List of skills 47 has


He’s an excelent physician. Highly recommended by Erich Soders and Deewana Ji.


47 has a great sense of humour in improvised conversations with targets!

‘In the meantime, watch your back’.


He knows how to disarm bombs, as seen in Plutonium Runs Loose.
He can also drive/fly various vehicles. This includes helicopters, motorboats, planes and snowmobiles.
Presumably he’s also a good gardener due to his time at Gontranno.


He also knows how to treat animals(The Bunny when he was a kid,the parrot in BM and the pigs in SA).


Has a good taste in clothing!(Italian suit, Summer suit) I’ll see myself out


Some how I’m convince when 47 is not working he’s somewhere in the world working like a backpacker every place he gets just to study better the human behavior and of course learn the job.


That seems fair considering that throughout each game he gets better at social interactions. Although maybe you can make the argument that his time with Vittorio also taught him how without really realizing it.


i always thought that 47 knowing how to play the drums, do yoga, or having any of those random skills is stupid. i don’t count these kill opportunities as canon.


Well… I like to think that one of the things he does on his off time is study human behavior to better himself at his job. :slightly_smiling_face:

Though clearly some of those opportunities are there for humorous effect.


Or, if you’re 47, these skills are incredibly useful to know. 47 trains for his missions. He trains for every possible angle. He might have learned a few instruments (Drums, Piano, Guitar) before going to Bangkok on the off-chance he got into the recording session as a musician. So even if he didn’t already know how to play (or do yoga), he might have prepared for it.

And since he’s a super clone with a 47th chromosome that makes him stronger, faster, and smarter than nearly any man, I’d say he’s capable of it.


I know it’s just a Videogame but 47 Chromosomes doesn’t make you superhuman. I’m fact it’s more likely to have devastating effects on your body.




That was sort of my point. :stuck_out_tongue:
Suspension of disbelief is required in a game about a superhuman clone.

I do appreciate Dr. Ort-Meyer’s wording in the first game when he says he “discovered the true power of 47 chromosomes,” indicating that it typically wouldn’t be useful, but that he managed to perfect it and find a use!

But you’re right, it often leads to birth defects and down syndrome.

Perhaps a more scientific approach would be additional base-pairs in his genome; a more complicated DNA sequence could allow for a potentially more complex creature. Biologists have already created a semi-synthetic 6 base cell that can actually survive! (Source for the interested:


Given that Parvati was dissatisfied with the team’s performance until 47 stepped in as “Burgess,” it implies that 47 instantly memorized the necessary steps of the planned motorcade strike from a thirty second slide presentation and then put them into practice better than the actual Point Man who had presumably been training with this for quite a while. And the Point Man was supposedly already an excellent marksman and operator since he was selected to be on point for the elite strike team.

So there’s one of his unusual skills: He’s a god at PowerPoint information absorption and speed reading. There are other examples of this in various ways throughout the series where 47 views a photograph or document for just a couple seconds and instantly commits it to perfect memory. He can read the Bare Knuckle Boxer recipe, wait three hours diddling around in Paris, then mix Novikov’s favorite cocktail without flaw. This includes if he never overhears the opportunity conversation stating it’s Novikov’s favorite drink, or reads the recipe long before he overhears that and somehow doesn’t forget a word of it.

EDIT: Also he has on multiple occasions handled nuclear material with competence and confidence so you can add “skilled nuclear technician and atomic weapon specialist.” While it makes sense that an assassin would know how to work with explosives, I think nuclear weapons are slightly outside that skillset.

He is also apparently trained in laboratory procedures (including hazardous material certifications) and corporate HR manipulation, considering he can somehow get inserted undercover in the Ether biolab as a researcher and effortlessly put on a hazmat suit. It’s one thing to fake being a gardener or waiter, but quite another to fake being a virologist or surgeon at exclusive facilities to the point you’re allowed in the lab or operating theater.


The fact that he can destroy the virus in Sapienza by making it reach critical temperature (along with sticking pointy tools or syringes in people with sedatives or poison) probably means he’s pretty broadly knowledgeable in biology.


The problem in trisomy disorders is that there is too much of something, there are too many genes in the nucleous causing a protein imbalance. If the 47th chromosome is completely different from the other 46 containing genetically engineered genes that enhance 47’s abilities, it’s tiny enough not to modify the position of the DNA strains in the cromatine causing the wrong genes to be read, it shouldn’t have a negative effect on the phenotype. There’s something called Human artificial chromosome which is basically what I think the creators of Agent 47 had in mind.


That’s super neat! Thanks for sharing!


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The most precise knife-axe-anything thrower in the world, his throws can even follow the target and go through walls.