Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract ID: 3-12-4566542-69
Title: Santa For Tuna
Platform: XBOX X
Submitter name: OZZYGRL

I have made this contract so even new players can achieve a SASO rating. The puzzle is trying to figure out how to kill the soldiers in the middle of the village without being spotted. All the tools you will need are on the map.

A possible pic for cover art.

I noticed I missed an N in the brief so I will write it out for a copy and paste.
Santa wants some high grade tuna for his annual sushi staff party. Ironically he is told the best tuna comes from Santa Fortuna Colombia. When he arrives he noticed a few of the soldiers there are on his naughty list. He decides their Christmas is going to coming early.