Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Recreation Details

ID: 3-36-2332234-17

Contract Title: The Last Gift Under The Tree

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: Wigglyweevil211

Briefing: “Those security guards.” “Huh?” “They’re so dreamy.” “I-I don’t think they’re right for you Océane.” “Why? They’re so strong, nothing could stop them. Erm, and anyway I can like who I like Tobias.” “Y-yeah, don’t worry about the thing in your apartment, it’ll be gone b-before you get home.” “What? Anyway, night Tobias. Look, enjoy yourself, you never know, you might find your special someone tonight.” “Yeah. N-night Océane.”

Brief Description: Being as anti social and frightening as we come, Tobias Reiper naturally has a tough time trying to find that special someone to share love across the holidays. His best friend and long time crush was talking to Tobias about how handsome the guards are, confirming his melancholic theories.
Alone and distressed, 47 attends the Sanguine Christmas Collection event of the year to try and lift his spirits, envy gets the best of the worst as it goes and unfortunately 47 is forced against his love to eliminate the competition, out of spite, Océane won’t fall for him either way.
Anyway, enough sad stuff, I hope you have fun on this route heavy contract that’s basic but great to play and try to get a better time on! Enjoy.

Suggested Image:

I would like this one to be the image, however I have left all of them below to pick from, any is fine :purple_heart: