List of skills 47 has


This reminds me of the baseball and the fact he can throw it to knock somebody out. I wonder how fast his pitch is…


There’s a vein/ cluster of nerves on the side of the human head that if you hit it hard enough, causes you to pass out from the “system overload.” It’s how boxer’s get KO’s.

It’s a myth that just hitting someone in the head will knock them out. Unless you know what you’re doing, a hit strong enough to knock them out will likely cause serious damage.


He can lift a woman on his head.

Thank @Iffy for the image


47 also used to kick all kinds of ass in Unreal Tournament, or so the rumor had it… (He was my preferred custom player-model when I couldn’t get a generic MIB… and my usual Team DM teammates except for in the Lawdogs mod were a pack of raptors, so he’s a better Pack Alpha than Chris Pratt. :stuck_out_tongue: )


So can we add 47’s skill as a F1 mechanic?


Can we add 47’s skill as a F1’s driver maybe ? :wink:


I upgraded him from competent mechanic to skilled mechanic :slight_smile: