Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract ID: 1-28-4813078-63
Contract Title: Breaking Knox’s 7th
Platform: PC (Steam)
Submitter name: Melusca


It’s pretty common in murder mysteries to have the detective actually being the assassin.

But how about the detective being both the assassin and the victim?

Brief Description:

Kill the detective as the detective with a falling object, no KOs, no disguise change (this one is mostly for keeping to the theme, it could have been a SONKO). Easier than it looks, please don’t use the gun lure glitch :confused:

The title is a reference to “Knox’s 10 commandments”, a set of rules that were commonly used in detective fiction during the early 20th century. The 7th one is “the detective should not be the culprit”.

Image suggestion:

(Something like this, I’m not very good at taking shots from nice angles).