Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons


Our man Barnett rebuilt it.


Hitman: Stray Bullets

Episode 4: Back to Hope.

Hope, Sound Dakota, 3:20PM

Target: The Oilman.

Good morning, 47. You will be revisiting the South Dakotan town of Hope for this contract. Ah, memories.

Your target is business magnate Curtis Barnett, the CEO of Barnett Oil. He has filled the Blake Dexter-sized hole in the town’s budget, using his money to help fund the town. Sadly, Barnett is no less corrupt than Dexter, ruling over the town with an iron fist. Our client, a rival oil company, wants us to eliminate Barnett and bankrupt his company so they could buy Barnett Oil.

Barnett is not cheap with his security and carries around a weapon. Time to bring him down old school. Good luck, 47.

In-game brief:
Welcome to Hope, 47. We have caught Curtis Barnett visiting the town. He will be surrounded by guards, armed with a decent pistol and would flee in his car if alerted. Perhaps you can take him down in an accident. Good luck, 47.

The map is the size of Landslide Sapienza with a city theme and more buildings to break into. There is the convenience store, repair shop and donut shop from the old mission. Barnett also built a police station, a hospital, a restaurant, a high school (though no children or teens are to be seen in the mission) and a town hall. The hospital is performing an autopsy on one Jason Dawson, who was shot in the face in his apartment. 47 starts off sitting on a bench, wearing a grey suit with a light blue tie and red shoes.

Target Info:
Backstory: Curtis Barnett was born in California to media moguls. After graduating from university with a business degree, Barnett opened a gas station. It slowly sprouted from a dinky refill station to a convenience store. After years of hard work, he became an oil magnate, earning millions of dollars from his company. However, Barnett couldn’t resist making some dirty money and launched a Ponzi scheme, earning more millions from it. However, when things started getting steamy, he moved to Hope and helped rebuild the town, for a price, of course.

Appearance: Barnett dresses in a marron shirt, a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, luxury leather shoes and a gold watch. He is white, in his mid 50s, has grey hair and cold black eyes.

Route: Barnett loops around the town hall, repair shop and hospital.

Kill opportunities:
It’s Barbecue Season: Barnett is holding a barbecue for the citizens of Hope to show how awesome he is. You can refill the barbecue sauce with lighter fluid and the grill would explode.
Dawn of the Dawson: Barnett would visit Jason Dawson in the morgue (he has criminal connections to him). Since Dawson looks at lot like you, you can take his clothes, hide the body, lie on the table and wait for Barnett. When Barnett dismisses his guards and starts monologuing, you’ll have the opportunity to spring up and knock him onto a gurney. The gurney would start rolling down a flight of stairs and crash, killing Barnett in an accident.
Gas-Hole: You can sabotage a gas station so oil would leak onto the road. After Barnett steps on the oil, he would rage at his employees and tell them to fix the mess. You can then set the oil on fire with a match or gunshot, burning Barnett to death.
Political Debate: You can disguise as Hope mayor Gerald Brim and have a private meeting with Barnett. He would turn and have a phone call, giving you the chance to poison his lasagne.

Death Well Done: Eliminate Curtis Barnett by blowing him up with the barbecue grill.
Curtis vs. Jason: Eliminate Cirtus Barnett dressed as Jason Dawson.
Roast of The Oilman: Eliminate Curtis Barnett by burning him to death with an oil spill.
I Hate Mondays: Eliminate Curtis Barnett by poisoning his lasagne.
Car Crushed: Eliminate Curtis Barnett by crushing him with a car.
Word To Your Mayor: Disguise yourself as Gerald Brim.

Barnett’s car.

Disguises: Suit, waiter, mechanic, plumber, doctor, chef, bodyguard, police officer, Gerald Brim.


Maybe we get a new level with the black girl from the saints, since she survived the hit, according to this trailer:


Impossibile. Nobody survived after 47’s visit (only Diana). That trailer was made before Absolution was out. But maybe there could be another Saint. In that trailer talks about Marie Garnier, later replaced by Louisa Cain. What if there is another one looking for vengeance for the death of her collegues?


The Maltese Falcon

Welcome to the quaint town of Sliema on the island of Malta 47.

Your targets are English born businessman Harold Merlot, the world famous investment banker and his two sons Reginald and Roderick.

Three years ago Harold and his sons embezzled over £500m from several multibillionaires when he offered them to buy an island outside australia.

Efter he recieved the money he and his two sons bought the historic Fort Saint Angelo in Birqu just outside Sliema on the island of Malta and took refuge there.
Harold spends most of his time around the castle guarded by several former SAS members that follows him everywhere.

His sons however care less about their security and each got their own super yacht in the nearby harbour.
You will arrive in Birqu at around 1600 hours and later that evening the two brothers will have a huge party with lots of celebrites on their yachts celebrating Reginalds 25th birthday.

Harold however will participate in the festivities and will probably be in his home or out walking, surrounded by his guards.


According to the wikipedia, there are 9 Saints, 1 killed before Absolution, and the other 8 while all showing up in the trailer, only 7 appear in the game, so 1 still unaccounted for.

Saying that though, gonna be honest, can’t help but feel if there is anything from Hitman’s past that needs to be quietly forgotten, it is The Saints. I do like the idea of revisiting Hope though, or maybe even Chicago, just to tie up a couple of loose ends.


I thought the devs have admittedly stated that Absolution is not a canon game to the main storyline, after realizing some things may not add up between absolution and H2016.


I agree with you about tying up loose ends. I would like some mission where kill Faulkner and Birdie (and his fat chinese guard).
So I would like another level in Chicago, in the police headquarter, where 47 has to kill Faulkner and his assistent (that in the cutscenes) and steal all documents about him.

And another level, in Chicago or somewhere else, where 47 has to find and kill that traitor of Birdie. But to do it he has to face his guards


Absolution is canon. If you look Hitman Legacy cutscenes, after training level in Hitman 6, murder of Dom Osmond is reminded.


As long as there is a level in London, preferably in a posh museum/manor house, I’m happy with whatever comes.


I quite fancy the idea of maybe an airport level… sorry if someones already mentioned it!


I still hope they return the photographer

Every night before I go to bed I pray. I pray that IO-I will add the photographer in season 2 as it looks in the E3 trailer. I hope they don’t let me down. I ask god if they are gonna do it but he doesn’t know ether. It’s just hoping they will. :pray:


Let’s not forget the burger outfit that the waitress had. I was really sad that this level wasn’t in the first season, hope they bring it back in maybe a pool club or something.



20 characters.


Probably not. I’ve been ill and had a lack of inspiration.


My newest level is finished!

After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to scrap the storyline that originally went with these missions. I’ve also scrapped A Future to Believe In (the idea has been done before, and it showed extreme similarities to Sapienza) and The Beautiful Game (football game doesn’t actually really work as a hitman mission) along with the final mission, Blue Moon (don’t worry, I’ve got a good plan for the new version fo that mission). Anyway, here’s a totally new mission, Survival Is Not Sacred!


#Hitman: Legacy Mission 3:
#Survival Is Not Sacred

Good morning, 47. Your destination is the remote monastery of Pavitr Sthaan, an ancient temple in the north west of Punjab, India, that serves as the current home of the Ummeed Hai, a xenophobic and vastly wealthy and dangerous cult whose influence reaches to the top. The elite members of the Ummeed Hai use their vast knowledge of psychology and mind control to manipulate and bend the lives of both their followers and key, Indian political figures, weaving their own web of bribery, deceit and blackmail. The group claims their riches is a result of charitable donations by those faithful, but our client has uncovered a far more sinister endeavour behind the church. The abbot, Mahakala Upadhya, works in close connection with the South African technology tycoon, Harvey James Grey, who has recently become involved in large-scale slavery and human trafficking in and around South Asia. While Upadhya may be the public face of the Ummeed Hai, Grey is almost certainly the brains of the organisation, funding their ideals and pulling the strings from the shadows. Our sources indicate Grey is holding a lavish gala for some of Asia’s criminal elite in the lower levels of the monastery while Upadhya is running an initiation ceremony around the complex, welcoming new initiates to the order. The monastery is heavily guarded, and security will not hesitate to shoot on sight. But, then again, 47, I do know how you love a challenge. I will leave you to prepare.

Mission details:
Welcome to Punjab, 47. The monastery is situated at the foot of a mountain and all main entrances are heavily guarded, although you should be able to find a backdoor in. Upadhya will be around the monastery while on-site intelligence suggests Grey is hosting a lavish party in the basement levels beneath the monastery for criminals and power players alike. Both men will be highly guarded by religious zealots, so expect excellent protection. Good hunting.

47 starts in the area around the monastery, which sits at the foot of a mountain that completely covers the north side. The monastery is around the size of the Himmapan Hotel, not including the basement. It is 4 floors tall, and has four basement levels. The monastery itself is filled with cult members praying and going about their daily lives. The top floor is where the elite stay, including Upadhya. Beneath the monastery is the basement, where Grey is hosting the party. There are two levels to the basement: the common party, which is filled with slaves, smoke, criminals and weapons. Beneath the party is an elite party, where drug lords and gunrunners alike meet. Grey will move between both levels, along with talking to his cult correspondents on the ground floor.

In-detail area description:

Outside: The monastery is at the foot of the mountain, which as mentioned before, leaves the north of the monastery inaccessible (due to a steep slope). To the east of the monastery is a guard tower which works as a sniper spot. The outside of the monastery is regularly patrolled by guards, and is fully hostile if you are in your suit. There are multiple access points if you have a disguise from outside, along with beams that can be climbed to access the monastery from different points.

Monastery ground floor: The main entrance is at the south side of the monastery, with an east entrance and a west entrance also existing but being guarded. The ground floor servers as a ritual and prayer area, with a prayer hall in the centre and a sacrificial area to the east of that. Also to the east is the place where the ‘Bandaragaahon’ live, a group of highly-trained assassins who have been trained to worship and kill since birth. The Bandaragaahon rooms are fairly simplistic, similar to upstairs. However, there is a more disturbing element in that the Bandaragaahon have personal ‘subjects’ who they are forced to torture to enhance their cruelty and aggression. To the west of the prayer hall is a series of rooms full of prisoners and ‘re-education’ centres. Also to the west side is the place where crime bosses come up from the basement to either leave or talk to the cult elite. Accessing this area in your suit will lead to a non-trespassing zone, and if you get an invite you can access the basement. There is also multiple entrances to the basement on this level, which can also be accessed from outside.

Monastery first floor: The first floor is accessible from three staircases from below and multiple outside entrances. The first floor primarily serves as a living quarters, with washing stations, a mess hall, and a blood ‘river’: where cult members cut themselves once per day and let their blood flow into a chute which will according to NPC dialogue go to the river nearby. If Upadhya dies all the cult members will come to the ‘river’ to deliverer their blood.

Monastery floor 2: This floor serves mainly as a utilities area: there is a cooking area and a medical area (which consists mainly of superstitious nonsense) and is split down the middle: one half is utilities, the other half is the inaccessible to cult members and staff. In this half, cult soldiers will live, in similar conditions to the members downstairs. Also on this level is the security office, where one of the tapes is held.

Monastery floor 3: This is the military training area of the monastery, where cult soldiers train. There is a shooting range, simulated raid, close quarters training area, and an arena-style combat competition where soldiers fight for the recognition of the cult master (sounds gamey, I know. More on this later). This area is hostile to all non-soldiers (or bodyguards) or elite cult members (this includes certain high ranking staff disguises).

Monastery level 4: This is the level of the monastery where the elite live. There are 5 rooms total: Upadhya’s room, the largest one, and 4 rooms for the cult elite. The cult elite disguise is the only disguise that can access this area.

Basement upper level: Mainly a criminal party, similar to the Meat Kings Party but with less masks and fetish outfits. Guests smoke and take drugs during the party, with certain guests being VIPs that are allowed into the basement lower level. There will also be card rooms to the side. Finally, there will be a stage and a small backstage area, which prostitutes will inhabit. The basement can be accessed via side doors to the backstage or the card rooms. It can also be accessed via the main entrance with an appropriate disguise or an invite. The basement isn’t trespassing in your suit.

Basement lower level:
The real party is taking place down here. Less chaotic than upstairs and much less crowded, with most guests taking up small booths or walking and meeting other guests. Grey is mainly based on this floor but he walks between other floors as well. To get into this floor you need a head waiter disguise, a cult elite disguise, a bodyguard disguise, or an invitation. There is also a stage here and to the backstage there is a meeting room with a large metal cult symbol. Finally, there is a small security room where you can find another recording box.

Indoctrination: A rat from another cult is being inducted into the cult. Take his disguise, initiate the ceremony and either poison the bowl Upadhya puts his head in or drown him in it.

King of the Ring: Upadhya hosts a monthly competition between the cult soldiers during which they spar to compete for a duel with Upadhya himself, which is considered a great honour. Win the competition and then kill Upadhya during the fight with him.

Leader’s Benefits: Upadhya eats well, despite his followers eating small amounts of food. Serve him his lunch, and either kill him by smashing his head on the plate and using the steak knife or poisoning the food.

Distrust of the Unholy: Meet with Upadhya as a member of the Cult Elite to discuss what should be done about Grey, who is becoming less and less involved in the cult. You can kill Upadhya by pushing him out the stained glass window in his room.

Off With the Head:
There is a prisoner who is a defector from Grey’s criminal web being kept in the prison of the monastery. Disguise yourself as the executioner, call Grey to ask if he wants to say anything to the prisoner, switch Grey and the prisoner, then execute Grey in front of a crowd.

The Bandaragaahon: The cult has a team of elite assassins known as the Bandaragaahon. Disguise yourself as one of them, prove yourself in shooting practice, then kill Grey in a gasoline fire.

The Front Door: There is a VIP who is part of the Blue Lotus Triad’s gunrunning network attending the party. Currently he is just in the main party area, but take his disguise and you can meet with Grey in the basement inside one of the booths where you can confront and kill him during a card game.

The Crimson Stream: Grey is highly curious of whether the blood collected in the river of blood can be sold for illegal blood donations. Tell the cult members to leave the blood river over the intercom and Grey will visit, where he can be drowned in the river.

Going Down: According to a monk outside the monastery, the head guard holds the master keycard to the monastery which can be used to access a fire exit from the outside. Get the keycard and you can infiltrate the lower and upper basement.

Assassination Challenges (30):
Upadhya: 11
Grey: 10
Both: 3
Unrelated: 6
Silent Assassin
Suit Only
Silent Assassin, Suit Only
Sniper Assassin
No Evidence
Mass Murderer: Kill everyone in the level
Stained Floor: Kill Upadhya by pushing him out the stained glass window
Bad Habits: Kill Grey by overdosing his opium pipe
Rebellious Student: Drown Upadhya in the induction bowl
Static Shock: Electrocute Upadhya with the TV
Ace in the Hole: Kill Grey during the card game as the Blue Lotus Triad member
The Haircut: Cut Grey’s head off during the execution
The Sensei: Kill Upadhya during the duel
Not Quite Safe Yet: Kill Upadhya with a battle axe in the security room
Special Effects: Kill Grey with a bomb in the smoke machine
(Un)Holy Water: Poison Upadhya with the induction water
A Test Of Faith: (REDACTED) Kill both targets as the Religious Idol
Double Crossing: (REDACTED) Have Grey kill Upadhya by pushing him out the window, then push Grey out himself
Bloodstream: Drown Grey in the River of Blood
Unguarded: Kill Grey disguised as a bodyguard
Disco Downfall: Kill Grey with the disco ball
Murphy’s Law: Kill Upadhya by pushing him into the spike pit
Burned Man: Kill Grey with the gasoline tank
Fatality: Kill Upadhya with the steak knife
Steakout: Kill Upadhya by poisoning his steak
Blindfire: Kill Upadhya and Grey with the same shot from a sniper rifle
Insane Inside: Kill Grey by lacing his cigarettes
Satellite Sniper: (REDACTED) Kill Grey with a sniper after shooting the antenna, which he will investigate personally
Safety Is An Illusion: Kill Grey on the escape stairs with a hatchet
Uprising: Kill Upadhya while disguised as a cult member
False Sense of Security: Kill Upadhya with an unsilenced weapon as the Head of Security, and have no bodies found

Disguises (17):
Cult Member
Cult Slave
Cult Guard
Cult Soldier
Cult Cook
Cult Monk
Cult Initiate
Cult Elite
Head of Security
Opium Waiter
Blue Lotus Leader
Shaitaan (Devil)

Starting locations:
South Trees
East Entrance
Rooms as Cult Member
Laundry Room as Cult Slave
Guard Tower
Kitchen as Cult Cook
Security Office as Cult Guard
Basement Party

Drop points:
Storage Room (Large)
Laundry Room (Small)
Prison Cell (Large)
East Side Shed (Large)
Rooms (Small)
Basement Toilets (Small)
Guard Quarters (Small)
Upadhya’s Room (Large)

Jungle, Car, Helicopter, Basement Tunnels, Mountain Climbing (requires Ice pickaxes)

Target 1: The Abbot
Name: Mahakala Upadhya
Height: 5’7
Age: 63
Birthday: 9/1/57
Country of Birth: India
Last known location: Punjab, India
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Mahakala Upadhya is a man who is anything but what the world believes him to be. Though he portrays himself as a devout religious leader, he is secretly a strong atheist who uses the power of faith to bend the wills of his followers.

Upadhya was born to an upper middle class family in Myanmar,
India. His father was a Buddhist and his mother a Hindu, yet Upadhya found himself unconvinced by the prospects of rebirth or supernatural beings. He continued to study religion along with religious psychology, eventually getting a degree in the subject at Stamford University. He continued his work into the psychology of religion, most specifically mind control and cults, until his late 30’s.

After leaving California he went back to India to experiment with religious psychology for his own benefits. He planned to set up a cult using what he had learned, and it was at this time he met Harvey James Grey.

Grey, a small-time crime lord in the north of India, proposed the idea for the Ummeed Hai. And so the cult was born, with Upadhya leading it and directly working for and benefitting Grey’s crime ring. Both the cult and the crime ring grew thanks to Upadhya’s masterful brainwashing.

Upadhya is, on the outside, a man who is willing to protect his cult to the last breath. However, on the inside, he is a dangerous psychopath who is most likely simply experimenting on his cult members with practices like the Blood River and human sacrifice. He should not be underestimated, yet I am sure you will deal with him well.

Target 2: The Puppetmaster
Name: Harvey James Grey
Height: 5’11
Age: 67
Birthday: 4/10/53
Country of Birth: South Africa
Last known location: Punjab, India
Status: Target, Priority Alpha
Of all the men who have controlled the public from behind the scenes, Harvey James Grey is possibly to most exceptional. Inheriting his father’s small human trafficking ring in Punjab, he has grown to be the most influential man in South Asia.

Harvey James Grey’s father was named Mithra Kapadi, and he was a small Indian crime boss who ran a human trafficking ring, mostly just for supplying larger organisations. Kapadi was arrested but his American wife fled to South Africa and assumed a new name, and Harvey James Grey knew nothing about his father until after he had got his qualifications from Oxford university.

After some digging, Grey found the remnants of his father’s crime ring, which he quickly brought together with funds he had inherited (and stole). He had taken over at a prosperous time, and the newly organised ring grew, and was only bolstered by the establishment of the Ummeed Hai by Mahakala Upadhya.

Grey’s crime ring grew in size and fame, using the Ummeed Hai as its public face, and organising lavish illegal parties for the criminal elite. Before long, Grey was friendly with every crime lord across the globe, from the Yakuza to the Delgados.

As of this decade, the Ummeed Hai has essentially become a castaway of Grey’s now huge crime ring, and Grey has bought off all the local governing bodies in a hundred mile radius. He has woven a web of blackmail, bribery and crime, and many believe he is untouchable within this web. Prove them wrong, 47.


Also, a huge thank you to @Aegis_Chrome for the excellent briefing!


You’re very welcome, huehue!


Mission: Eye of the Beholder
Location: London
Targets: Richard Brunswick and Samantha Hope.

Welcome to London 47, your destinations are Ministry of Defence and Department of Helth in central London.
Richard Brunswick, a Wales national, working at Ministry of Defence has been selling English defense secrets on the black market
to the highest bidder for years, while Samantha Hope, Secretary of State for Health for England, has been cutting fund from NHS and
moved the money to several accounts in the Caymans.

The client wants them both dead.

Every morning Richard is going for a run in St James’s Park near the Ministry of Defence building, but he always have 2 bodyguards with him.

Samantha however starts the day with playing a game of tennis in the Archbishop’s Park.

Kill opportunities:
If you act quickly you can take out Richard and Amanda during their morning routines, but it will be risky due to them being with bodyguards.
The Eye has a great a view over the MoD and DoH buildings.

You can make your way into the MoD and DoH, poison your targets and they will be taken to the nearby St. Thomas Hospital where you can finish the contract.
The possibilitys are endless.