardo Gabbadini.

The three hackers all live at campus belonging to Twatcher in the outskirts of Mumbai, India while Khalid is at the nearby office complex.

Map: The site is made up of a huge office building where the coders, designers etc work, a big campus where most of the employees live, a sports center with a football field, gym, tennis court and swimming pool as well as an entertainment center with a cinema, gaming arcade, coffee shop and a night club/bar.

You will be entering the complex posing as a new coder.


I would love it if they re-did all the blood money levels.


Maybe as an end DLC. Like after S3 (If it comes) they could add it as a full priced game (maybe) and have all functions like contracts in it as well. Good idea.


Some great Ideas here. I liked the Crise Liner the most, since that’s a classy setting, lot’s of people, and potentially such an eyecandy.
Also, just the plethora of possible means to arrange an ‘accident’.

I also liked the Train Idea, but I’d say put a twist on it and make it a vintage locomotive Orient Express trip, high class, massive train cars with varrying content. Lurying security with gadgets so you can sneak pass them… Modern Murder on Orient Express thing.

I would suggest visiting one of actual locations, like Neuschwanstein Castle - your objective is to assassinate a target who to put it simply… is on vacation with his wife. The whole idea is, they are on a long, actuall tour through the castle. The target is scheduled to meet in the crowd with his contact and pass some data (a pendrive will do) - some delicate information.
The group of tourists is walked by a guide, and the staff watches over them, they constantly shift the location, moving onwards with the guide as he/she talks about the history of the Castle. It’s a timed mission, but not too tight to make it rushed, it’s a long walk, but the idea is, you have to think ahead and the targets won’t be at the same spot twice, well other then the entrance to the caslte.
Since the group is composed of no poor peasants, but the typical rich elites, they have a warm reception and a lunch planned in the midst of the tour, (so we get a chance to play with poisons).
Our options? Lure the targets away and kill them, or arrange a nasty accident. Maybe target’s wife is paranoid and superstitious? Arrange a small ‘spectacle’ of special effects convincing her the castle is haunted, so she freaks out and runs off, her husband chasing her to calm her down?
I mention this, cause I have recently played Kingdom Come, and walking into actual historical locations recreated with those guys’ craft were things to marvel!


I’ll be collecting my royalties.


Hitman Fantasy Season: Episode 5 - We All Have a Purpose

Santa Monica, California. 2:20 PM.

TARGETS: The Chairman and the Loon

BRIEFING: Good afternoon, 47. We’ve accepted a contract that you must have known we’d receive at some point. Today is the day that you infiltrate the Church of Ascendants.

The Church of Ascendants is the world’s wealthiest and most powerful cult, funded by the Hollywood celebrities upon which it preys. It outwardly presents itself as a legitimate religion and wellness organization, but those who pay enough to rise through its ranks are indoctrinated into a dangerous and delusional ideology based upon blood magic and “the electrical origins of man.”

Your primary target is David Borreman, chairman of the Church. As the victor of a bitter battle for leadership following the death of cult founder Antoine Haggard, Borreman controls every aspect of the Church’s operation. Borreman was not Haggard’s favored disciple: he ascended to his position through a combination of political trickery and murder. He is a greedy man, motivated by money and power… but his dedication to the cult is no put-on. He is a true believer. Borreman’s rise was supported by Julian Wakefield, your second target. A teen heartthrob singer in the 1980s and now an action movie star, Wakefield is the cult’s richest, most prominent, and most thoroughly delusional patron.

Both targets are present at the Church’s “Mindwave Temple” in California. For decades, the Church has paid the ICA a large fee to prevent us from accepting contracts on its members. It has finally crossed someone wealthy enough to outbid that restriction. The only daughter of telecom titan Eugene Bunt has been conscripted into the Church and brainwashed against her family. Bunt wants us to destroy the organization utterly in the hopes of getting his daughter back. ICA analysts believe that if you remove Borreman and Wakefield, the Church will undergo a crisis of leadership and funding that will tear the cult apart.

It’s time to topple a religion, 47. Godspeed.

The full (incredibly long!) mission description can be found here.


This is an old Mission idea I did a long time ago and I don’t think I’ve posted before, because I was never quite happy with it.

Thanks to the leaks about the H2 missions, I thought this might be fun to put out there. It has some fairly big similarities with one of the missions that info has leaked about.

Warning, this is a massive amount of text.

Mission: Devil’s Due


  • Rafael ‘El Diablo’ Delgado - The Drug Lord
  • Anatoly Minin - The Gun Runner

Far into the mountains of Mexico lies El Diablo’s Villa. An extravagant and garishsly decorated building with a surrounding compound/villa grounds, including his own private air field.
El Diablo keeps a rare albino tiger caged in the villa grounds, and you should expect to find large amounts of cash as well as drugs hidden away in the area.


Villa 1st Floor
Features a dining room, kitchen area, and a small museum of artifacts, including a gilded AK 47 in a glass case. Also has a few rooms for staff, and an inside pool.

Villa 2nd Floor
Features El Diablo’s bedroom and his office, as well as a living room filled with among other things pinball machines and other “toys”. Behind a bookshelf is a secret path down to the basement.

In the basement we find the vault, which is filled with cash, as well as blocks of cocaine.

VIlla grounds
The villa grounds surround the villa on all sides and features among other things barracks for the guards, a gardening shed with loads of tools that can be turned into weapons, a small private zoo area / park… and more.

Anatoly Minin has just landed at El Diablo’s private air field. He brings a large shipment of high end weaponry for El Diablo to use in his ongoing war with the Mexican military police.
This could be a million dollar deal.

Expect Minins own men to dominate the air field and the immediate area surrounding his freight plane.

Meanwhile El Diablo is up at his villa. He has sent one of his men to fetch Minin so they can talk business, after which El Diablo will want to inspect his goods. “Sadly”, El Diablo’s man has gotten stuck trying to hit on one of the female Villa Gardeners at the edge of the Villa grounds. For now he’s not going anywhere.

Initial starting point:
A truck arrives with a bunch of El Diablo’s men who are there as support in case the deal goes wrong. 47 hangs underneath the truck,and rolls out as it comes to a full stop at a parking area. He takes cover behind the truck as the soldiers move away on the other side.

Unlockabe Starting Points

  • Start as Villa Gardener
  • Start as air field personell in the control tower.
  • Start as kitchen staff
  • Start by the hiking path entrance (47 arrives in unique gear, pretending to be a hiker)
  • Start as a stow-away in Minin’s freight plane.


Villa Staff
Gives access to the civilian parts of the villa interior and immediate villa grounds.

Villa Grounds Handy Man
Access to the villa grounds. Allows you to fix and disable fuse boxes (among other handy man style stuff) without being detected.

Villa Grounds Security
Allows you access to the villa grounds and the path to the air strip. Allowed to carry weapos out in the open.

Villa Interior Security
Allows you access to all areas of the villa interior except inside the vault. Allowed to carry weapos out in the open. Also access to the villa grounds, but with a lot of enforcers.

El Diablo’s Right Hand Man
Universal access. Lots of Enforcers including El Diablo. Allowed to carry weapons out in the open.

El Diablo’s private chef
Allows access to the kitchen area of the villa as well as the dining room and the area between the two. Allows you to poison food, cook food and set the table / serve food.

Kitchen staff
Same as El Diablo’s private chef, but the the chef is an Enforcer for them.

Villa Gardeners
Gives access to the villa grounds.

Animal Psychologist / Veterinarian
Gives access the zoo area around the caged tiger, and the path to El Diablo’s office. (will be frisked)

Anatoly Minin
Access to meet with El Diablo. All of Minin’s men are Enforcers, and El Diablo is as well, but under certain circumstances not. Allowed to carry weapos out in the open.

Minin’s Grunts
Access to the general air field, but not the plane. Allowed to carry guns in the open.

Minin’s Elite Guards
Access to both the air field and the plane. Allowed to carry guns in the open.

Freight plane pilot
Access to both the air field and the plane. Can pilot the plane.

Air Field Personell
Allowed access to the traffic control tower and the air field.

Unique outfit that comes with the Hiker starting point. Gives access to the path between the air field and the entrance to El Diablo’s villa grounds. Comes with a walking stick (melee weapon).


Being the Man
Intercept the man El Diablo has sent to fetch Anatoly, disguise as him and escort Anatoly up towards the villa grounds. The path between the airfield and villa grounds is patroled by villa.
El Diablo has never met Minin before, but has seen pictures of him. In order for the meeting to work, you need to disable the electricity to the house either timed to a tee (thus getting rid of the lighting in E Diablo’s office), or also incapacitating (or otherwise keeping busy) the Villa Grounds Handyman, who will otherwise fix the electricity probem.
Even now, the meeting in El Diablo’s office will not be just you and him. El Diablo’s Right Hand Man will also be present. He needs to be gotten rid of (think Victor Novikov’s guard, Kurt), and has a path which will give you a few options for doing so.
After this there is still a frisk search going into the office.
With El Diablo’s Right Hand Man out of the way, the temporary darkness in El Diablo’s office will be enough for him to not see through your disguise. El Diablo will turn his back to Minin as he makes a long speech, only ended once Minin (in this case 47) finally says he’ll show El Diablo the guns if he’ll show him the payment.
Fiber wire him before this.

Sniper Assassin
Make your way to the airfield. A spot on top of the traffic control tower gives you an angle on the window of El Diablo’s office in the villa. As part of El Diablo’s routine he will lean out the window to have a smoke.
If you have escorted Minin up to the villa (as a partof Being The Man) but didn’t kill him and take his clothes you will get a chance at a two for one shot during the meeting.
Minin can be sniped from the rooftop of El Diabo’s villa while he’s at the air strip.

The Albino
El Diablo’s pet albino tiger is depressed and just sulks in his cage. As a result El Diablo has gotten an expert to come in to look at what can be done about it.
Entering the cage requires a key (or lockpicking with the right timing to not be seen). The ony one allowed access into the cage proper is the Animal Psychologist / Veterinarian
In his current state the tiger is entirely uninterested in everything and everyone. However, in the villa grounds there is a large stash of bricks of cocaine. By cutting into a brick of cocaine with a knife you can bring a sample of cocaine to the tiger, which will go nuts. If you leave the cage unlocked the tiger will burst out of its cage and attack the first person he sees. If you lock it you have the option of telling El Diablo that his tiger is now up and about. He will want to check on his favorite pet and will get killed by the drug fueled predator.

Explosive Goods
Enter Minin’s freight plane. On board are crates with guns. Open one with a crowbar and plant a proximity bomb inside before closing the lid. In order for the crate to not be suspicious to Minin you will have to nail it shut with a hammer and nails found on site. When Minin and El Diablo go through the goods the bomb will detonate as the crate is opened, and it will take the entire freight plane with it.

The Drop
Minin travels in the back of his freight plane. If you cause him to attempt to escape the map, a bomb placed on the main hatch of the freight plane just as it’s closed (and the plane is getting ready to go) will give you the possibility of blowing the hatch open while the plane is lifting, causing Minin and his gear/men to be blown out of the plane from a high altitude.
Optionally a remote detonated bomb in one of the crates, in the same way as in “Explosive Goods” will blow the entire plane sky high.
If you are dressed as the pilot and you’re sitting in the plane as Minin arrives and orders a liftoff you can fly the plane yourself and activate the opening of the hatch. If El Diablo is already dead this is automatically your escape. If El Diablo is alive 47 lands the plane, but all of Minin’s men on the airstrip are hostile.

Money to Burn
El Diablo has millions of dollars in cash stashed away in a private vault (think bank vault with a huge metal door) in his villa.
An empty gas can in the garage and a hose can be used to siphon gas out of one of El Diablo’s many cars. A book of matches can be found in El Diablo’s office (he’s a smoker after all).
Set the money on fire and inform him dressed as security and he will run to inspect. At this point you can slam the vault door shut, and it will lock him in, causing him to suffocate in the smoke filled room.

A Bad Deal For Both Parties
Burn El Diablo’s money (but don’t lock him in the vault).
Set up the meeting between El Diablo and Minin.
When the question of payment comes up Minin demands to see the money before El Diabo sees the guns. El Diablo will get insanely upset and shoot Minin dead.

Alternatively, if you turn off the lights like in “Being the Man” you can plant a gun on El Diablo’s table and turn the lights back on as the meeting starts, after El Diablo has turned his back. El Diablo will not see the gun, and Minin will go for it when El Diablo turns around to shoot him. They kill eachother.

The Massacre
After the meeting between Minin and El Diablo, they head down to the air strip escorted by El Diablo’s men. As they reach the air strip El Diablo’s men and Minin’s men are lined up facing eachother with their rifles ready, protecting their respective leaders. Snipe either Minin or El Diablo and watch as they all unload their rifles on eachother until everyone is dead.


  • Dressed as the pilot you now have access to fly the freight plane. Fly it out of there.
  • El Diablo’s favorite sports car is parked in the garage. Get the keys off of his body, open the garage door, and you can now speed off.
    Exit through the main gates of the villa grounds by foot.
  • The path leading to the airstrip has a branching path that leads down to a hitchhiker’s path that leads away from the compount. This is watched by one Villa grounds guard.
  • A truck is being loaded with drugs and getting ready to leave but the guard tasked with loading the truck is tired and has stopped loading it. Dress as a guard and finish loading the truck, tell the driver it is done and you can hitch a ride in the back.


I got this…

The Target is a guy who runs a ring that imports prohibited PED’s.

The Client may be the widow of an athlete who suddenly died as a result of these PED’s.

The map is his Mansion in Belize or something and it’s a perpetual Pool Party.

So more women than men, and not many obvious disguise choices.

In the backstory, the law is tightening around him, so he’s had to cut back on importing finished PED’s and now has to resort to “assembling” the separate components in a lab at the basement to avoid authorities.

The wild festive atmosphere means there’s lots of options, hidden opportunities, etc. but disguises are very restricted… on the other hand though… a couple of guys are bound to get undressed so it is also possible to pick-up disguises just by waiting for the men to get frisky with some of the partying women.

Meanwhile the backroom operation also has its own routines with deliveries being made and leaving the complex, etc.


BONUS IDEA: The Target is bald, with the physique of a greek god and wears a particular brand of Sunglasses. This creates one of the most unique opportunities in Hitman history. 47 can find a second pair of these sunglasses in a hidden safe (“These are 500 dollar sunglasses, yo.”) … strip down to a pair of swimming trunks and fool security by impersonating the Target.

The opportunity involves gaining access to the Target’s restricted areas while denying the real Target access to the same areas, eventually culminating in the guy taking some drugs to control his anxiety attack and a chance for 47 to confront him in a “How is this possible?” moment.

The safe with the Sunglasses though would be hidden really deep in the complex and it’s an opportunity only for the most dedicated, because if you could infiltrate that deep, then most players will have found easier ways to kill the Target, but it would be the most rewarding.

(The 500 Dollar Sunglasses the Target is wearing always break once he is killed so 47 cannot gain the disguise by killing the Target).


In indian map I want a mission with a target like this (the villain Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the temple of doom)