Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract ID: 2-22-4385996-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Silent But Deadly Night

Briefing: After his psychotic break at the Christmas store he has decided in Whittleton Creek to hunt down those who are naughty. They will all feel the wrath of a Santa with a traumatic childhood brought out into the world through his mental snap.

Location: Whittleton Creek

Brief Description: a contract in reference to the Christmas horror movie series “Silent night Deadly Night”.



kind of a repost from last year. hopefully it’ll pass this year. not my best but couldn’t think of anything for this year and have been distracted with other games.


Contract ID: 3-37-0036308-09

Contract Title: Hokkaido Schmokkaido

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: Fe2O3 T

Briefing: Run 47, run

Brief Description: Basic idea is to spread targets all over the map, and kill them.

Suggested image to be shown in game, or a description/prototype of one: I’m not great with images


Contract ID: 3-12-8379278-09

Contract Title: Santa Miss Fortuna

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: Fe2O3 T

Briefing: Good day 47.Our client wants her former lovers dispatched post haste. Make her happy. Mary’s ex-mass.

Brief Description: 5 targets… generally in the town square, but no pacification should provide a little challenge for an SA rating.

Suggested image to be shown in game, or a description/prototype of one:


I’ve got my shortlist, I’m checking it twice :santa:t3:
If you’ve got a submission currently unposted or yet to be made, I encourage you get it in within the next 24 hours!!!


Out of curiosity do you now know when they will be added or is it still a mystery


Funny you should mention that, I’ve been thankfully informed that I haven’t been forgotten about earlier today so I’ve kinda been getting to work on making that shortlist and then making the shortlist shorter this evening


Good to hear still kind of surprised it wasn’t in the winter roadmap can’t wait to see what’s on your list ( also amazed at the lack of ice puns in these submissions )


I inadvertently put an immediate fail… should have just be a no pacification… i can remake it if you want

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Contract ID: 1-36-9552922-93
Contract Title: You better watch out…
Platform: Steam
Submitter name: Jervindr
Briefing: Happy holidays, 47.
Our client, the owner of a company which organizes events in Paris and nearby big cities.
He received information that two attackers wanted to ruin the holiday season by carrying out a terrorist attack in the Walewska Palace, which belongs to one of the guest’s important clients, Baroness Simona Larina.
The customer also provided a list of… special conditions for eliminating each target, however, it is in his interests that none of the guests are harmed. good luck, 47.

A remake of my old contract, referring in appearance and name to the legendary and favorite Hitman BM mission.
Features an element of puzzle and challenge, without forgetting the festive spirit.


Where was I supposed to e-transfer the money to again?:laughing:


Aren’t there 3 targets in “You Better Watch Out…”?


Yes, but the girl does not feel that she is an obligated goal for theYes, but the girl does not feel that she is an obligated target for elimination.
+On a subconscious level, it seems to me that it would spoil the external history of the contract.

P.s - I’m using a translator, I hope it tolerates what I’m writing well.


That’s that! I’m extremely grateful to all those who have submitted contracts throughout last month, it’s really an honour to be in this position. If a year 4 isn’t happening, then I hope this lets curated contracts go out with a bang.
Unless we do get a year 4 :crossed_fingers: then I hope this will be generally a pretty fun batch instead


@Urben This is still sticked on the main index.

Edit: Since this thought won’t stop bugging me until I put it out there… Perhaps there should be a “rule” (on the honor system) that any contracts picked for FC must actually have been played and completed.

Then again, how could one account for bugs? But also, an ET in a FC isn’t normal. So testing/verifying should have been done by anybody.

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