Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons


Can’t unhear. I’m dying.


Day of The Dead in Mexico.
Similar to Mardi Gras.

Finally we can see Mariachi 47.


I was thinking last night, what if we get a level with an animal as target, like a real animal. Imagine killing a Indian prince and his lovely tiger at his Palace or something. Many opportunities for the kill; put a bomb in the room, poison his water/food, go in as the caretaker and do something, drop something hanging above the cage. Would be cool would it?:smiley::tiger2:


Today on ‘How to trigger World Animal Rights’:…


It already existed. Harambe the Gorilla.


Not sure they would do something like that because it involves programming a completely new set of animations for the tiger, but I like the idea of having to assassinate an animal.

Of course, the tiger has to cover in fear or run away when 47 points a weapon at him. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a true Hitman™ target.:grin:


I had a similar idea thinking at the horse head scene in The Godfather and the tiger in The Walking Dead. It would be funny. But why should someone hire 47 to kill an animal? We would need a serious story, because without it the idea risks to be ridiculous.


Rajastan Testing Facility

The Rajastan Testing Facility outside Bombay is a huge facility there all Indian carmakers (and many other carmakers) crash test their latest models.

A human rights organization has proof that the company is using living humans instead of crash test dummies.
The company has it’s own security firm that kidnaps homeless people from the poor parts of town.

You are hired to take out the CEO and owner, Darshit Bhasin, CFO Angela Peralta and the security personnel.


I’d like a residential area. Like Sapienza or “A New Life” tipe of location. With alleys, houses/apartments and a dark atmosphere. Something like this:

Plus, this Hitman 6 artwork comes to mind:


As a second objective offcourse. :slight_smile: Main target is the prince, the owner of the tiger, second one the actual tiger.

Or even a better idea. We have a Chinese emperor and the hit is on his son prince Po and the emperor’s tiger! And we do this job for providence/SC to make the emperor weak and vulnerable because of grief.

Yes! :tiger:


Senile Whale? Is that you?

Jokes of course


YES! Just one neo-noir style level in season 2 would be perfect!


I’ve added another mission to my Hitman Fantasy Season. This one is a bonus mission, like Landslide or a House Built on Sand, but it’s set in Bangkok. I wanted to address the fact that 47 can’t wear the orange robes of a Thai Buddhist monk in Thailand, which would have been a perfect disguise for him.

Here’s the briefing:


Bangkok, Thailand. 12:01 PM.

TARGET : The Monk

BRIEFING : Good afternoon, 47. You are returning to the Himmapan. Following the death of Thomas Cross, legal ownership of the Himmapan went through a period of uncertainty. A rightful owner was eventually determined, and although the hotel itself remains closed for renovation, the restaurant has been reopened. In an attempt to reestablish the Himmapan’s reputation after the sordid events of last year, the new owner is staging a lavish public event on the hotel grounds. It is, after all, Songkran: Thai New Year. Songkran has in recent years become a water festival, full of blessings, celebratory dancing, joyous music, and playful water fights.

Your target is Phra Bunyaprasit, abbot of a major Buddhist temple in the nearby town of Bua Het. He and his monks will be offering blessings at the festival. At first glance, Bunyaprasit is a beneficent and meditative old man. In truth, he is a thoroughly corrupt monk, suspected by authorities of trafficking methamphetamines, laundering money, and receiving stolen assets in connection with a multi-billion-baht embezzlement case. He wields immense power over his district.

Our client is the mayor of Bua Het: a beleaguered man, regularly threatened and blackmailed by Bunyaprasit and his army of followers. He has told us that he is spiritual at heart, and he claims that this contract is a way to restore dignity to a holy order. This is almost certainly the rationalization of a man who simply wants to get rid of a political rival. But who are we to say?

I will leave you to prepare.

Full details, including the assassination challenges, are here.


An airplane, 47 must use his wits to eliminate a VIP on board. Then to destroy some cargo kill the pilot and jump out, consequently crashing da plane. Sorry if it sounds too "GTA-ey’


Kind of reminds me of the submarine mission from Contracts where you have to destroy the submarine. That would be cool to see in Hitman 2016, but it would need a lot of ways to destroy it so it wouldn’t get repetitive.


How about a hit in a club? One target could be the drug addicted owner, who, due to his cocaine habit, never leaves his office unless the reason is to go to the washroom, meet his dealer, or check the cameras. The other would be the guy’s assistant, who does everything else.


Hotel hit.
A guy has pissed off some wrong people, and has gone into hiding. He’s using a fake name at a hotel. He never leaves his room. Other targets are the guy’s lawyer and the lawyer’s bodyguard. The lawyer travels around the hotel to enjoy some of the services they have there. His bodyguard is always outside the room he’s in.


The former Formula 1 Boss, Adrian Linero is your target.
He was forced out due to his fascination with young boys and he now wants his revenge on the board who forced him out.

The new boss of Formula 1 is hosting a celebrity time trial rally in the Swizz alps and Adrian is there to make his move and kill Julien Santiago, the new boss, so you must take out Adrian before he takes out Julien.

We have managed to secure information that Adrian will stay at the Royal Supreme hotel in Eckbauer, a small Swizz town.


I’ll just leave this here…


A level in Chicago would be nice, with multiple buildings to enter and exit and an entire underground sewer system. Maybe a subway system too, perhaps to connect two separate levels. Rooftops to explore, and apartments. Police officers patrolling the ground and questioning people around, the target would be gang leaders, and or crooked cops. There would be an abandoned building that would be primarily occupied by the said gang, patrolling and protecting all areas of it. A rival gang wants you to take them out, because of an ongoing gang war, or perhaps the gang is responsible for the death of a powerful persons family member though never prosecuted. The police officers would be there by coincidence, investigating a murder or something. The abandoned part of the building would be an entire multi-leveled section taken over by the gang. I miss the really broken down, dark places in the Hitman world. Rather than the gloss of the modern world, the earlier games had gritty atmospheres. If you cause enough problems a full SWAT team will come in, you can take one of their disguises and drive off in the van as an escape route. One of the crooked cops would be hanging out in a popular club, or in a local restaurant.