List of skills 47 has


So, one of the running jokes of season one that I quite liked was that - regardless of being the world’s most talented assassin - 47 is also insanely talented at a number of other highly skilled things.

Here’s the list off the top of my head:

  • He can play drums to a top level
  • He can play piano
  • He is a skilled yoga teacher
  • He can walk a catwalk like a top model
  • He can mix cocktails like a pro barman
  • He is a skilled chef
  • He can pilot a helicopter, speedboat, snowmobile, airplane, etc.
  • He is a relatively skilled computer user (shutting down the server, wiping camera recordings)
  • He can play video games (dancing; Kane & Lynch, etc) :slight_smile:
  • He is a skilled masseur
  • He is a skilled psychoanalyst
  • He can play chess at a high level
  • He is a skilled sound mixer
  • He is a skilled mechanic

Any more?


He’s good at cooking!


he speaks so many languages that everything sounds like accentfree english for him


He can walk, that’s something


He can dance.


He’s a good actor (Paris opera)
And a skilled masseur (A gilded cage)


He is strong enough to snap the neck of any canary bird.


He knows how to seduce women.
As evidenced by De Santis and that one lady at the bar in Bangkok.


Masseur - I knew I was missing something. Added!


I would put that one under social stealth, like when he tells the technician that Novikov told him to get the fireworks remote, or tells the butler he’s a delivery man delivering flowers. The ability to con people through disguises and social stealth.

And all of that stuff, I put that under his portfolio of assassin skills.


he has 47 Chromosomes, but no super-down-syndrome.


skilled therapist (got a confession out of silvio)


Very good - I forgot that one too. Added!


Did you guys forget his shooting skills ?


His shooting, knife throwing, explosive, lock picking, etc, all forms part of his assassination skillset. This is a list of other stuff.


Define other stuff


I mean, look at the list. How did you end up on this page, lol


Might be another mechanical thing but he apparently knows a thing or two about using music studio equipment. Doesn’t he kind of fix the sound for “are we stars”? He even gets a compliment from Jordan and his producer.


Yes, excellent - I’ll add that too


He’s also a good scarecrow. Lol