Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons



That would be an EPIC mission inside the prison, then you will have to escape it, something in the way of The Mechanic movie :thumbsup:

Some images to tease your imagination :slight_smile:


This is supposed to be a Colorado bonus mission.


But the bonus missions use essentially the same map with just a few changes. Turning Colorado into a prison would take a huge amount of changes to work.


A long time ago I also thought about a mission in a big stadium.
There would be an american football game between two big teams.
The target would be a rich person who has booked a place in the VIP room’s stadium to support his favorite team
47 could go on the roof of the stadium with his sniper rifle to kill the target. He would also be able to infiltrate the VIP room, to disguise as an other VIP client, or a waiter, or a bodyguard.
But more important he would be able to disguise as a football player because as the game is interrupted every 5 minutes (for commercial breaks), the target goes to see the players to support them. Of course 47 would have to be careful and keep his helmet because other players and the trainer could easily wonder who he is.
And of course the mission would be impressive for the amount of NPCs there would be in the audience.


I like that idea. However, one target is usually too small, so how about the VIP is chairman of the club and another target is the manager (I think it’s a coach in America?)
Another problem is it may have to be a baseball game, as I don’t think they could program an American Football game into Hitman.


Yeah, of course two or several targets would be better.
The other target could even be a player and there would be opportunities to kill him during the game.


Ah, not sure about a player. Wouldn’t have a very interesting route or that many kill opportunities. Perhaps in an older game like Blood Maony, but not in the new game.


Maybe the player could make something that will injure the target, so he will transfered to the infirmary.
And he would have several routes during the break. Besides not having many options to kill him would increase the difficulty of the mission.


The big question is: Can the actually game support such a larger number of NPC? I’m not sure if it would be possible, even if they gave most of the NPCs in the stands a crowd AI.An alternative would be to make the stands not part of the map but it would be a shame if it was only staffage.


I would think that the crowd would have to be scenery: completely unreactive to anything. However, if you trigger a fire alarms and look away, they dissapear.


It would be a crowd like the one in the New Orleans mission in Blood Money, we can’t interact with them except pushing them when we walk.


I usually do long write-ups on these types of things, but basically I’d like to see a private estate inspired by El Chapo’s home, with an El Chapo inspired target.

A room filled to the brim with cash money (a challenge/opportunity could involve setting it on fire), loads of golden weapons, absurdlly keeping lions in a pen somewhere (another kill option), and just a lot of garish stuff.

Because of the well known raid on El Chapo’s home, you could do a “Deadly Cargo” inspired thing where a raid is about to go down.


Dutch Cofeeshop level


Wouldn’t it be cool to infiltrate a TV studio Game Show Set? Think FAMILY FEUD, ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, THE PRICE IS RIGHT, or a show like THE CRYSTAL MAZE?

And you get to do stuff like sabotage buzzers for electrocution accidents, pretend you are a contestant, pretend you are the host of the game show, Camera man opportunities.

If the Target was the game show host himself… Killing him while the show is on air results always in Body Found… :wink:

Or how about a hit going down during the NFL Superbowl! :open_mouth:


What’s cool about this is that it opens a LOT of Opportunity possibilities. Right off the top of my mind:

-The Raid is triggered by an NPC who is actually an undercover cop. His trigger to call in the raid is when the Target executes a deal with a second NPC who is buying the drugs. This means the map has an implicit “time limit” before SWAT arrives to complicate the mission as the Target will be arrested and escorted out of the map under armed guard.

-The Target survives/wins any gunfight with SWAT unless 47 has completed another opportunity where he empties the Target’s personal golden gun of bullets. (Opprtunity called “What C Stands For”… hehehe)

-There is a lot of pleasantries, or even a tour of the house, party, etc. involving the NPC Undercover Cop and others in attendance.

-Taking out the NPC Undercover Cop means that 47 can take his phone and engage the following opportunities:

  1. Call in The Raid prematurely to cause a major distraction, triggering a firefight and the Target is sent on a path towards a Lockdown or attempt to escape (say via Helicopter on the roof). Gunfire when disguised as either SWAT or the Target’s men does not cause suspicion unless you shoot on your own “side”/friendly fire.

  2. Call in The Raid at the correct time to trigger the Arrest Target logic. 47 can either disguise himself as the SWAT or as one of the Target’s men to trigger a fire fight by shooting at the “opposing side”. If the Target’s “golden gun” hasn’t been sabotaged and 47 engages in a direct firefight with the Target, this can be very dangerous for 47.

-47 can also choose never to call the SWAT raid.

And there’s a lot more obviously that can be done! Very good idea! :slight_smile:


How about a mission where you’re sent out into a small town in a rural area (maybe a built-up woodlands area) to assassinate a turncoat, high-ranking member of an organized crime group who is thought to be working as an informant for an intelligence agency. The target is wanted dead after information he provided led to the death of a crime boss’s son in a botched drug deal that took place not far from the town he’s now hiding in.

Agent 47 is tasked with traveling to the location they’ve tracked him down to, taking out the target, and retrieving a dossier of information that the target intends to hand over to the authorities set to meet him there at some stage. He would be under observation from agents who are there ‘incognito’, almost indistinguishable from the locals in how they’re dressed, making it particularly tricky to figure out which of the NPC’s are there as guards. I enjoy settings that take place amidst small communities of people going about their daily business, and think this could be entertaining in the same way as Sapienza (albeit not as extravagant and tourist-y).


That could work if Diana warns you that intelligence operatives are believed to have “setup a stakeout” and the idea is you have to watch for which NPC’s around the area (or in distant windows) tend to relocate whenever the Target moves around to a different part of the map. :slight_smile:

Also opens an opportunity where you can get gadgets or items from these Intelligence operatives, or if compromising one means the others are now marked for you.


I like the concept, but since being spotted by civilians is just as bad as being spotted by guards, there would need to be some other mechanic to make the difference matter. And the costumes would have the same effect?


Well the only real difference is that one NPC may start shooting at you and the other will just freak out. It’s mainly to forego the continuing trend of each level being littered with a very pronounced presence of guards, which would look strange in a small town of maybe 200 people where the target is trying to blend in and avoid arousing suspicion. Maybe there could be a variation in guard clothing and the regular clothing of the townsfolk, to the effect of the target being more trusting of Agent 47 in the guard clothing, allowing him to get closer.

There would also be a couple of agents in the level that would appear later on to meet the target (they’re also disguised to look like part of the scenery), so perhaps taking them out of the picture and stealing their clothes would unlock an opportunity for 47 to get in very close contact with the target? It’s mainly built around having to be more observant of everyone who’s lurking around.


Okay, continuing on my Murky Waters idea from above and turning it into a full-blown level design (inspired by @Quine’s series) while I was bored, I’ve come up with a detailed level idea I think would work quite well. Be warned, very, very long post ahead :wink: (Apoligies if there are any inconsistencies, I wrote half of it a while back and half of it very recently so there may be some cracks)

Hitman Legacy: Mission 1:
Murky Waters

Good evening 47. Your destination is a busy but small community in Chongqing, China, just on the banks of the Yangtze River and near an industrial port owned by TW corporation. Your main target is Gordon Fells, former head of the ICA cyber division. Fells, an ongoing target, left the ICA after a dispute over a secret deal in 2005. He has since had our cyber division under constant siege since yet has managed to remain completely off the radar himself. We managed to locate him through the emails of your second target, Ning Ti-Wang, a prominent businesswoman and owner of the rapidly growing TW shipping company. Ti-Wang, who is constantly monitored by our operatives, mentioned a meeting with Fells that we believe is going down in her apartment. In Ti-Wang’s emails a mysterious organisation referenced as ‘The Source’ was mentioned, along with Alpha Zerox, so be on the lookout for any intel you can find on this shadowy organisation Be careful here 47. Fells knows who you are and will not hesitate to flee when he sees you. We only have one chance to catch him, or he will go under again for even longer. I will leave you to prepare ((Target status: ACTIVE))

In-game briefing (after the level loads):
“Welcome to Chongqing 47. On-site intelligence indicates Fells has just arrived under an alias of ‘Patrick Foreman’. He will be sure to escape if he sees you, so be careful. Ti-Wang’s apartment is heavily guarded, so plan your approach carefully. Good hunting.”

Map: Large street area with a market and a restaurant similar to Marrakesh, but restaurant is Chinese-style food restaurant instead of shisha den. Fells walks around street area similar to Mendola. Then a dock area, with some workers milling around. Lots of containers and some private bodyguards. Finally, the apartments and hotel, where Ti-Wang is. Apartments is six-seven floors, but not much on floors besides staff and different apartments. Top two floors are Ti-Wang’s luxurious penthouse, where her routine is. Lots of security. Hotel is connected to apartments, but has small reception area and only seven-eight rooms. Noticeably shabbier. House built on sand feel to the map. Should be about as big as Sapienza, with street area as big as Marrakesh streets, dock area as big as Colorado spec ops training area, restaurant as big as shisha cafe. The recordings are kept in the floor beneath the penthouse in the apartments, where Ti-Wang’s security is, and another one is in a guarded building at the docks.

In-detail area description:
Plaza: The area where the player starts is the central plaza. They will begin facing north, reading a book at the café in the centre of the plaza. The plaza has a fountain. From your starting point, you will see the Hotel directly in front of you, along with the tech shop and the food market next to it. The apartment block will be to your left, with the restaurant being behind you. To your right you will see houses, where the Rooftops can be accessed. The plaza is big and has a lot of people but not as much as Marrakesh, they are still crowd NPCs however. There are some food stands near the street entrances.

Streets: This is where Fells starts and where his car is parked. The streets are tightly packed with lots of cars parked and motorcycles. A few policemen can be easily isolated here, and you can find the Courier in the streets. The rooftops can be accessed via multiple available ladders and pipes.

Shops: The Tech shop and the food shop are fairly low-density. The Old Habits opportunity will take place in the yeh shop until you have to get a part for the computer which can be found in a handyman’s van in the Plaza. The food shop is not very busy with a few people buying things, potential for funny dialogue here.

Restaurant: Has an open dining area with lots of people. A few waiters and two or three policemen, then there is the kitchen and the store room out back. Most of the ‘Michelin Star’ opportunity takes place here.

Docks: Located behind the restaurant, fenced off. Very quiet around most areas, lots of shipping containers. The safe room is somewhere around here with Bodyguards surrounding it. A large amount of workers gathered around the podium waiting for Ti-Wang’s speech. Also a crane that is 7 floors high and can be climbed and used as a sniper point with view across the whole plaza and the apartment block or can also be used to drop a magnet on Ti-Wang’s head during her speech.

Hotel: A fairly small hotel. Can be accessed multiple ways, a room keycard can be found in the restaurant bathroom, tech store behind the desk, one of the backstreets and in the security room. Hotel staff and Receptionist are the only disguises here.

Apartments: 7 floors tall. Each floor has four apartments with the exception of the penthouse and the ground floor. Ground floor is a lobby area along with some dining. The PR manager can be found here. First floor through to Third Floor have apartments with the shrine apartment being on the first floor and the King (Elvis Presley) apartment being on the third floor. Fourth floor is a security room, with a mainframe and bodyguards. Head of security resides here along with the surveillance tapes. Cameras all over the block along with Bodyguards. There is a fire exit leading down the apartments (guarded) that leads to a basement, where Ti-Wang’s escape tunnel that leads to the Safe Room is.

Penthouse: Two floors tall. Bottom floor has a kitchen and a living room along with a gun collection (most are usable), a dining area, and an area with a sports car. There is also an office where the opportunity ‘Deadline’ takes place. On the second floor there is a larger dining area which is currently set up for The Meeting. There is also a large bedroom along with a balcony Ti-Wang looks over when Fells arrives for the meeting. There is a chimney that leads down to a place where Ti-Wang sits for a while where a propane flask can be dropped (you have to find one though and they are only at the docks).

The Exchange- Fells
Find a message planned to be given to Fells by ‘the employers’ and kill him in the hand off.
Michelin Star- Fells
Escort Fells to the restaurant and serve his food to him
Room Service- Fells
Escort Fells to his room in the hotel, where he will stay.
Old Habits- Fells
Sort out a computer for Fells, and perhaps sabotage it
Shipping- Ti-Wang
Have Ti-Wang go to the docks to address her workers and check up on progress
Deadline- Ti-Wang
Meet with Ti-Wang as one of her heads of department.
Escort Tactics- Ti-Wang
Have Ti-Wang escorted to the basement of the apartments and out into the shipping area in her evacuation
The Meeting- Ti-Wang and Fells
Have Fells and Ti-Wang meet at the penthouse and poison a glass in their trust test.

Inside story: Fells may want to meet with Ti-Wang, but he is very suspicious about her and wants to hack into her private emails to find out about her (Old Habits). After doing this he realises she plans to do the poison test on him, but does not plan to kill him. This can also be observed in Ti-Wang’s phone calls and the opportunities The Meeting and Escort Service.

As for Ti-Wang, she works for ‘the Source’ and currently plans to go underground with her big fortune to work for them full time as their corporate planner. This is shown in ‘Deadline’.

Finally, if 47 does the opportunity ‘The Meeting’ in his suit and takes out the head waiter during The Meeting, then poisons Ti-Wang but just Ti-Wang, and finally stands and waits for Fells in the next room, you can trigger dialogue during which Fells says he sent out a tip to the ICA as another identity then met with Ti-Wang as he had found out about an organisation in the shadows and he wanted the ICA to hound it down and destroy it. However, he then says the ICA is doing ‘more than they would tell you’. Diana comments, and Fells gives you a fake death syringe and requests you poison him so he can escape, and promises he will be invisible forever. You can then either poison him or shoot him, either way, he counts as killed.

Another thing to note is that if Fells and Ti-Wang are poisoned during ‘The Meeting’ Fells’s last words will be ‘47… he did it…’

Assassination Challenges: (28)
Fells: 10
Ti-Wang: 8
Both: 4
Unrelated: 6

Silent Assassin
Silent Assassin, Suit Only
Suit Only
Sniper Assassin
Mass Murderer- Kill every NPC
No Evidence
Buzzkill- Assassinate Gordon Fells by electrocuting him with the computer
One Star- Assassinate Gordon Fells with a silenced pistol in his hotel room
The Beldingford Haunting- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang with a gas canister down the fireplace
Big Brother- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang with the automated turret
It’s A Trap!- Assassinate Gordon Fells by poisoning him during the meeting
Untrustworthy- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang by poisoning her during the meeting
Confession- (REDACTED) Assassinate Gordon Fells after confronting him
Run Forrest Run- Assassinate Gordon Fells whilst he is escaping in the car
Cargo Delivered- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang with the magnet
2 Star Hygiene- Assassinate Gordon Fells by poisoning his food
The Man In The Hood- Assassinate Gordon Fells during the Exchange
Star Employee- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang with the pen during the meeting
She Hit The Floor- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang by pushing her on top of Gordon Fells
Tech Age- Assassinate Gordon Fells with the computer
Cooking On Gas- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang with the gas lamp
Wasn’t Expecting That- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang and Gordon Fells with poison during the meeting
King Of Assassination- (REDACTED) Assassinate Gordon Fells and Ning Ti-Wang whilst disguised as Elvis Presley
Booby Trap- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang with an explosion in the safe room
Smash Bang- Assassinate Gordon Fells with the chandelier
Don’t Move- Assassinate Ning Ti-Wang with a sniper rifle during a lockdown
Not Your Enemy- Assassinate Gordon Fells whilst disguised as Ti-Wang’s personal assistant
Zealot- Assassinate Gordon Fells and Ning Ti-Wang with the katana whilst disguised as the Warrior Monk (Silent Assassin)

Disguises: (20)
Food Store Worker
Food Vendor
Coffee Shop Worker
Hotel Staff
Docks Worker
PR Manager
Head of Security
Private Waiter
Ti-Wang’s Assistant
Tech Shop Worker
Elvis Presley
Warrior Monk

Starting locations:
Hotel linen room as Hotel Staff
Shrine Apartment as Warrior Monk
Docks as Docks Worker
Restaurant Kitchen as Chef
Ti-Wang’s Apartment as Housekeeping

Drop points:
Restaurant Alleyway
Shipping Container
Tech Store
Restaurant Storage
Shrine Apartment
Hotel Room
Security Apartment

Target 1
Name: Gordon Fells
Height: 5’10
Age: 45
Birthday: 5/17/1978
Last known location: Chongqing, China
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Gordon Fells was born at the beginning of the age of technology, and as technology got more advanced, as did his expertise. The only son of a wealthy New York stock broker, Fells had access to the newest tech from a young age. At age eight, he knew more about computers than almost all adults at the time. At age thirteen, he was conducting technological espionage for his father. At age fifteen, he assumed the online alias of ‘Sentinel’ and was fighting a digital war against the CIA, MI6 and Mossad to uncover as many secrets as he could and unveil them to the public.

He was finally caught during an attempt to reveal classified files about the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1999, but was rescued by the ICA to found the cyber division. The 21-year-old Fells was the youngest member of the ICA, but still one of the most valuable: he provided crucial intel leading to the Ort-Meyer hit.

This all changed in 2011, when Fells deserted the ICA due to a disagreement over a classified secret he had uncovered. The ICA expected to capture Fells almost immediately, yet he has been the most successful man yet in evading us and has used his technological skill to become the most invisible man in the history of the ICA.

This sudden leak of information regarding Fells shows us he has gotten sloppy: yet he will still be a highly alert target. Expect him to recognise you, and to flee at the first sign of danger. This may be our only opportunity to eliminate him and find out about his mysterious benefactors, and once he’s gone, he will disappear for decades.

Target 2
Name: Ning Ti-Wang
Height: 5’8
Age: 44
Birthday: 12/05/74
Last known location: Chongqing, China
Status: Target, Priority Beta
Ning Ti-Wang was not born into the high life. She was born in western Shanghai, just outside the city, into a middle class family. She had three sisters and was incredibly competitive at everything, thirsty for glory from a young age. She quickly developed a head for business and mathematics, and excelled through school and university.

When Ti-Wang got her business degree, she entered an economically booming China. She quickly latched onto a company, the leading architecture company China Corp, working as a secondary and advisor to it’s CEO, Kong Tuo-Kwang, until he was assassinated.

Ti-Wang saw the potential in the up-and-coming Chongqing, and set ups shipping business to go up and down the Yangtze. Her business, TW corporation, boomed, and she was propelled into the multi-millions. She did not work for these riches however, instead savouring the success and praise she wanted.

Ti-Wang has since become one of our constantly monitored people, after she was linked to Alpha Zerox. We picked up Fells through her emails, and she said she was inviting him to meet her- no doubt in relation to the ICA. She is cold, calculating and clever- she will be closely guarded, and will have elaborate code schemes for the meeting.

Nothing you haven’t handled before.