Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract ID: 2-26-4063508-09
Title: The Vanishing Diver
Platform: PS4
Location: Haven Island
Submitter: Steynkie69


  1. BBQ guy
  2. Woman in pool
  3. Diver
    (Villa area)

His wife told him NOT to do it. That diving spot was cursed. But when she left to powder her nose, the merry diver took the plunge…never to surface again! His body was never found, and to top it all, his wife ALSO vanished…along with the BBQ guy, who dared him to do it.
Can you solve the mystery, 47?

3 explosive device kills, no pacification, and all bodies must be hidden. Any disguise.
This is a cool mystery contract, and very easy once you figured it out. I took advantage of a hidden trigger in the game, that not many players know about. The briefing basically gives it away, and its quite satisfying when you pull it off! Tested it several times, and I got SA in 2 mins.

Proposed screenshots: