List of instances where target deaths are mentioned in other levels

I know that in certain levels there are conversations where npcs mention the way that targets died in previous missions but I’m just wondering is there any record of all/most/any of these anywhere that anyone has made?

For example I know that it is mentioned that Claus Strandberg did actually do the interview during Gilded Cage which suggests that dropping the moose on him as the cameraman seems ‘canon’. I can’t remember off the top of my head when that is mentioned because I haven’t played in a while but was curious about other examples.

I know some people don’t like this but it is just something I am interested in.

I know that on New Zealand, one of the guards was also in Colorado, and is spooked that all 4 targets were killed without a trace.

On the TV in Colombia, there’s a news report about the deaths of Robert and Sierra Knox, mentioning that they died “within moments of each other”

Someone on the Isle of Sgàil also mentions about what happened after the fall of the Delgado cartel


In Three-Headed Serpent someone says Don Fernando died in an accident.


Well in Colorado guards at the front of the barn talk about Jordan Cross funerals and of course the death of Thomas Cross during that moment


In Bangkok two men at the bar outside are discussing about strandberg and Reza. And possibly either and Paris as well.


In Miami, Heidi Santoro says Abel DaSilva killed it during his audition but can’t remember it at all so 47 canonically threw Jordan Cross off the atrium


Ooh where’s this?


I think it’s around one of the staircases near the museum area, next time Im nearby I’ll know for sure