Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons


I would like to see some Film Noir design in Hitman season 2, at least one level in an old and creepy looking neighbourhood in New York with rain pouring down and fog, dubious guys hanging around everywhere, and 47 clothed with an old black detective trenchcoat with hat.
In this mission 47 might get the following mission briefing:
“Listen 47, the police could not jail the harbour ripper Johnson Brannigan for longer than 24 hours because there is no evidence, but we know that this is the guy killing all the fishermen and eating parts of their intestines in stormy nights. We need you 47 to stop this guy for once and for all!”

The other idea is 47 hunting a creepy cannibal and serial killer in some old Transylvanian or Romanian mansion, where some guy (an old psychiatrist that became insane because of testing drugs on himself) still pays guards to protect his mansion and the empty hospital wing in the basement with only skeletons left in all beds.
I imagine rain pouring down on the windows, the first floor looking completely normal but on the second floor the mansion looks like the upper floor of the “Heavy Rain” DLC “The Taxidermist”.

I really loved the first season of Hitman, but a dark mysterious and X-Files themed Film Noir approach in at least one level or mission being released in autumn or Halloween would give this game a nice touch of diversity and eerie feeling.
I really love horror games and movies!
This mission could be similiar to the old psychiatric ward with all the clones in the first Hitman Codename 47 released back in the year 2000. (Yes I played that game too - long time fan.)

The locations of the first season are so impressive that I completely have zero ideas of how this game could be made any better or more interesting.

Maybe a myserious medical and anatomical laboratory or robotic weapons factory similiar to the “Dishonored 2” “clockwork mansion” level or the first level “the good doctor” might be interesting where 47 must stop a way to dangerous weapon project (maybe like Terminator, maybe a nuclear threat.)

Or a house similiar to Resident Evi 7, a creey old Ed Gein farm combined with a slaughterhouse where 47 must stop some insane farmers that risk polluting all their meat and infecting thousands of people with BSE and Creutzfeld-Jacob plague because of feeding their victims to the pigs.
The mansion with the hidden bio weapons lab in Sapienza, Italy, was AWESOME - why not another biologicial hazard topic in the second season?
A new and interesting plague or virus.

Of curse not so dark and horrific and more common places for missions like a luxury hotel or a mansion of some rich and extreme corrupt Mafia boss to eliminate is always a nice touch.
Don`t forget to give 47 a violin case with a machine gun inside, and a new half-casual dark red velvet suit…

Do you think that the first Metal Gear Solid released in 1998 for PlayStation 1 was the best one, with the snowy Shadow Moses Island?
I do, and I would like to see 47 in some snowy dark mysterious military base hiding and sneaking around to terminate some crazy Colonel who wants to provoke a nuclear war.
I really liked the techy military design the Colorado level had, and it would be great to see again see some military stuff in the next season.

Oh - and don`t forget to ad the legendary BRIEFCASE for the Walther P2000 in the next season *ggg


I’d love to see a “Find the U’wa Tribe” style level. Not necessarily to have a similar objective, but a similar setting. I had my hopes up with Bangkok when they showed the jungle next to the hotel in the trailer. I think it would be an interesting setting.


Well, in general I think a wide open forest/jungle level of some kind (tropical or winter) would be due, and very appreciated.

I’m also wondering… do you think they’ve already come up with all their concepts for the next season? I’m guessing they have know what their six levels would be at the start of the season, a full year in advance, no?


Level idea: Curtains Down (remake)

Targets: Alvaro d’alvade
Richard Delahunt


Just imagine a level at a comic/sci-fi convention! 47 is sent to assassinate some artist or creator at a local convention. The waster eggs would be amazing, it would host a great selection of disguises, and IO could have their chairman or lead director cameo as an overworked exhausted person sick of signing autographs or being around “nerds” who only agreed to go for the money. You could disguise as a podcast host, who would purposely be annoying and try to take pictures of the scantily clad females.

As for weapons, use a weapons check similar to frisking, maybe? Or you could go a different route and turn all of 47’s weapons into props?

How cool would it be to pass someone and hear them comment on “how lame your costume is” or how “they actually liked Absolution?!” (I found it fun and got my Hitman fix, and please don’t argue. I don’t want this thread to be full of opinions.)
I think this would be a dream level, but I frequent conventions, and have even met a 47 cosplayer, so I understand if others don’t see the appeal. It would also be tons of fun to write NPC dialogue. I can already think of a slew of lines and opportunities.


I’d love to see a carnival/circus. Something with a carny disguise and NPCs that complain about rigged games. Maybe a “test your strength” hammer as a weapon? There could be a dunk tank, fun house/house of mirrors, bumper cars, etc.

I can imagine 47 using a Ferris Wheel to get a bird’s eye view and using this as a vantage point for sniping, and I’m sure IO would have a blast designing the level. If not a full level, at least having a small fair seems plausible, and would certainly make for a cool change of scenery.


What would be awesome would be if they had a vote to remake 6 missions from previous games.

Fans could vote for what missions/locations they would want and they release it as a “DLC”.


An airport. a large open level. Maybe even a plane level with a certain time limit(maybe). Since In Hokkaido they’ve gone futuristic, they can do it again with the plane or airport level Like the bullet train level you just proposed. As they’ve already gone fro a war-torn high security scene, I’d like if they went with the snow area that was shown in the announcement trailer. In Canada, Or Russia. The target would be harder to find, and harder to take down as well. You’d have to find a way to get the plane out of the sky, and/or find a certain “instrument of mass destruction” and stop it from detonates. (The last part was a bit of a stretch)


Great idea for an opening level. Once the target is assassinated, 47 goes to the baggage conveyor belt and retrieves his briefcase.


Has anyone suggested a University campus as a mission setting?

Imagine 47 giving a lecture or a tutorial.


Not gonna happen. Hitman is going to be branded as a “School Shooter Simulator”. Besides its just distasteful.


The closest we’ll get to that is the school in Marrakesh that was turned into a military base. Using schools as videogames is a touchy subject. Rockstar made Bully a few years ago and even that sparked controversy.


I want a level with a sleazy car salesman, just so 47 can get his disguise and lure the target into test driving a rigged self driving car. (or at least cut the breaks.)


Maybe IO should do a more open level. A large city with a secret. A bigger Sapienza-esque level.Where you’d have large crowds,around your target(s), guards in very high quantity, except in certain buildings.


47 can use explosive devices. That’s going to be quite controversial to the ignorant masses.


A campus setting would work pretty well imho.

It could be set during spring break or a holiday so only a few students are on the premises, but the teachers and other staff are there.

The target could be a student planning a shooting/bombing and ICA has been hired to stop him and a teacher that is also involved.


Maybe a super high tech campus for the super rich with some evil stuff going down.


A museum. I know it was touched on in Paris, but I think a museum would be amazing. The ability to have 47 blend in with wax replicas, or disguise himself as a Pharaoh or spartan…

Egypt or Rome in general would be amazing locations. I’d love to see 47 have to knock off an archaeologist, either by donning a demolition disguise and collapsing the pyramid on him, or setting off the booby traps from inside. Something silly like that. I just want to see Egypt or Rome.


A construction site or/and a demolition site as a part of a map would be interesting. I want to kill a target with a wrecking ball. :^)


I want something involving wet cement. I was really hoping the port-a-potties in landslide would allow you to hide bodies, but they were just for set dressing.