Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

I’m just gonna throw some stuff out there and see if any of it tickles your fancy :woman_shrugging:
Feels like this game will probably stop receiving attention next year so this might be one of the last times to get one of my interesting/good contracts featured :thinking:

Submission 1

Contract ID: 1-10-1488972-04
Contract Title: Neighbours Mk II
Platform: Epic

Brief Description: Takes place on The Dexter Discordance: NPCs have been moved to patient suites area, mandatory Bar start, cannot bring briefcase. Therefore one of the kills must be with an unsilenced weapon you find on the map!

Submission 2

Contract ID: 1-07-9239706-04
Contract Title: The Firearm Elusivity Level 2
Platform: Epic

Brief Description: Takes place on Cheveyo Calibration (Mandatory Well start, no briefcase, no agency pickups). This means you’ll have to scour the map to find the one assault rifle. You then have to kill Clemens with it in your suit, but there are at least two different tactics to do this (and still get SA)

There is a Level 1 (1-07-2213297-04) which doesn’t have the suit condition so is just about finding the gun (and the briefing makes more sense), but that’s a bit easy especially since the screenshot is a giant clue

Submission 3

Contract ID: 1-30-5604843-04
Contract Title: Weapon Hunt: Chongqing
Platform: Epic

Brief Description: Mandatory Homeless start, no briefcase allowed. Go high to get the stethoscope and low to the facility to retrieve the weapons, without KOing anyone. The actual targets are fairly easy to kill once you have them. I made it a while ago but pretty sure I made it no KOs rather than no disguise changes, because you can still find outfits lying around to pick up

Submission 4

Contract ID: 1-99-5704778-04
Contract Title: The Art Lovers
Platform: Epic

Brief Description: Takes place on The Twin, the extra targets are NPCs that have been put in the usually empty stores