Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Happy holidays, HMF! :snowman_with_snow:

I mean, it’s not quite December yet, nor is November’s roadmap even out yet :shushing_face: … but there’s a deadline I need to meet!! That’s why I’m overjoyed to announce I’ll be the curator of December’s contract batch, Linux’s Merry Mysteries!
You’re welcome to go wherever your heart takes you when interpreting this theme. Of course a puzzle contract can be quite a mystery (though the puzzle box FCs weren’t that long ago) but perhaps you’d prefer a more festive story instead? After all, these are merry!
I have the game on Xbox and Steam. Therefore, those submitting from other platforms should ideally include either a map or a written description of the target’s locations, just in case the names aren’t familiar to me. If someone forgets this, I’d be very grateful for anyone who does it for them. After all, that’s the spirit of Christmas!! As I’m on Steam, I also have access to the Ansel freecam. If you’re looking for an image suggestion that can’t be achieved through a screenshot or 47’s camera, I’d be very happy to create an image for you if you give a description or rough screenshots of your idea :smiley:
Also, pretty please no instant fails. Additionally, if you include the Required Exit complication, please make it either suggested or explicitly stated in your briefing - this makes it a lot nicer for the player, as well as me.

When submitting, please include these details:
Contract ID:
Contract Title:
Submitter name:
Brief Description:
Suggested image to be shown in game, or a description/prototype of one:

Players not on Xbox or Steam should also have a description or map of the targets.

The deadline for submissions is November 30, at 11:59pm GMT.
All that leaves me to say is…
Merry Hunting! :gun: :santa:t3:



Epic Games44x44     Steam44x44

Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Night Before Christmas Druid Forest 1-20-9131711-96  Epic Games
2. Breaking Knox’s 7th Melusca 1-28-4813078-63  Steam
3. Crushed bumblebee Fenixsandr 1-30-2338638-29  Epic Games
4. Neighbours Mk II Kevin_Rudd 1-10-1488972-04  Epic Games
5. The Firearm Elusivity Level 2 Kevin_Rudd 1-07-9239706-04  Epic Games
6. Weapon Hunt: Chongqing Kevin_Rudd 1-30-5604843-04  Epic Games
7. The Art Lovers Kevin_Rudd 1-99-5704778-04  Epic Games
8. Phone a friend Fenixsandr 1-30-8267316-29  Epic Games
9. Castling Fenixsandr 1-06-4842926-29  Epic Games
10. Mauersturm Urben 1-29-1182083-28  Epic Games
2-29-5257759-00  PlayStation
11. The Mafia Hypothesis Urben 1-34-3042831-28  Epic Games
2-34-0921138-48  PlayStation
12. Chestnuts Roasting ChannelJoined 1-34-9010346-51  Epic Games
13. Santa’s at work Mruzakan 1-15-4127597-93  Steam
14. Santa’s Shutter Shutdown Casetros 1-02-6000235-82  Steam
1-36-7381820-82  Steam
15. Revenge of the Jolly Chimps Casetros 1-29-6230152-82  Steam
16. 15:40 From Paddington Druid Forest 1-13-4906874-96  Epic Games
17. Enjoy your bath! Fenixsandr 1-10-8455220-29  Epic Games
18. Imposter Elves Casetros 1-37-1553791-82  Steam
19. The Adventure of the Iceberg Brothers Druid Forest 1-37-3025850-96  Epic Games
20. You better watch out… Jervindr 1-36-9552922-93  Steam



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Death of Halloween Psycho_weed_man 2-15-9972683-98
2. I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM natnag 2-31-4844996-00
3. The Bullet Paradox GlogolZ 2-29-7707228-54
4. The Vanishing Diiver Steynkie69 2-26-4063508-09
5. Dance Electric Steynkie69 2-26-9768590-09
6. Boom Box Mystery Steynkie69 2-26-6525643-09
7. Strange Objectives Zubin47 2-28-0195244-31
8. The Shooting Star Zubin47 2-21-3025631-31
9. STARRY NIGHT SANTA KLAUS natnag 2-36-8718324-00
10. neewollaH fO htaeD ehT Psycho_weed_man 2-36-9492020-98
11. Silent But Deadly Night mjbsr2008 2-22-4385996-05



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Picking Up The Mantle Pieces Wigglyweevil211 3-04-5170980-17
2. Santa takes care of business OZZYGRL 3-31-1190531-69
3. Slay Ride Supreme Commander Ike 3-10-3301170-07
4. Santa For Tuna OZZYGRL 3-12-4566542-69
5. 47’s “Real” Santa OZZYGRL 3-15-0204315-69
6. Santa buddy OZZYGRL 3-22-8210931-69
7. Elves Strike Back! Skelly 3-29-2178854-61
8. Cosmic Christmas Calamity Wigglyweevil211 3-24-5462253-17
9. Boom and Boom In Our Wonderland Wigglyweevil211 3-10-2395783-17
10. The Last Gift Under The Tree Wigglyweevil211 3-36-2332234-17
11. Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal! Canucklehead 3-36-4820523-69
12. Hokkaido Schmokkaido Fe2O3 T 3-37-0036308-09
13. Santa Miss Fortuna Fe2O3 T 3-12-8379278-09

-----The Night Before Christmas-----

CID: 1-20-9131711-96
Platform: Epic Store
Submiter Name: Druid Forest
Location: Hawke’s Bay



Brief Description:
Three targets, three Christmas stars shurikens.






At least submissions are live before they activate contracts mode for Holiday Hoarders so there won’t be an onslaught of “kill Santa” submissions. :joy:


Yeah, don’t mention it when Cat’s Claws are available.


:heart_eyes: :heart: :heart_eyes:
I love playing and making Puzzles and started to work on it. Congrats @linux_penguin :penguin: and best wishes.


I am going to make something relatively painful and make sure it makes sense on top of that;

Fuck you Santa! You fat motherfucker!
How’d you get so big? You been drinking butter?

(I’d like to quote one of the longest-running internet bands :sob:)


Contract ID: 1-28-4813078-63
Contract Title: Breaking Knox’s 7th
Platform: PC (Steam)
Submitter name: Melusca


It’s pretty common in murder mysteries to have the detective actually being the assassin.

But how about the detective being both the assassin and the victim?

Brief Description:

Kill the detective as the detective with a falling object, no KOs, no disguise change (this one is mostly for keeping to the theme, it could have been a SONKO). Easier than it looks, please don’t use the gun lure glitch :confused:

The title is a reference to “Knox’s 10 commandments”, a set of rules that were commonly used in detective fiction during the early 20th century. The 7th one is “the detective should not be the culprit”.

Image suggestion:

(Something like this, I’m not very good at taking shots from nice angles).


Recreation Details


Contract Title: Picking Up The Mantle Pieces

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: Wigglyweevil211

Briefing: “Can you believe it?” “Huh?” “That stupid, know it all, lawyer has just burned another case” “Y-yeah” “What do you mean yeah? Anyway, anyway, I was down there earlier and I overheard Silvia talking with the local potery maker, Bobby her name is.” “What about her?” “She’s joined the case burnings! With that stupid bodyguard of Silvia’s too.” Hmm it seems Christmas is about to be ruined, 47. You know what to do.

Brief Description: This is a simple yet fun suit only fiber wire contract! The cruel Christmas case burners are ruining the festivities by destroying all of Santa’s mail, this is horrible and they must be stopped. Enjoy and happy holidays!

Suggested Image:

Target Locations:


Contract ID: 1-30-2338638-29
Contract Title: Crushed bumblebee
Platform: Epic
Submitter name: Fenixsandr
Без имени

Brief Description:


I’m just gonna throw some stuff out there and see if any of it tickles your fancy :woman_shrugging:
Feels like this game will probably stop receiving attention next year so this might be one of the last times to get one of my interesting/good contracts featured :thinking:

Submission 1

Contract ID: 1-10-1488972-04
Contract Title: Neighbours Mk II
Platform: Epic

Brief Description: Takes place on The Dexter Discordance: NPCs have been moved to patient suites area, mandatory Bar start, cannot bring briefcase. Therefore one of the kills must be with an unsilenced weapon you find on the map!

Submission 2

Contract ID: 1-07-9239706-04
Contract Title: The Firearm Elusivity Level 2
Platform: Epic

Brief Description: Takes place on Cheveyo Calibration (Mandatory Well start, no briefcase, no agency pickups). This means you’ll have to scour the map to find the one assault rifle. You then have to kill Clemens with it in your suit, but there are at least two different tactics to do this (and still get SA)

There is a Level 1 (1-07-2213297-04) which doesn’t have the suit condition so is just about finding the gun (and the briefing makes more sense), but that’s a bit easy especially since the screenshot is a giant clue

Submission 3

Contract ID: 1-30-5604843-04
Contract Title: Weapon Hunt: Chongqing
Platform: Epic

Brief Description: Mandatory Homeless start, no briefcase allowed. Go high to get the stethoscope and low to the facility to retrieve the weapons, without KOing anyone. The actual targets are fairly easy to kill once you have them. I made it a while ago but pretty sure I made it no KOs rather than no disguise changes, because you can still find outfits lying around to pick up

Submission 4

Contract ID: 1-99-5704778-04
Contract Title: The Art Lovers
Platform: Epic

Brief Description: Takes place on The Twin, the extra targets are NPCs that have been put in the usually empty stores


Contract ID: 1-30-8267316-29
Contract Title: Phone a friend
Platform: Epic
Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Brief Description:


Contract ID:1-06-4842926-29
Contract Title: Castling
Platform: Epic
Submitter name: Fenixsandr
Brief Description:




Contract ID: 3-31-1190531-69
Contract title: Santa takes care of business.
Platform: XBOX X
Submitter name: OZZYGRL

All the targets are serving wine or on their phones makeing their own wine deals. I made it suit only to keep the Santa on a rampage look going. I like making the kill method anyway so players can come up with their own style of killing and still get SASO.
Here are a couple title art suggestions. But of course its up to the curator on what they would like to use.


I had no ideas in the recent past for contracts, but two (explosive themed) puzzle contract submissions in the past did not make it into the batches, so I guess I post them here for a last shot for them to be featured. :slight_smile:



I’d need a target list/description on Mauersturm :slightly_smiling_face:
Also @Fenixsandr “Crushed Bumblebee” didn’t have a briefing posted with it, think you might have missed it


Added to the post, sorry for the low effort of screenshotting it from some YT video. :sweat_smile:


Contract ID: 3-10-3301170-07

Contract Title: Slay Ride

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: Supreme Commander Ike

Briefing: Just hear those screams a jingling ring ting tingling too. Come on it’s lovely weather for a Slay Ride together with you. Outside Christmas Gifts are exploding and friends are crying boo hoo. Come on it’s lovely weather for a Slay Ride together with you. Giddy Yap Giddy Yap it’s grand with an axe to the head. We’re gliding along with a piton song in a wintry wonderland. The bodies are piling and we are smiling as we go on a Slay Ride happy as we can be.

Brief Description: A fun contract that is a parody of the festive Christmas Classic Sleigh Ride. Each of the kill conditions are referenced in the briefing also have a winter/Christmas vibe to them. Also an optional No disguise Change complication to spice things up.

Suggested image to be shown in game, or a description/prototype of one: Santa 47 offering the Christmas Gift to someone.


Fixed the flaws. Tell me, is there any point in sending videos of contract performance?