Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Name of Contract: Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal!

Contract ID: 3-36-4820523-69

Platform: Xbox

Location: Paris

Perform a personal favour for leader of the Angels with Filthy Souls, Kevin McAllister, and eliminate Harry and Marv before they finish robbing the Palais de Walewska in Paris on Christmas Eve. Santa will provide the disguise, weapon, and exit.

Why it should be featured:
Purely a self-indulgent contract, as I made it with my 9 year old son who loves Home Alone, with title and briefing referencing the fake movie in the movie (though more of homage than fake).

I made two versions, one where you use the Holiday Axe Santa will drop when knocked unconscious and you will need to use the fireplace, as hinted in the briefing. The other takes the contract title literally, where you will need to use the throw glitch. The second is for enjoyment only.

Coin Throw Kill: 3-36-7329395-69

I’ll provide an image shortly, working through a couple of ideas.

Edit: Image Suggestion

Referencing the popular scene of Kevin attacking the Wet Bandits with paint cans on the stairs (propane flasks in place of the cans, and coins for the Micro Machines).

Here’s a couple of alternative images, using the coins.