Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons


I think the only way these could become a reality is if I became creative director at IOI, and I don’t think that’s happening any time soon as i don’t speak Danish it’s not the career path I plan on taking and im way too young


Working at IOI is my dream job :smiley:


As much as I’d love to work there, it’s not a realistic expectation. I really struggle learning new languages, and I have an aptitude for other things.


Just talk loud and slowly. If you have to feeling nobody understands you talk even louder. It worked on Discworld, so it can’t be wrong. :wink:


Do day-to-day operations at IOI take place in Danish? I doubt it. They hire internationally, and it’s primarily an English-language game. Their job ads don’t ask for a working knowledge of Danish. Interesting question though.


Mine too :smiley: I even asked @Lasse_IOI about what I should do to get a job there a while back :slight_smile:


I would assume Day-to-day operations may take place in English, but I would be more concerned about actually having to live in Denmark.


Like the name :wink:

Anyway, if you’re interested in working for IOI, I’d PM @Travis_IOI for more details on what you need to do.


Maybe in 7 years when you’re 18 :smiley:


Well written, your imagination is magnificent :smiley:


Thing is, to make the missions work in the modern game, they would basically have to rebuilt them from scratch and it would take nearly as much work as a whole new mission. I’d much rather they make new missions rather than revisting the old.


When’s the next mission?


Whenever I can be bothered to make it. Probably a while yet.


Anyway, speaking of third instalments, the next mission for Hitman: Stray Bullets.

House of Games


Good morning, 47. Your destination is the luxurious Lion Casino in Las Vegas. It has gained a reputation for its beauty and variety of games. However, dark secrets lay beneath The Lion.

Your target is Sheik Abbaas el-Ameen, the casino’s wealthy owner. el-Ameen is renowned as a successful businessman and philanthropist. However, this is all a cover for the Sheik’s true nature. el-Ameen is a sociopathic murderer, connected to multitude of terrorist groups and criminal organisations, such as Crystal Dawn and the Delgado Cartel. The ICA discovered the Sheik recently bought over Fiend Order after Susan Flowers death. We would usually let old wounds heal but ICA operatives have been disappearing in areas where Fiend Order was operating. And we know who to blame.

You will also have to deal with former Cross Holdings CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) Ian Havelock. A master manipulator and cutthroat climber, Havelock had tore down his colleagues and ruined the lives of his rivals. After his successful career, Havelock retired and became a high roller at The Lion. He gambled compulsively and joined el-Ameen’s criminal network in a last-ditch effort to not lose everything he had. Ian Havelock comes across as a charming and elegant gentleman. But make no mistake, Havelock can be your best friend for a moment and call a hit on you with no remorse in the next.

The casino would be heavily guarded, and Sheik el-Ameen is unlikely to make a public appearance. Ian Havelock would be wandering around the casino floor, playing games and drinking. The targets have highly trained bodyguards and would flee in the first sign of danger, so be careful. I will leave you to prepare.

Any potential kills or opportunities in a casino?


Elevators make nice kills, and electric (or exploding) slot machines.


From the Season 2 Confirmation thread, but it might as well go here, too.

I want to visit Canada and New Zealand in the next season.

In New Zealand, they could have 47 try to shut down a Kiwi terrorist’s plot to trigger worldwide earthquakes from his massive fortress in Christchurch, and there’s only one man who can foil his plans and save the whole world—you guessed it: 0047.

As for Canada, there can be a hockey player who doubles as an international smuggler of bombs, using hollowed-out hockey pucks to transport the explosives. There can be a nice winter town with an arena. There’s only one man who can foil the bad guy’s plans—that’s right, 0047 again!



Just outside Beijing a small dome city has been built as a test for future cities.
It’s like a normal small city, just hyper modern and inside several huge glass domes connected via glass tunnels.

Each dome got it’s own purpose, either it be farming, learning, technology, hospital and so on.

Your targets are a Russian couple, Evgeny Pradko and his wife Svetlana and the Syrian war criminal Mesut Khalid who has managed to escape from Haag in Holland and used his contacts to get in to the Bio-Dome.

Evgeny and Svetlana has been put in the dome to sabotage it for the Russian shadow government.


Got to say Markie, I really am impressed with your ideas for a theoretical Hitman game. I must admit, perhaps one day when I have some free time, I would really like to attempt what you are doing and make up 6 levels for my own ideal Hitman game.


Back to Hope

Good morning, 47. You will be revisiting the South Dakotan town of Hope for this contract. Ah, memories. Your target is business magnate Curtis Barnett, the CEO of Barnett Oil. He has filled the Blake Dexter-sized hole in the town’s budget, using his money to help fund the town. Sadly, Barnett is no less corrupt than Dexter, ruling over the town with an iron fist. Our client, a rival oil company, wants us to eliminate Barnett and embezzle money from his company so they could buy Barnett Oil. Barnett is not cheap with his security and carries around a weapon. Time to bring him down old school. Good luck, 47.


Is there still anything left of Hope to rule over? :wink: