Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract ID: 1-34-9010346-51

Contract Title: Chestnuts Roasting

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: ChannelJoined


Yes I decided to be funny with the briefing but I had no other briefing ideas

Brief Description: Decided to make a half puzzle fire contract and name it after that one Christmas Song everyone knows with the whole “Chestnuts Roasting on an open Fire” thing

Suggested image to be shown in game, or a description/prototype of one:Probably something along the lines of one of these

Amar Chanda: This Green Shirt Guy playing chess up by Central Social Hub Start

Mortie O’Regan: One of Noel’s personal guard. (The one on the left in this pic)

And lastly
Sri Narasimhan: Everyone’s favorite oversleeping Chef