Liking and unliking posts

Apologies if this is too frivolous of a question to warrant a topic but… I’ve noticed something and it made me wonder.

Lets say I click ‘Like’ on a post. Later, I change my mind about the post, or I clicked the wrong post to like, or I realized it was a sarcastic post, etc. etc. and I want to undo the ‘Like’. It seems that some posts I can’t unlike (it shows a :no_entry_sign: icon when I hover over it with my mouse cursor), and other times I can unlike a post.

So why is this, or why does it happen?


It seems to me that we can only unlike posts that we’ve “recently” liked. Now, I have no idea when the timeframe of “able to unlike” and “not anymore” comes into play


it’s a… unique feature.

I can’t think of a reason for it to exist, i’ve never cared for it honestly.

I feel like it might be a day but don’t take that as fact.

I kept it on this page over 10 minutes. I apparently had the option to unlike Sean’s post. But I went to the main index, then came back. Then I had the :no_entry_sign: symbol on my ‘Like’ for his post.

I did think that maybe it’s like making polls. You won’t be allowed to edit it after 5 minutes.

So maybe it can be unliked as long as you stay on the page, but can’t if you leave. But I’m still wondering if there’s a time limit.

Seems like you cant unlike when couple more posts have been made on a thread or it’s been 30min. I’m positive that it’s on or the other.

This is why I’m so stingy with dishing out likes :innocent:

You have around 10 minutes to unlike a post before it becomes permanent.

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I’m thinking you’re right.

Looking at some other posts I’ve liked from a few days ago -moving my mouse over them just to see- and the :no_entry_sign: symbol is there.

I guess that answers my question. :slightly_smiling_face: