List of Hitman 2016&2018 Kills


I have been working on a list with every single kill method, that is either A: An actual challenge ingame, B: Not a challenge, but a clear designed method Eg: The Kills from The Undying, Crushing Andrea with the flower pot or making Jorge commit suicide, or C: Probably not even a designed method, but i still want to include it.
Oh, and i did not include stuff like “Sniped, Garroted, Shot with Pistol, Neck Snap”, to everyone because those are universal, and i only included them in some special cases, such as how in the Miami briefing, Diana tells 47 that he can snipe Mark Fabs from the stands.
The Full List is not in a release condition yet, it is missing some categories to sort by that i want to include, some targets, some methods and so on, so instead here is an Excel list with the methods for only the Season 1 and 2 main mission and bonus mission targets… And Mark Faba. Im planning on adding all the elusive targets, patient zero targets, training targets, sarajevo six, both christmas missions, sniper assassin and whatever other targets there may be or become. Anyways, you can filter it and sort stuff from A-Z, there is only one category besides the target name and method right now to sort by, Eg: Poison, Firearm, Drowning, Falling, Crushed etc. Oh, and make sure you sort them correct, you dont want the name Viktor Novikov to be paired with the method “Crushed by Coconuts” and the category “Poison”.
Anyways, here is the list: