List of skills 47 has


His language skills are that good everything appears to be simple english.


Hahah, well, there are no birds in Colorado so, I guess!


Oh yeah he’s fairly decent at cleaning as well. He cleans Ken Morgan’s suite to his liking and resorts to cleaning when hiding in plain sight as a Janitor in Marrakech and Hokkaido.


Backwards aging.


He can make some considerable acrobatic movements (climbing pipes or walking on ledges) while wearing a suit or clothing that isn’t really comfortable for those activities.
Another one is that he knows a bit of how a fortune teller acts and knows what to say to Mendola to entertain him before killing him.
Might also add that he knows how a priest behaves (given his time with Vittorio) and can conduct a wedding without problems or even make a confession.


He also knows how to be a Judge. Even made a ruling.


He is such a good shot that he can kill a person from a pistol from a huge distance,calculating it perfectly.
He is a skilled close quarters fighter.
He has a great knowledge of poisons.
He knows how to gain intel on the field.
He knows how to be a convincing actor(Like in the opportunity in Colorado where you kill Penelope).
He can resist tear gas(Contracts Hunter And Hunted).
He is capable of feeling his surroundings and analizing them(The part in the tutorial video where he stares directly at Diana and Soders while he is in a supposedly soundproof room)


Also he can PIMP WALK which is always a good skill.


He has the ability to say funny dialogues like:

“I need to use the bathroom”


He has the skills to perform “open heart” surgery lol

Oh… and impressing Parvati and Rose as the Point Man. Which ain’t surprising considering he really is a marksman, but still.

He’s also good with a camera :movie_camera: (Gilded Cage)

Not to mention a great fortune teller :crystal_ball: His readings were indeed accurate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh and he even was skilled enough to persuade Graves into thinking he was a real Interpol Agent. That’s some good acting right there! Lol


Managing Real Madrid and winning back to back UCL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He can see through walls…


Yeah, he’s definitely a great drummer… you know, come to think of it, I’ve never actually seen 47 and Phill Collins in the same room together…



In hindsight I’m pretty sure 47 could do anything he wanted with an endless skill set!


He’s probably the world’s greatest Quick Change Artist


but he can’t get laid


Because females are no good for him.



Precise aiming skills behind a target.

Because you need that precision to kill somebody silenced with a shot in the back and not making the target an invalid.
Actually I think 47’s aiming at the spine of a target, I can’t imagin 47’s shooting at the targets heart.
Im not good in anatiomy but I was wondering myself, if a silenced kill from behind with the silenced pistol wouldn’t make any person who got shoot in the spine an invalid, instead of killing the target.
Or is there maybe a area or zone at the spin, if you would shoot at it, it would kill you?


So I took a quick look at the animation and to me it looks like he’s aiming at the heart, the blood splatter also comes out to the left of the spine. Even if the shot severed the spine he wouldn’t die because of the spinal injury, the shot is aimed too low to hit the nerves that control the heart rate or breathing so he’ll be alive even if he lost motor function from the chest down, he would probably even remain conscious for a short time (until he loses too much blood). He’d more likely die because the bullet hits the aorta next and cause masive internal hemorrhaging, but even so I don’t think the death is instant.

I believe that a shot to the heart by a large caliber bullet is more likely to result in almost immediate loss of consciousness and death by destroying the organ and causing a masive drop of blood pressure in the head which would cause the victim to fall to the ground instantly and without a heart his chance of survival is basically 0.


Thank you, it sounds plausible. I’ve not took a look at this after thinking about this. But If i remember it correctly, 47’s used his left hand to close the targes mouth and with the right hand he’s aiming at the targets heart.

Would be kinda funny, if the silenced kill from behind would be a shoot in the spine and would actually make the target an invalid (in reallife), instead of killing the target. But thabks anyway. :slight_smile: