Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


recently watched a guide to Singapore and I was struck by a brilliant idea-to make a mission on the roof of the penthouse hotel Marina Bay in Singapore! This is a very exotic place! such a in Hitman not was never!


Also have an idea for a while now.

Machu Picchu, Peru


The ruins are set in the evening with a special big tourist event going on, with tents, colored spot lights and many tourists roaming most of the area. A bit like the Patient Zero version of Bangkok, The Source.
But also there should be a closed off area, which is under construction to add safe paths for tourists with almost no light. You should find a group of shady youngsters there who make photos for some art project. But it also offers a good spot to snipe many of the tourists in the ruins while remaining unseen.

It alone would be boring but there is a smal tourist city nearby, called Aguas Calientes. It is a bit too big as a location, so it would be shrinked down to something with the size of the public area of Sapienza. However the river going through it should be part of it.
Unlike the ruins which catches the last sunlight, the city is in the shadow of the mountains and is starting it’s night life.


Both locations are 1.5km seperated from each other in real life but I imagine as a map it would be much closer to each other. It should be arranged in a way the ruins’ edge is a nice sniping nest for the city below it, with many NPCs being visible. The two locations are connected via a small road, a rocky wanderer path and a rusty rail car which is used in a skipable cutscene. Each being used by some lone people or groups. A fourth way to reach the other location is a quite hidden climbing area which also should offer unique sniping angles.

I have not yet made up my mind about the actual mission, but I see one target being in the ruins and one in the city. The ruins target should be deeply involved into the tourist event. Maybe a archaeologian who got famous because he cheated in some way.

I might add opportunities and target details to this post in the future but this is the general idea.


Don’t you think sniping from a moving object could have some gameplay potential? Like special challenges for killing targets while moving or even some spots that are only visible for a short period of time. A lot like the Spaienza lab hole but only accessible while you’re in a rail car. But an option to skip it is a good idea. Also, how do you think it should be handled in terms of mission time? Should skipping add seconds or not?


Actually it would but I guess it is better a skippable scene to make speedruns involving both locations more enjoyable. Also for those who are not speedrunning but impatient in general.

If it is possible to make everything skip a bit forward, then this without adding it to the score time. But I guess technically it is only possible to just teleport there.


I imagine you’d be able to skip it somehow even with it not being a cutscene. For example, have a blending spot in the seat inside of the rail car that turns the cutscene on or just skips the ride without it.


Mission Name :Reunion Riot
Camp Wakaye, Michigan 20:47 PM
Good morning your destination is Camp Wakaye in Michigan hosting the reunion of the 2007 class of Creston Academy. Creston Academy is one of the most prestigious private high schools in the continental US and it’s alumni has included world famous actors,the entire board of directors at both Kronstadt Industries and Hamsun Oil and even the current president of the US Alvin Bartley. Wearing the prep school crown so to speak. However behind the smiles of the All American staff and students lies a twisted cover up. In April 2007 mere months before graduation loner student Nathan Presod suffered a fatal asthma attack on school grounds. Mr . Presod was deemed to have suffered an unfortunate misadventure but our client , Nathan’s former childhood Nanny and current renowned heart surgeon Alisson Rose has provided evidence of bribes and hush money delivered to authorities by Padraic McBryne the headmaster of Creston and your first Target. Cunning and without conscience,McBryne is a habitual favourite player and most likely decided the benefits of keeping those behind Nathan’s death safe far outweighed the negatives . He was wrong
McBryne will be attending the reunion at the campsite this evening and this gives us an ideal window to engage . Our client additionally requests that you identify and eliminate the alumni directly responsible for Nathan’s death among the reunion attendees . Camp Wakaye will be swarming with security and McBryne will most likely alternate between greeting reunion attendees and relaxing at his summer home across the lake from the campsite. You will need to tread carefully in order to identify your other Targets but I trust you will come out in top in the end . I will leave you to prepare
Getting the Pranksters Identities
When you start the mission for the first time only McBryne will be highlighted on the map and 47 will need to investigate thoroughly to identify his remaining Targets. This can be done in several ways
Stalking McBryne and seeing who he interacts with
Intercepting notes and letters left in the cabins and lodge
Observing who visits a memorial for Nathan
Through the above methods you learn that 47 has three Targets among those attending the reunion
Sammy Lincon - Former Prom King and current pro football star. Arrogant and hotheaded he vehemently denies responsibility for Nathan’s death . He and his former high school football teammates spend most of their time on a hike through the woods as well as visiting a nearby cave system
Becky Fousic - Former Prom Queen and current TV star. Vapid and self centred she barely remembers Nathan . She is hosting a party in the lodge for the more upper crust alumni
Charles Fodder - Nicknamed " F - Bomb " in high school. Junior Banking executive and father to be,he was horrified by Nathan’s death and is considering coming clean about what happened. He lives in Chicago and volunteers with the victims of gang violence trying to redeem himself . Regardless a contract is a contract.


IMO, you should treat learning the pranksters identities like Flatline or the Fugutive (ET). Make there like 5 or 6 suspects and find out the pranksters.


But there isn’t anything like you have described


Some really great level ideas here on this thread. Really like the Cruise ship & jail ideas.

Anyway, here are some of my own ideas that I thought could make good levels.

Port Level

This could be set anywhere really, but I was thinking maybe Amsterdam. A large ship port, perhaps with a small railway for the transport of goods and maybe a small office building. Lots of criminal activity happens at ports (drug smuggling, arms dealings, human trafficking, etc.), with a LOT of opportunities for Agent 47 to set up some “accidents”. Sniper kills from cranes, containers full of different things (mascot costumes, duck explosives, wild animals, etc.) for variety.


Music Festival

I’m imagining a smaller version of Glastonbury set at night. A main stage with a large crowd would be the main focus, but you could have lots going on backstage. Take out a target on stage during a performance, kill them from lighting rigs, spike their drinks backstage, exploding guitars, firework explosions. Add in a thumping Hitmanesque soundtrack, and this could be a cool level.


Car Factory

Car factories are cool. All the different workers, all the massive robotic machines, the slow, almost eerie way the cars move along the assembly line - would make a unique level. Lots of opportunities for accidents.


Seems very similar to the pit areas in Miami . A factory could be a good map if it were something more unique like a toy factory like the one in Child’s Play.


Like the Fugitive then. Instead of all three students being targets, which might make for a tedious mission like Freedom Fighters, only one of them, Sammy, Becky or Charles, is randomly chosen at the start of the game to be the killer. Like in the Fugitive, except McBryne is a target.

Or let’s say there are two more suspects: school nerds Arthur Lord and Natalie Moon, current pharmacist and actress respectively. There are three targets like usual, but they are randomly chosen at the start: it could be Sammy, Becky and Charles, Sammy, Becky and Arthur or Arthur, Natalie and Charles.


Gigantic red flag right there


I guess you weren’t a big fan of The Vector mission, my friend.


Nope, horrible mission that has nothing to do with the sandbox that hitman is.


Those are good ideas from a gameplay perspective and I appreciate the two new characters however since Becky is already an actress I think it would be better for variety if Natalie was a famous astronomer and her routine takes place at a stargazing party she has organised in a quiet clearing in the forest. I also think that Arthur should not be present at the reunion at all due to the bullying he received and instead spends his time in the small town near the camp.


Also I’ve had some Opportunity ideas. Lemme know what you think
° McBryne is due to make a speech on a large wooden stage. However according to the Camp Manager the trapdoor mechanism on stage is faulty and is open to sabotage
° Sammy was involved in a doping scandal in New York a few months ago and a paparazzo is on site in hopes of blackmailing him with concrete evidence . If 47 gets the paparazzos disguise he can organise a meeting with Sammy somewhere private (preferably the old sawmill in the forest)
° An episode of Becky’s hit sitcom " Tell Me Again " is being filmed in a Port a Cabin near the Camp entrance. 47 can disguise himself as TV crew and arrange an accident on the kitchen,bedroom or living room sets.
° According to the roster Charles is on grill duty. 47 can reenact a classic kill and swap the lighter fluid with gasoline
° Natalie is due to meet with her superior at the Astronomical Society at the museum in the town to discuss her tenure. 47 can disguise himself as her superior and attend the meeting himself which culminates in a chance to take Natalie out
° An extension is being built onto McBrynes summer home and construction workers are present. Lots of chances for kills; encased in concrete,border dropped on head etc.
° According to the Forest Rangers a wild bear is on the loose. 47 can acquire bearbait from a store in town and swap it with Sammys trailmix to lure the near to his target
° McBryne has been anonymously blackmailing the other Targets and keeps his files in a locked and guarded room in the summer home. If 47 can acquire these files , he can give it to another Target. Each Target has a different reaction : Sammy will go to McBryne and kill him when no-one is around,Becky will run for the exit triggering a timer etc.


I think an Ireland map would be very enjoyable and different because off the top of my head , I can’t think of other games with Ireland missions

Some ideas
° The hit takes place at a countrymansion in the middle of the night with a funeral going on for a dead mob boss. 47 has to kill the late mobsters brother and widow.
° Alternatively it takes place in Dublins city centre such as in Liffey Valley shopping centre or something similar
° A Sapienza style map in Doolin complete with the Cliffs of Moher
° A heritage museum in Athlone ( one kinda exists but it’s real small so it would need to be a fictional version)
° Now bear with me for this one but a old timey fantasy weekend ( basically a bunch of rich idiots rent out a mansion and pretend they’re living in the 1800s )
° Another Sapienza style map in Kindsdale
° The Giants Causeway definitely
° Kilmainham Gaol,basically an Irish version of Alcatraz
°A brewery because why not


Hm, not bad. The 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th are unique, but the others are a bit derivative IMO.