Linking serveral accounts to one IOI account

At some point I had downloaded the free Hawkes Bay mission on my PC. I usually play on Xbox and I have all of the missions (H1+2) on there.
Being on level one with not much stuff seems a bit dull. Is it possible for me to get the IOI account suits by connecting my steam profile to my IOI account, with my Xbox account also being linked?

I have read that I can’t get the legacy missions back, which is ok. I also don’t really mind if this isn’t possible, for it was just a thought.

If you ever created an IOI account whether on PC or on Xbox, have you tried to opt-in with this corresponding e-mail on other platform?
If you have IOI account on Xbox with your e-mail, have you tried to enter this e-mail in PC game?
Maybe it will work.

But for real, I don’t see the exact useful sense of IOI account


Thank you! I will try that.

Neither do I, was just guessing.
Does give me 3 suits though!

Update: Got the 3 Suits


sorry to hijack the thread but I was trying to figure out something for a while now but couldn’t find an answer. Sorry if it’s actually obvious and was answered dozens of times.
The thing is I usually play Hitman on my wife’s PC. She always had a much better PC since she works with 3D and such, so we use it for games a lot. We pre-ordered both recent Hitman games and it’s one of the most played games on her Steam account (400h+ in H16 and a bit less in H2), even though I was playing it 95% of the time. Recently I started playing with a thought of upgrading my own rig and buying full versions of both Hitman games for my own Steam Account because recently she plays other games quiet a lot herself and I don’t get to play Hitman as much as I would like to.
The question is - would I be able to somehow synchronize and keep my progress?
Is there any way to do that?
I though about linking both accounts with the same IOI account, but I guess it wouldn’t achieve what I wish it would, that being keeping the completed challenges that I got over the course of last 4 years, especially the never-coming-back ETs that I am kind of proud of having managed to SA without help or guidance.
I haven’t tried to opt-in with the same IOI account yet because I haven’t bought the games for my account yet. It’s just it would be such a pity if I buy the games for a second time, and get kind of a clean wipe of anything I managed to achieve in the game.

  • Alex

New account - clean sheet.
You only be able to save any progress on your wife’s account.
If you link/buy HITMAN for any other account, you’ll start from the very scratch with no options to transfer another’s progress


That’s sad, but more or less what I thought. Just glad to actually read it from someone who knows for sure. Thank you for that!

Sometimes it’s even good.
Personally I find it fascinating to complete all challenges and gain all unlocks over again.
Only issue here is Elusive Target progress. But if one doesn’t care, that’s the way to invest some more time in a great game

I think you phrased my point a lot better, so I would not call it hijacking


Only issue here is Elusive Target progress. But if one doesn’t care, that’s the way to invest some more time in a great game

You’re right that it’s not such a bad thing to do everything all over again, but unfortunately I do care a lot, especially about the ETs since I managed to SA 25 of 26 original season 1 ETs and it would be such a pity to lose the progress. The only one I didn’t get SA for was the Bad Boy that I exited too early, before I got ‘Unnoticed Poison Kill’, but well.
The fact that all content of season 1 was added to season 2 and you had to redo it all to get the unlocks doesn’t really make it better as well.