Life Goals

What are your life goals

Personally, I want to live to 100 and have £1,000,000 In the bank. I want a job I love that pays well and live in a nice house in an American suburb. this may or may not be influenced by whittleton creek :smile:

So what are yours?


Have a succesful career applying chemical engineering in process that involve food or textiles, to the point I actually get some international recognition by either improving an existing one or creating a new one.

In a more personal level, I want to do something nice with my furry side, something that’s helpful and that has a positive impact in soemone’s life.


So far my most realist ambition is to buy a small apartment for me.
Have something in savings away and someone special to share with who likes a simple style of life.


i like my job, so i suppose just continue in this department, move up the ranks hopefully.
and i’d like to get married eventually, i’ve been dating the same person for a few years now


Nothing wrong with that!!


Kinda the same, about to start my first full-time job soon, then I would like to buy an small apartment eventually to live in or to rent it out. Long term dream: I‘ld like to spend most of my free time at the Côte d’Azur in France (crazy beautiful), if time allows I’ld also like to travel more in general to explore all kinds of places and their food :sunglasses:
EDIT: If I ever have a garden, I want to keep some chickens bc eggs are delicious :smiley:


I just want a job with a stable income that I enjoy doing and allows me to travel


I just wanna be able to complete Colorado SASO on master :frowning:

Nah but for real I would probably want to have a stable level of income and find happiness in my work and partner


I would like to live in a straw-bale house (if not that then maybe an ‘Earth-Ship’), one with large windows on the south side to let in more light in the colder months, maybe have it be self-sustaining with solar and/or wind generated power. I’ll have to get busy on designing that sometime. I did study CAD back in 2000.

I think I’d also like to have a large garden or perhaps an aquaponics system, maybe a few different types of fruit trees, and maybe some animals for other sources of food, etc. (like eggs, milk, furs, or whatever else).

When I’m not working or tending to my crops and animals, in my downtime I’d probably play or practice playing music on different types of instruments.

As for money? Nah. I mean, sure. We all need it to get by thanks to the system that’s in place, so that can’t be helped. I’d rather have an attitude(?) or lifestyle of minimalism. Knowing when to get rid of things, knowing that I can live without certain things and avoid impulse buys.

As for a wife or family? Well… I guess I’ll see what the future holds in that matter.


Destroy Fascism



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yeah babe

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A job that brings me joy and enables me to travel and live a stable life. But most importantly I want to reach a 180 kg bench press. So far I’m at around 140 kg.


I forgot what you do but it’s something with games right? I’m so jelly of that. I wanna work with something I love as well.

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Become “Hideo Kojima” of NPC AI, also develop a massive AI for [REDACTED]


I am going to study nursing/medicine next year, and I want to work in the hospital at either the Emergency room or general nursing (like giving people vaccinations and treat them according to their disease ).


If I was your patient I would not trust you with a Syringe cuz you know you play Hitman and syringes in Hitman can only mean two things either death or you wake up in your underwear with your outfit taken.


I will add a little disclaimer to my profile

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I want to make amazing video games, write stories and poems that provoke thoughts, learn to play new instruments, travel the world, but most importantly stay creative and happy, and provide the same for my family as well.