List of simple QoL improvements and feedback for season 1 & 2


I’ve played Hitman S1 only recently for ~120 hours on ps4, and I liked it a lot rating it a 9+/10. but personally I feel the game could use a few simple QoL changes to improve dramatically. I’ll try to avoid suggesting new mechanics like add human-shield, briefcase, bloodstains…etc and focus on the current game criticism and how I think it could be improved.

1- Loading between menus /add reload last save option:

This is my main criticism of the game, for a game that rely a lot on testing strategies, loading times were pretty high even after the initial load on ps4. now this is fine and understandable but what’s really frustrating is that when you wanna reload, it takes a couple of seconds to open the load menu, and another few secs before the loading screen starts. now that wouldn’t be a big problem if we had a quick reload last save option on top of the menu, currently we have replay on top, which restarts the full level and isn’t much used.

2- Unneeded Things that can make the game feel cheesy (Subjective):

  • I feel running and crouching should be more differentiated, each with it’s own use and not just for height visibility. I suggest you make running slightly faster but noisy when npcs are on searching/hunting mode, and sneaking brings slightly more attention to yourself, making npcs eye you after few secs with a warning, and after a few more secs it will make all nearby npcs eye you, yes just a harmless eye you like when you bump them.

  • Remove the location guiding system for opportunities, and keep the steps text infos, and maybe add a few hints on where to find the needed objects/disguises. I like the opportunity system but I feel seeing through the whole level to find the location of the targets burns most of the fun and exploring.

  • Seeing your targets in red through instinct is a bit of a stretch IMO, keep the instinct distance for all objects the same. but keep the targets icon in the map as it’s logically from a satellite and not super magical powers.

3- Challenges (improved sorting/filters/trackers):
I think challenges are fun to complete and let you see the full levels, but they aren’t filtered properly, first the way they are sorted is a bit random, for example it’s better to sort assassinations by characters, so you can keep track of your options next to each other, same for start and escape challenges and maybe leave the secret ones last. Secondly I feel many of the feats category have no reason not to be in the discovery category. better leave feats for special target kills and not mix things up.
Lastly and importantly how about trackers for number track-able challenges like 3/5 targets electrocuted, and a new FAILED/MISSED notifiers for all failed challenges like silent assassin or assassinations that cant be done now that the target is dead etc. these can be filtered along with the show completed challenges button.

4- Contracts mode progression system

Contracts mode is a plus to the game that feel worthless in terms of progression and many just skip it, but I feel it has the potential to actually be the second part of the game, by adding a new contracts mastery level system, that is based on points given by how well you do the contracts, harder complicated contracts give you much more than simple ones, every time you gain a level you get some sort of reward for contracts mode, it could be new custom weapon parts system, alternate disguises and cosmetics, or simply a mastery level that other players can see and compete upon, maybe in seasonal terms.

5- Miscellaneous

  • Add voice accent appropriate for each location with more local words
  • Save last mission plan option (this also helps if you misclicked back button)
  • Updated more mechanics help in the tutorial
  • More better music, at least two on loop for menus
  • Better mastery progression rewards, and a level counter above level 20
  • Add time spent for each level in the stats, and the total maybe on savefiles (PS4 doesn’t record time spent)
  • Maybe add audio transcript that records all conversations you hear with names portraits and a number tracker. (details in post below)
  • allow normal close combat from behind against NPCs on stairs

What do you think of these additions for season 2? and possibly for season 1 if they can be easily implemented. I’m sure some will find some ideas subjective, like the visibility help icon, but let me know what you dont like and what more to add, maybe I’ll edit and add more things I feel are simple and needed.

EDIT+: added voice accents/transcript and “time spent”+


I think that’s only in regard to hardware. I remember POSTAL Redux having a similar issue, where it would take 7+ minutes to load any level, and it was only found on lower-end systems. (Still HAS that issue…)

Then again…


I agree loading times are a bit tedious. The part that bugs me is you have a 15 second wait just to boot up the saved games before you even load the game - would be nice if loading was one clean motoin

We’ve all had that annoying moment where we’ve blown our cover but the game honestly holds our hand enough and with instinct vision as good as it is i think this would make the game simply too easy.
You need to be accountable for some awareness as the payer.

The challenges work well enough - this is more cosmetic imho.
The guided opportunities are great and simply save you spending your first time playing the level just testing and running around looking for things.
this is the FIRST hitman game where I’ve played through my first time with the intention of getting silent assassin rather than just running around in a guard uniform learning the level.
This makes for a much more organic experience - there’s still plenty of costumes and items to discover yourself - plus, I love seeing the opportunities fold out rather than spending time hunting.
If you don’t like the opportunity markers then don’t use them. Simple.

My wishlist

  • Fibre wire as standard gear.
  • Option for dual pistols (option to draw just one)
  • Sniper Case as equipment option.
  • A 4th equipment slot
  • Equipment slots to do be a selectable option in contracts as a new element of difficulty


I think the core issue with loading times, is that it connects to the online server every time to check on the files before you can load them, the same thing with most of the main menus outside the game. maybe it’s not only my ps4 hardware but simply my wifi connection?
Either way I’m not sure if these extra security steps are required or if they can be simplified further, but my proposed idea of “Retry from last save” will cut loading times by like half and will give you ease of mind to experiment more, right now I find myself stuck looking at my phones every few extra secs between each loading menu… wasting more time.

I don’t think danger alerts would make the game simply easier, it just highlights the mechanics further because sometimes its not clear weather an NPC is looking at you or on the ground or if the sound is close enough to alert others, “silent kill” is just inappropriate text without a simple warning.
Another not always clear mechanic of the game is what areas are considered trespassing, it can be awkward sometimes to try and enter an area just to test it, idk maybe it’s better to have alert notifiers on these areas as well. remember it can all be turned off in options, and its not there on hard.

Challenges are fun to do but a chore to browse, they could be listed better, again it’s a minor QoL nothing too serious even the fix.

I feel guided opportunities should still be more vague than they are, whats the fun part of playing the first time with them on? I turn them off first time I play a level and not bother too much to SA on first try. but if the location guidance can be minimized i would keep it on first try, also it would make more logical sense.

About your wishlish I agree with them all cause why not, I like the selectable slots ideas for contracts, especially with a new contracts mastery level system added, some arent exactly QoL but new features and I’d do a similar list but that’s gonna take time :stuck_out_tongue: I’m new to this forum, and I’d like to assume there are official connections with IO here?? probably not.

Curious what do you guys think about my proposed Running vs Crouching added mechanics?


I wanna add that I enjoyed the conversation system in the game very much, the voice consistency and lines were done very well, but I feel chars should speak in different ways in each location, I understand that it’s just very hard to do different languages, but I hope we can hear different accents at least for each location conversations, and more local words added, like ciao in italian, salam in arabic or what they did with japanese level.

Also this next idea will seem crazy at first but interesting! it would be cool if every conversation you hear would be transcripted as intel that you can listen to again anytime you want. and it will show the chars name and portrait along with a counter of how many more conversations the char still have that you didn’t record. example, Jason Portman 3/6 recorded. and so on, that would seem like a stretch at first, but it would be really neat if it can be implemented easily, because its fun to collect and piece out convos parts and make sense and remember the story of the chars/game more, I like the way that most of the lore/hints/easter eggs found in the game are hidden in convos so IMO that’d be a cool addition!


AI improvements would be welcome:

  • Shooting someone in the leg and standing over them to knock them out should count as “spotted” as they are looking right at you…
  • Throwing more than 3 items at an NPC should result in increased movement and reaction time - they shouldn’t calmly just collect breadcrumbs
  • Killing a NPC that has spotted you should remove the “spotted” taint to your score (if they weren’t a target you get penalised any way - it makes no sense that a witness who is killed can be used against 47)
  • Throwing a fire extinguisher near an NPC should result in a bigger reaction other than “that’s odd”.
  • Drawing a pair of scissors should make you steadily more suspicious rather than instantly cover blown on professional… it’s a bit too harsh here
  • Climbing ledges and pipes next to NPC’s should result in them calling the guards… this is ridiculous.
  • Explosions and loud noises should score less than a truely silent kill where nobody realises 47 was ever there

In Blood Money guards would be called if they saw a random person scaling the roof (you’d assume they’re a burgler) - why do NPC’s in this game never look up nor care that you’re clearly climbing balconies and up to no good?


I don’t think I’d be concentrating on much other than the pain of someone just shot me in the leg.


Absolutely not! This is a great mechanic, and loved by many. If it isn’t realistic enough for you, then just don’t use it.

Absolutely not! Noise never had any impact on getting SA, not ever ever in any Hitman game. Besides that, it would remove alot of viable options for runs. So no, absolutely not.

Stop trying to restrict other people’s playstyle.


Already happens in Hokkaido and Landslide. Pipes and ledges ore Hostile Areas on both maps regardless of the disguise.I guess it will be the same for the Season 2 maps.


it should count as spotted if you let the npc alive.


I disagree with that. It would be too much hand holding and make the game too easy. Full opportunities enabled is already enough guidance imo. It would also take the tension from the game when you always know that you won’t get spotted when killing your target.



I’d also add, hand to hand combat from behind on stairs shouldn’t get you spotted - the npc doesn’t see you yet they become an unconscious witness.


I kinda agree with the sense of this, still sometimes things aren’t too clear specially for starters. I like the current directional warnings they give when you’re about to get spotted though. either way I removed danger alerts from the list.

I honestly feel it makes sense that you WERE spotted, in terms of how SA is supposed to be clean job run, but killing the npc wont give you SA anyway, it doesnt really matter that much IMO. still I agree that more AI improvements is good, as long as they stay consistent.

about the combat on stairs I totally agree, it’s pretty annoying, and I hope it gets fixed, I have a feeling this was on high demand for a long time here.added it.


I’ve said this before, but it was like this in Bangkok at launch - and most people are happy it isn’t anymore. Making NPCs call guards if they see you climbing makes most ledges in Paris fucking useless w/ no point to their being there lol


Totally disagree with this. Killing innocents shouldn’t be in the game like how it was in blood money. It makes things too easy. It takes away the puzzle element of getting SA.

Just imagine, 4, 10 or 20+ ppl in a room and 1 is your target. Just walk in with a machine gun and shoot them all and then dispose of all their bodies and you still want to get SA? Uhhhh, I don’t know about that.

Ok, I agree that would be cool but this isn’t john wick. It’s 47. And this 47 is more about being a professional as he works with the ICA and they do not want collateral damage whereas BM 47 was a cold hearted killer.

But regardless of that, as I said, it makes it too easy first and foremost.


Also, it’s a score you get for “Never Spotted”. It makes sense if you get spotted, the score is lost.


If non targets are killed then it counts as non-target casualties in the end score, and any non-target casualties fail the SA bonus.

Also, in blood money you could even kill non targets in accidents and obtain SA as accidents didn’t count as non-target casualties. A prime example:

At 2.05 he throws a bouncer off the barrier and it only counts as an accident in the final score. Furthermore, he kills Vaana Ketlyn and the red devil after they’ve witnessed him pulling out a pistol. See 4.30 in video. They both spotted him before dying but ‘Witnesses’ is 0 in the end score.

I think to resolve this problem the game should just go back to considering whether there were witnesses, non target casualties etc. Than check that the player was never, at any point in the game, spotted.

This reminds me of the time last year when there was a debate on these forums over whether deleting camera evidence should or shouldn’t undo the ‘spotted’ penalty received for originally being seen by a camera before the evidence was deleted. Personally I think it’s correct now, where deleting the evidence restores ‘Never Spotted’. I just think that measuring that a player was never spotted is maybe the wrong way to measure Silent Assassin.


That wouldn’t work in this game tho, since there are approx 8937579023859384593489 times more accidents in the new HITMAN.


Agreed, though I think they could just make non target accident kills still count as non-target casualties


As long as it ruins SA i’m fine with that. Else i can kill half of paris within 5 min without it affecting my score