Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


God, I hope not. That movie plot was a disaster.

But, you are getting something similar in the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider game.


Noo I like that movie. As a child I was afraid by Mola Ram :scream:


There is only one man who can fulfill this role and that is the photographer


I personally liked the movie as it was action-packed, a mandatory deal for any Indiana Jones movie. It’s just that the plot was really bad, and not up to par with expectations for an Indy film.


Well he got cut… so technically he doesn’t exist.

@Speaker also wanted a second area, which isn’t really easy to do with the Psychotic Necrophiliac Photographer.


Oh I haven’t seen that in 2 years or so. Have to watch it soon!


Setting: Black Valley is a real-life location in Ireland, however, to my knowledge there is not a Castle Hotel there - so we would be taking some creative license here.

Nestled in the misty green hills of Ireland is a 15th century castle that has been renovated and converted into a high-class hotel. The majority of the original castle structure is intact, cleaned up and repaired where necessary, with certain portions restored to their original form, now proudly on display for tourists seeking historical experiences. The largest portion of the Castle which was mostly in ruins, collapsed and salvageable, was partially rebuilt and transitions into a more modern hotel structure with a respectfully appropriate cosmetic appearance. Surrounding the hotel are lush green hills in every direction. The weather is foggy and misty.

Your first target is an obscenely wealthy entrepreneur, the man bankrolling the construction of this Hotel, which unbeknownst to the general public is a front for international illegitimate pharmaceutical trade involving numerous politicians from all around the world. The politicians create policies that allow these illegitimate drugs onto the market and arrange deals to silence criticism of their effectiveness and dangerous side effects.

To celebrate the Grand Opening of the Black Valley Castle Hotel, the Entrepreneur has, upon recommendation from a close friend and business associate (who happens to be your Second Target), hired a famed improvisational acting troupe to put on a rousing Murder Mystery Dinner spectacle for the Castle Hotel’s very first guests.

Two members of the Troupe also happen to be embroiled in the business dealings of the Entrepreneur and his Associate, and as such they are marked by our Client for Elimination as well.

The Dinner should provide a satisfyingly ironic cover for 47 to eliminate his targets.

The Murder Mystery Dinner Program will begin shortly after 47’s arrival. The ICA has reserved a room for Agent 47, but was unable to acquire a ticket to the dinner, so 47 will either have to obtain one from another guest or find some other way to gain access to his targets.

The actors are all aware of who is written to be “murdered”, but the public guests of the dinner are completely unaware, so stumbling upon a murdered or subdued body may not arouse suspicious from them, as they would likely think it’s all part of the show.

There is, however, a prolific Medical Examiner on the guest list. Her expertise in inspecting deceased persons may make her more aware of what’s real and what’s fake. Keep this in mind - you may need to remove her from the equation if you plan on leaving your targets in plain sight.

Both of your Actor Targets are written to die in the program. This means that 47 should be able to kill them for real without drawing suspicion, if he is able to sabotage the methods used by the actors to indicate when the “murder” has taken place (food coloring in their drink, a gun that fires blanks, fake blood and squibs, a scene designed for a Suit of Armor to be laid on the victim as if it had fallen and crushed them, etc).

The Entrepreneur and his Associate are not involved in the Program, but are attending the dinner as hosts. The actors will not be fooled, but the guests may think it’s part of the show if they were to be found “dead”.

The dinner program kicks off when the host “discovers” a “dead body”, and requests the help of his guests to uncover clues and determine the identity of the “killer”.

From there on, the guests will be on individual cycles exploring the various halls and rooms in the area, searching for the clues which are all part of the game.

The actors are very thorough, so when one is written to be “murdered”, the actor who is the “murderer” will be in the same room as them (secluded from the guests of course) and they will act the scene out as if people were watching, just in case someone is.

47 would be wise to obtain a copy of the script outline so that he knows who is written to “die” and in what order. If he plans to use the Program to cover his assassinations, it will be vital to make his kills look as if they’re part of the show.

Of course, 47 doesn’t have to follow the charade at all. He can eliminate his targets in any way he chooses. Interfering with the show, however, will bring it to a halt, sending guests back to the dining hall to mingle while waiting for dinner to be served and the actors back to their rooms while the event organizers attempt to placate the disappointed guests and figure out what went wrong.

At this point there are a number of different activities that the targets will engage in, allowing 47 different opportunities to dispose of them.

47 can also ride out the entire dinner event as a guest and simply kill his targets upon the conclusion. This would be a fairly time consuming approach, but perhaps there could be some special opportunities for players who choose to let the show go on unmolested.

I have more ideas for this, but I need to clean them up and really work them out to tie into the theme and the mechanics of the game well. But this is a start.


(A sniper mission idea)


Welcome to Mauritania, Agent 47.

Your primary target is Andrew Harris, a rogue FBI agent who has betrayed his employer and defected to Crystal Dawn, African terrorist organization. He will be in an outpost by Crystal Dawn in Mauritania, where he will meet a representative from Crystal Dawn who will bring him to meet the leaders of Crystal Dawn. He is carrying a laptop holding FBI classified information but fortunately, the information will be automatically deleted the moment Harris is dead, possibly due to the target do not trust Crystal Dawn so we don’t have to worry about the laptop.

Alongside Andrew Harris, you will also have to eliminate Crystal Dawn representative, Commander Idris Salamah Halabi and his four lieutenants. The main reason for this is to make Harris’ death seems to be collateral damage of an attack mainly to Crystal Dawn. So in addition, you will have an optional objectives is to eliminate any Crystal Dawn soldiers present in the outpost and you will have a substantial bonus depends on how many you eliminate. However, our intel suggests that the main targets and all the soldiers will leave the outpost after the meeting for a different group of soldiers to take over the outpost so our window of opportunity is limited.

Note that after all the main targets are eliminated, you can focus on the optional objective and you can ask to be extracted, therefore end the contract any time you like. However, if the alarm is raised, I can only give you the maximum of 5 minutes to complete the contract then I have to extract you before the reinforcements from Crystal Dawn to arrive.

I shall leave you to prepare.

Start the mission:

Hello 47, three lieutenants are already inside the outpost, overseeing the meeting place. Both Andrew Harris and Idris Salamah Halabi, accompanied by the fourth lieutenant will arrive shortly by trucks at opposite end of the outpost. Harris will have a tour around the outpost before he meet the representative, while this give you more time, Harris will be accompanied with a soldier so you have to be careful. Halabi will most likely go to meet each lieutenant before he goes to the meeting. The contract is now live. Good hunting.

Unique kill:

  • When Harris go to the meeting spot, he will put the laptop on Halabi’s desk and go to the toilet before going back. If 47 shoot at the laptop, when Halabi checks the laptop, he realizes the laptop is broken then will shoot at Harris in anger.
  • In the area where the main targets (the soldiers will be gathered in group at different places) will exit the area, 47 can make strategically shots to make a bomb (or maybe a propane tank) to go to their position in a Rube Goldberg way. The bomb can be used to kill all 6 main targets.

A small twist

When the alarm is triggered, every time there will be one soldier will be marked as to be running, however, he is actually not escaping. He will run to the chopper and when the chopper goes up, an objective will appear which is to take down the chopper (Diana: “You have to take it down so I can extract you safely.”), the chopper will fly to 47’s position and can kill him.

(Wait a minute, why this kind of situation sounds familiar?)



Welcome to Ankara,47

Your target is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a dictator who runs his country badly. In 2002, he became prime minister of the country. Although it ruled the country well, it later appeared to be in cooperation with religious terrorist organizations, and in 2016 this terrorist organization attempted a military coup in the country. He arrested the people against him illegally.

Our client wants this dictator to never harm anyone again. You know what to do 47, good luck

(Sorry for Google Translate)


i know what i want
3rd remake of one of my fav level
you know the one thats in my country
and the best hotel i know


I have an idea for a Christmas bonus content for Hitman 2. Hitman 2 Christmas Game. Please remaster also this. I want to do this mission for Santa Claus. We know he exists in Hitman universe (unluckily only there). He was in Paris :rofl:


An idea of a bonus mission in Miami, placed in a previous edition of the car race. The target is the former cheerleader Chealsea Whitmore, now a famous model, but with a bloody past. According with Ken Morgan’s dossier we know that:

Morgan distinguished himself in corporate law, but it was a criminal case which propelled him into fame. In 2004, Morgan successfully led the defense of Chelsea Whitmore, a teenage high society girl accused of killing a homeless man and framing her cheerleading rival. Dubbed the trial of the decade, Morgan had his client acquitted by arguing that Chelsea was a victim of affluenza, also known as rich kid syndrome”.

So our target could be a relative of the homeless man or of the rival cheerleader wrongly accused. They could have had the idea to call ICA after Ken Morgan’s Death. The target has been invited to the inauguration of this event and is guest of Kronstadt Technologies. We could kill her during parade, during car race, in the changing room etc.


I would like a mission set in Geneva.
It actually surprises me this hasn’t been done yet. Hitman is a lot about killing the wealthy and powerful, right? How can he not have been to Switzerland?
Geneva has a nice landmark (the Jetstream fountain) to put in the background somewhere, a lake to make people disappear in, and a whole bunch of possible targets (bankers, international politicians, diplomats).
It also harbors the “Palais des Nations”, a sprawling complex. It’s an old palace using top-notch security systems. That’s always a winner combination, where 47 can make use of historically forgotten entry or extraction points.
Lots of NPC possibilities: electricians, Swiss cops, building security, diplomats with badges, cleaning personel, catering, UN administrative staff, tourists on a tour guide.
I sometimes go there for work and whenever I walk the hallways of that place I just think “Hitman” immediately.

An alternative could be Davos.


IOI i have a wish: return red stripe on loading menu while mission is loading and picture like in first 3th games, gun on table, silouette 47 in dark etc… IOI it so easy! Please!


Small idea, I’d really like to take the idea for the escape in Marrakesh have an few more actions to affect the route, eg. to be able to block a door at the end of the route so they get trapped and pulling on the door.

Just so you can set up something other than setting a bomb and waiting for them to be moving past it.

Infact, put in a level with a multiple of these escape routes that you can go around blocking them.

Second idea-- I think a(another?) a house that the paranoid owner has installed a tonne of personal security measures that you can use you you’re advantage would make an amazing area in level. Close the window shutters and power down the lights and equip some night vision goggles, armed security can’t get in from outside once all the doors are bolted from the master control, but there’s exits you can take. Something like that.


Got a Geneva mission for you here.


I’ve got a couple of ideas - First one revolves around a couple each from a dueling Mafia family in Italy who have been placed into an arranged marriage in an attempt to create peace between the families. However 47 is given a contract to eliminate the couple during their honeymoon in Venice in order to ignite a war between the two families. There would be a Challenge for poisoning the husband and stabbing the wife


I have a few ideas that I hope someday will be implemented: a luxurious penthouse on top of the Burj Khalifa, and access to a through the roof (Yes ,I know about Malaysia in the Silent Assassin); cruise ship Athens - new York from the decks of Royal Suite, Sagrada Familija in Barcelona, or what sort of nooks and crannies in Prague , shrouded in mist, BuckinghamPalace (to prevent the assassination of Queen) etc


So I’ve been thinking, it would be great to see a castle level again. But this time it’s somewhere in Europe and with no annoying Ninjas in sight. :smile:Maybe it could be the fortress of one of the leaders of Providence, or something like that.

I’m picturing 47 under a battle knight armor, carrying a battle axe and blending in on a stationary spot (like the Samurai from Absolution), waiting until the target makes their way through a darkly lit hallway, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. That’s reason enough for a castle level, I think. :hugs:

Also I’d like to see Ortmeyer’s asylum for the last time. Have the militia occupy the place so we can have a climatic showdown between the Shadow Client and 47. Make the targets similar to the Praetorians from Absolution, they’re highly aware of your presence and armed to the teeth. Something ike that, I dunno.


I’ve had an idea recently - A small town in England where 47 is tasked to assassinate several locals who were involved in the cover up of a murder or a rape or something
Targets include: A wealthy lord,a local priest,the owner of a pub and a retired schoolteacher turned blackmailer.
The map would encompass the village with shops,pubs,graveyard,the church,police station etc. Surrounding woods and fields and the lords manor with the top floor being reserved for his criminal dealing with members of a fictional pastiche of the Kinahan cartel.
Opportunities include
° Disgusing yourself as a cartel member to get a meeting with the Lord
° The priest is taking part in a bike race through the woods. 47 can set traps along the path to eliminate him.
°Revealing the blackmailers files to one of the other targets so that they kill her .
@soupienza and @quine What do you think ? Any more opportunities come to mind ?