So has anyone on HMF played Lightmatter ( From the looks of things it’s a Portal-like first person puzzler [instead of portal-based puzzles, here shadows kill you so the puzzles revolve around staying in the light], with our very own David Bateson providing his voice to the character of the chief of the facility that you are trying to move through. I haven’t yet played it, but a Portal-like game with David Bateson as sorta-GLaDOS? Count me in!

Haven’t yet downloaded it myself as my PC is out at the shop getting an upgrade, but I’ve already bought the full game version of this on Steam and I’m looking forward to getting started with it once I have a machine to play on again.


I have tried it for awhile. It looks fun, but I haven’t returned to it. I was surprised to discover that David Bateson os now a male version of GlaDOS.

I only played on the free the difficulty level goes up gradually. the free part is innovative I validate 100%, too bad I can’t afford it.

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It’s nice to see Mr. Bateson isn’t tethered or typecasted into Agent 47. I’m interested to see him voice act what seems to be a misguided scientist trying to help the world :slight_smile:

Bateson was never typecasted to 47. By far his “largest role” for any V.O was with LEGO literally doing voice overs promoting products up until 2013 if I recall. So

I think you misread my post, I said it’s nice to see he isn’t typecasted :slight_smile:

I know I’m just saying he has had plenty of roles.

He has done other things too, but these are funny since for Star Wars he sounds “deeper and worn” compared to LEGO City.

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That’s pretty cool, he’s the like the voice of a Danish icon! :smile: I’d like to say he’s a Danish icon himself, but I don’t know many people who know him outside of Denmark :confused:
The LEGO Star Wars ads are staged to look so exciting with the background sets and the sound effects :smile: Though if I had a spaceship, it would be the Sith Interceptor that Darth Maul had, it looks so cool! :smiley:

EDIT: I love that he voices the “Hey!” in the LEGO City commercials XD

During the Harbor commercial the hey is so quiet.

If I’ve learned one thing today it’s to never move to LEGO City. Everywhere you look there’s old warehouses on fire, traffic pile-ups caused by roads blocked by building debris, and people falling in rivers and then requiring the whole city to halt and commission an entirely new and specialized vehicle with which to save them :smile: