Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons


An idea.
Hotel hit. A classic, right?
Except this time, your target is being hunted by a second hitman!


A prison. Set in late afternoon maybe rainy. In the prison are guards, workers, gang members huddled together and other prisoners. There is a psych ward with patients also, and a yard for the prisoners. Getting into the prison would be challenging

A huge cruise ship with atleast 3 floors.

A train station, huge, like grand central station style, u can go on the train, and u can get off at another station, so theres 2 stations.

An airport. Lots of terminals and you can go on a plane before it takes off.

A casino

An amuesement or water park.

A hostile military ship.

A bank.

A neighborhood! With lots of houses to go into and apartmenent buildings.


Location: Blackbriar Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden.
Targets: Aleksander Brunsmeïer; Christopher Rudolfson; Bernard MacMartin.
Brunsmeïer is a major investor in the hotel. He was recently accused for fraud in the U.S., and has fled to Sweden in hopes of escaping prosecution. Not wanting a criminal’s money supporting them, another investor has put out a contract on him. Also staying at the hotel are, coincidentally, two more high profile targets; Christopher Rudolfson and Bernard Macmartin. Rudolfson conned our client, and as a result, he lost 2 million dollars. Rudolfson obviously doesn’t have the amount of intelligence required, so it was probably MacMartin who came up with the idea. Our client wants them both gone anyway.

Other important NPCs: The hotel owner; Brunsmeïer’s bodyguard.

Lights Out: Kill MacMartin by hitting him with a lamp.
Drowning Your Sorrows: Kill Rudolfson by drowning him in the soup pot.
He’s Going Nuts: Kill Brunsmeïer by giving him an allergic reaction.
I Solemnly Swear: Kill Rudolfson by bludgeoning him with the Bible.
Headless: Kill Rudolfson with a headshot.
Jack The Rieper: Kill Brunsmeïer with a knife.
Smoke On The Water: Kill MacMartin by pushing him while he’s smoking.
Bodyguard Betrayal: Kill Brunsmeïer as his bodyguard.
An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse: Deliver the blackmail note.


What about a level at some group of abandoned missile silos where some cult of doomsday preppers have set up shop.


[email protected] and only because I must see how they replicate their building without elevators;) (not that I ever been in their premises but u get my point… :grin:
P.S hopefully we will find some “house of cards 2” level during season 2 with cool glass elevators (snipe amazing target point/location) I want to go up and down with 47 suitcase all day long watch the birds in the sky high above the most amazing casino in the world… :+1:


Hitman: Legacy Mission 2:
We Lucky Few

Map: Large hi-tech mansion with a beach area, then a large building and open area with trucks and conference zone. Rosales moves around the mansion while Kaleka moves around the conference area and trucks. Tall treehouse also. Around as big as Hokkaido. The security footage is kept in a security hut on the mansion grounds.
Mansion has: Kitchen, main hall, styling room, master bedroom, three other bedrooms, large garden, infinity pool, and attic, side building with maintenance support, wine cellar, office and library, small tourist area, large dining area outside the kitchen, multiple corridors, large lounge with cinema screen, and lots of corridors/balconies etc.

In-detail description:

Jungle: Surrounds the west, north and south sides of the mansion. A few patrolling guards around the edge of the mansion grounds. A Bus full of tourists can be found just outside the gates, and with an entrance pass you can enter the mansion grounds. The Trees exit is on the outskirts of the map.

Mansion Grounds: As you enter the mansion, there will be a roundabout and then the road will split: the road on your left will go to the conference building and the road on your right to the mansion. The Film Set is closed off by a fence, and is taking over the gardens area in front of the mansion. The mansion, conference building, and film sets cannot be entered in your suit. A few people can be found around the grounds, and disguises can be obtained. To the back of the mansion is the pier, where there is the speedboat. Kaleka’s Limo can be found parked just outside the conference building, but it needs keys. The security Hut can be found to the very north of the map. The West Tower can be found to the very west of the map, and a sniper is on the top of the tower. This provides a vantage point to both the conference building and the mansion.

Conference Building: 2 floors. The ground floor has a reception area, a break room, a toilet, and a security room. This floor feels cramped, and like there are witnesses everywhere (which there is) The top floor is a lot more relaxed, with only a few high-access VIPs (Businessmen aren’t allowed here) and Kaleka’s routine all takes place up here.

Film Set: Very busy, with movie crew and SFX crew moving all around the place. Director Hall will move around talking to various people, and will be a hard disguise to get. The tiger pit is at the left of the film set, while the poison room is below ground on the other side of the set. There is a main stage area where there are a few actors preparing, and the explosives are here. Lots of enforcers and guards, so navigate with care.

Mansion: As you enter the mansion, you will enter a large hall where tourists will be after they arrive. The first floor can be accessed by tourists if they want the tour, and is mainly filled with memorabilia and paintings. On the second and third floor you can find the kitchen and the lounge, along with other luxuries like the balcony (which Rosales will go to, and is a perfect sniper shot) and the cinema room. The West Wing of the Mansion is inaccessible to tourists and leads to the wine cellar and basement. In the West Wing itself is the garage and the makeup room. Directly opposite the makeup room is the maintenance building, which is three rooms. One of the rooms is connected to the makeup room and is on the other side of the mirror, which allows for the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ kill, and another is a floor up and has a generatir in it, which can be kicked into the pool to electrocute anything in it.

Back of Mansion: The back of the mansion leads into a long infinity pool, which can be used in a variety of ways. If you go past the pool it will lead to the edge of the mansion, where there will be bridges leading up the cliffs from the pier. These bridges can be used to access the rest of the mansion grounds.

Beauty Calls- Rosales
Disguise yourself as Rosales’s beautician so she can prepare to meet Director Hall, the director of Madame X. Hall is most likely a Source operative.
Romantic Rendezvous- Rosales
Rosales has a blind date as part of a reality TV show. Impersonate her date and eliminate her.
Playing by the Script- Rosales
Impersonate an SFX crew member during the trailer filming and set off the explosives at the wrong time to blow Rosales into the river
Stress Relief- Rosales
Make Rosales stressed out by mixing up her papers and impersonating one of the films producers so she goes to to swimming pool to relax
Carnivorous- Rosales
Rosales has a passion for animals, and a tiger has been brought on site for Director Hall to review for the film. Impersonate the Zookeeper and let Rosales have a… close-up experience with the tiger.
Directorate- Kaleka
Kaleka has to meet with the film director, Jason Hall. Disguise yourself as Hall to get a private meeting with Kaleka.
Titan Arum- Kaleka
Kaleka is a botany enthusiast, and a Titan Arum (corpse flower) is being brought in for filming. Disguise yourself as the botanist and let Kaleka examine the plant.
Don’t Breathe- Kaleka
A crate of poisonous gas has been brought to the set, and Hall, who always likes to aim for detail, plans to use it in the film. Hall made a bet with Kaleka that he wouldn’t stand in a room with a gas mask as the gas is released, but Kaleka plans to carry out the bet. Sabotage his mask.

Inside story- Director Hall, the man who will direct the new ‘Madame X’ movie, is actually an operative of The Source. He has come to meet both Kaleka and Rosales, to discuss the death of Fells and Ti-Wang and say the potential danger to Rosales. This can be observed if you get both Rosales’s cell phone (in a locked safe in her office. Combination can be found in the bedroom) and Kaleka’s (on a table in the conference room) and tell Hall that the meeting is beginning (required businessman or security disguise) . Afterwards, Rosales will talk privately with Kaleka, who will tell her she needs to go underground and he will send her to either ‘Mulligan’ or ‘the banker’. In the meantime, he tells her to remain vigilant. Rosales is also shown to be constantly stressed by
’Stress Relief’. 47 can confront Rosales as 47 in ‘Beauty Calls’, but only from behind a mirror. In this speech Rosales will not reveal anything new, but she will mention ‘The Banker’.

Assassination Challenges: (27) Rosales- 12
Kaleka- 8
Both- 2
Challenges- 6
Silent Assassin
Silent Assassin, Suit Only
Suit Only
Sniper Assassin
Mass Murderer
No Evidence
Traditional Trading- Assassinate Florencia Rosales by drowning her in the pool
Cut!- Assassinate Ishaan Kaleka whilst disguised as the Director
Star Actor- Assassinate Florencia Rosales whilst disguised as the Director
X Filed- Assassinate Florence’s Rosales and Ishaan Kaleka whilst disguised as Madame X
Lucky Dip- Assassinate Florencia Rosales during the tour with a silenced pistol
Commercial Break- Assassinate Florencia Rosales and Ishaan Kaleka with the exploding TV
Love is Blind- Assassinate Florencia Rosales whilst disguised as the online date with a katana through the curtain
I Thought it was a TV Remote- Assassinate Florencio Rosales with the rigged explosives during the trailer
Pollination- Assassinate Ishaan Kaleka by pushing him in the corpse flower
Haunted Mansion- Assassinate Florencia Rosales with the chandelier
Dramatic Exit- Assassinate Ishaan Kaleka in the limo
Mirror, Mirror- (REDACTED) Assassinate Florencia Rosales after confronting her
True Beauty- Assassinate Florencia Rosales during the makeup session
Here, Kitty Kitty- Assassinate Florencia Rosales by pushing her into the tiger cage
Cough Cough- Assassinate Ishaan Kaleka with the gas
To Infinity…- Assassinate Florencia Rosales by smashing the infinity pool
And Beyond- Assassinate Ishaan Kaleka with the TNT
Shocking- Assassinate Florencio Rosales by electrocution with the car battery
Light me up- Assassinate Ishaan Kaleka with the gas lamp
Loose Objects- Assassinate Ishaan Kaleka with the chandelier
Tripping Hazard- Assassinate Florencia Rosales by pushing her off the balcony
Don’t Stop Me Now- (REDACTED) Assassinate Ishaan Kaleka with the disco ball whilst he is dancing

Disguises: (16)
Security Guard
Kitchen Assistant
Mansion Staff
Movie Crew
SFX Crew
Director Hall
Online Date
Pool Boy
Madame X

Starting Locations:
Bus as Tourist
Wine Cellar as Mansion Staff
West Tower
Lounge as Businessman
Security Hut as Security
Maintenance Hut as Handyman
Film Set as Movie Crew

Drop Points:
Jungle (Large)
Bus (Small)
Film Set (Small)
West Tower (Large)
Mansion Basement (Large)
Maintenance Hut (Small)
Conference Building Reception (Small)
Security Hut (Large)
Library (Small)

Exits: Speedboat, Bus, Kaleka’s limo, Helicopter, Trees

Good morning 47. Your destination is Rosales Mansion, a 500 million dollar complex on the shores of Lake Malawi bought in 2011 by actor and your first target, Florencia Rosales. Rosales was mentioned multiple times in the Ti-Wang emails, and after a large amount of digging into her personal past we discovered an interesting secret. Back in 2011, when Rosales’s career was beginning to take off, she was hired by The Source to seduce and assassinate President Kambowi of Ethiopia, allowing a Source-backed military coup to take over the country. She has since been a high profile Source operative and could be a perfect revenge strike for our murdered operative. Rosales is currently planning to star in movie title ‘Madame X’ due to release in 2025, and the movie crew is at her mansion to shoot part of the trailer. Your secondary target is Ishaan Kaleka, agent to Rosales and another Source operative. By taking these two out, we will show the Source who they are dealing with. Good hunting.
((Target Status: ACTIVE))

Target 1: The Actor
Name: Florencia Rosales
Age: 36
Height: 5’10
Birthday: 19/11/83
Country of Birth: Spain
Last known location: Lake Malawi, Malawi
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Description: Florencia Rosales is the best example of a beautiful person who know how to use that talent. Born in Malaga, Spain to an upper middle class family, Rosales had a fairly stress-free childhood: she then studied drama at school, excelling at university.

She went into acting a confident and naturally talented artist, performing in theatre performances, including the opera when singer D’alvade was assassinated. She was a rising star in acting, and was propelled to stardom after she starred in L’assassino alongside Dino Bosco and the Icon, before Bosco was assassinated.

It was after the Icon when Rosales began to dabble in politics. It started with sexual favours for politicians and governors, in return for her will. But Rosales uncovered a thirst for power over people, and it is at this point we have found out she was hired by The Source, and she began contacting for them.

Rosales was more powerful than any assassin. She swayed her fans. She manipulated her enemies. She could even become an assassin if need be, specialising in chandelier drops and being the chief suspect for the Jordan Cross assassination, although no charges were ever pressed. She also worked with IAGO until a dispute with Dalia Margolis got her kicked out. She got incredibly rich in this time, and started her own series of movies: Madame X. Yet her greatest contract was still to come.

In 2019, an unknown contractor, most likely The Source, hired Rosales to take down President Kambodi of Ethiopia in the midst of a military coup. She seduced Kambodi, killing him and allowing an Ethiopian general to take power. She went out of politics after this, keeping to her mansion in Malawi.

Florencia Rosales seems like a kind, loving person on the outside, who honestly cares for people. Yet she is like a viper inside: and she will not hesitate to poison you.

Target 2: The Agent
Name: Ishaan Kaleka
Height: 6’0
Age: 44
Birthday: 13/3/76
Country of Birth: India
Last known location: Lake Malawi, Malawi
Status: Target, Priority Gamma
Description: Ishaan Kaleka was born in New Delhi, India but moved to Bristol, UK after his parents got enough money. A truly remarkable student within school, he completed his GCSEs at age 13 and his A-levels at age 15. He went to London School of Economics, where he became a leading student despite being years younger than him.

He worked in business, but found it dull: his superior skills meant most were beneath him and he developed a God complex. He became part of Interpol, where he finally met a challenger for his intellect: Penelope Graves.

Whilst in Interpol, he differed greatly from Graves: he leaned more towards supporting the corruption and scandals that flowed through Interpol. After Graves left for Sean Rose’s militia and was subsequently assassinated, he joined the Source: fully embracing the corruption Graves so direly hated.

He disappeared for a while, and The Source kept him invisible: but he later resurfaced, working as an agent for Florencia Rosales.

We do not believe he is really her agent: instead, he is most likely trying to persuade her to work for the Source again. Kaleka still has a God complex, and thinks everyone is below him.

But even Gods will fall when pushed hard enough.


Kill Kerrigan after he attempts his escape by using your own second explosive to bury Kerrigan alive in his own tunnel. :wink:


I remember seeing a magazine in game that lists 6 or 7 different places. While I may just be speculating, it could be foreshadowing the next locations to season 2.
Mexico City was on that list so now I’m really hoping for a day of the dead style map during the night time.


@STEVEORSOMTHING Can you send me a screenshot of the magazine??


The Netherlands was on it too! My very own home country. Maybe 47 runs throught my street and kills my sister. :grinning: Who knows.


I couldn’t find it got myself. I think there’s a screenshot buried somewhere in the HITMAN Easter Eggs thread.
I think it’s in Hokkaido some where.






@Nikotin_Alien I failed ET cause a car runned me over :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful: I actually really want that level, but without the cars…


Friendly advice, Silverballer, you should add the briefing and target info at the beginning so we’ll get what’s happening.


Sorry, I make the levels as if I were designing them, so it’s all a bit muddled up.


@Silverballer You design really good maps, if you know programing, you can make a good fan-made hitman game :wink:


Here’s the problem hehe my cat is probably better with computers than me


@Silverballer You can always team up with someone :wink: