Like/link button alignment



*confused screaming*

Personally, I much preferred/was accustomed to the old layout. I’m just wondering why the change?


I have the same old placement so far.
Though I use PC browser, don’t know what’s there on mobile gadgets.

For me “old” is that you captioned as “new” :slight_smile:

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I believe the PC version has always been right aligned (like the “new” version)

But mobile was always left aligned

As for my personal taste, I prefer the compact group of buttons than that huge gap as like on your first image.
Looks not so aesthetic :slight_smile:

Just noticed this on mobile. Thought my phone was wacky.

I suppose everyone has their taste. Personally I find the old version more aesthetically pleasing. The new version has too much empty space on one side and feels unbalanced to me. Plus like 3 years of muscle memory from pressing the like button :joy:

I’m more just curious why the change. As a predominantly mobile user it certainly feels like a big UI change


Never for me. Like button has Always been right aligned.


This is weird because I feel like I remember the old forum (on desktop) having the likes on the other side at one point. On mobile it’s always been to the right for me. It’s like the Mandela effect


If it wasn’t for the screenshots I’d think I was going mad :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: don’t know what to believe at this point tho


My guess it’s a matter of browser.
I can assume that your browser have been updated and aligned the buttons as they should be.
Because when I visited this forum from mobile those buttons always were like “new” for me.
But only wincenworks can say how that buttons should look like

lol dont worry, it has always been on the left side on mobile. i think it swapped over to the right side to match with the desktop version + most people are right-handed, so i suppose it makes sense especially for the mobile version


As a member of the left handed Hitman Forum Community I feel left handed alignment should be a option.


How about a center aligned compromise?


Something weirder, the like button is on the right but if you click on the number, list of users will still show on left. buggy bug.

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Probably meant to be that way, as more people like a post, that list stretches from left to right.

Also this really through me off more than I would have thought, like if someone moved all my furniture 2 inches to the right

I noticed that this morning. It’s a small thing, but I really enjoy the change on mobile, since there are often times where I click on the number to see who liked certain comments, but every now and then my fat thumb accidentally removes my own like in the process.


Must have been a tweak that they added to the defaults with the latest patch update.

Why? I dunno, maybe the owner of the software accidentally hit reply when trying to access the admin features and decided it was annoying…