Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract ID: 3-15-0204315-69
Contract title: 47’s “Real” Santa
Platform: XBOX
Submitter name: OZZYGRL
Christamas list 2022
Dear Santa. For Christmas this year I would like a new baller.
I want it to be made of ice.
I would use it to make your naughty list smaller.
Now wouldn’t that be nice.
A few homemade snowballs would help me knock-out the competition.
And a ripe banana to keep up my nutrition.
I have been an extra good assassin this year.
My track record shows that pretty clear.
I have left you out a muffin.
So enjoy it on your long journey.
I know hauling that bag gets you puffin.
I dont want you ending your night on a gourney.

Scene: Diana sitting enjoying a muffin, smile on her face. Letter on the table. Thinking…Like all of us, 47 still has a little child in him when it comes to Christmas.

Brief description:
I made this contract to be a retrospect of a few things 47 recieved in 2022 to use in 2023.
The targets are spread out around the map because I want the players to view Sapi at night. All kill methods can be found on the map so even new players can accomplish this with a SASO score.

A few ideaa for cover art.