List Your Favourite Contracts

Played the contracts? Tell us the good ones!

Everyone’s happy to rank their favourite maps, how sexy the targets are, and how they killed the ETs, but what if we instead shared our thoughts on something which actually helps others in the community out: What custom contracts are worth playing?

So comment a list of contracts you feel are good and worth playing! Then whenever people comment or post “What contracts are any good? I don’t know how to find any, the trending page is crap” you can just link them this thread.

The point of this thread is to help people decide what to play, so apart from the exact name, it would be great for you to include:

  • What platform/s it’s on (P = PC, S = Sony Playstation, X = Xbox, F = Featured Contract)
  • Author’s name
  • What type of contract it is (Sniper, Hostile Disguise, Puzzle, Extreme difficulty/challenge, Gun Rampage, Melee Madness, etc). If you can’t think of any, that’s fine :slight_smile:
  • If the contract was posted somewhere then a link to that picture/post (Do not put the pic itself here, only link it or there’ll be a loooot of scrolling to do)
  • If the contract has no picture/briefing you can link to, then a brief description (“Fibre wire targets across Marrakesh without KOing anyone”, “Use the crane to drop a load on three targets”) and its contract ID would suffice.
    (See my comment below for inspiration on what to include)

Feel free to list Featured Contracts and your own contracts if you believe they’re great (But this isn’t the place to show off your latest creations, the HMF Contract thread exists for that). If someone else has already listed a contract you were going to mention, still list it so people can see just how popular it is! And if you come across a new cool contract, just edit it in to your comment later

If you are having trouble finding contracts to play, then besides this thread try:

Now get out there and bring me pictures of Spiderman a list of good contracts for people to try



I’ll start us off, I’ve been compiling a list for months :stuck_out_tongue:
[EDIT: When this list was originally made almost none of these contracts were featured, but now 25% are; they’re still worth pointing out to anyone who missed them though!]

Modded Missions (PC Offline mode only)

Loud is Allowed (Can get SA with loud weapons)


Hostile Disguise


Special Game Mechanics


Miscellaneous (Don’t quite fit a category but are fun or interesting)

  • Which Color Has Your Collar by Urben (F) [You must pick which disguise you’ll spawn in, and which one you’ll take from your dead target]
  • Knockout! by @CamTheChest (F) [You must take the disguise of your target to kill the next one]
  • Lead Investigator by Urben ( P ) [Kill De Santis before she reaches the pier]
  • Out of Place by Kevin Rudd ( P ) [Kill two people on opposite sides of the map, while wearing the wrong disguise for that area]
  • Where’s My Candy? by TheContractor (F) [Three different disguises, and maybe you should ring the doorbells]
  • Eviction by @SANY-72Q (F) [Accident kill contract with puzzle element]
  • Which Killer is Your Colour? by Kevin Rudd ( P ) [Kill two sets of targets while dressed as the other, but one set of targets is in a trespassing zone]
  • Where Patients Meet by Urben (F) [Kill two mobile targets with accident explosion without KOing them, in a map where there’s only one propane flask]
  • Frisky Business by Kevin Rudd (P,S,X) [Get past the frisk point, one way or another]
  • The Right Start In Life by Kevin Rudd (P,S,X) [Must commit to one disguise; Kill 5 targets across Mumbai. Hard to do quickly, but there is a way!]
  • Straight to the Top by Kevin Rudd (P, X) [Kill the top floor bankers any way while dressed as Job Applicant; Tactics: Mission Story, Infiltration, or elaborate setup]

Built For Speed(running)


Non-assassination based challenges

Melee Massacre


I don’t really know about the whole “contract type” thing, please correct me if you think they deserve to be in a better place.


  • The Four Clovers by @Sniff (F) [Easy puzzle, needs fair amount of problem solving for a moment (or several, depending on who you are)].
  • The Kenny_Karen Paradigm (Also optionally requires no security recordings and required exit is boat near the Church) by Sniff (S) [Very long puzzle contract, made use of different areas, disguises and kill methods all found around the map].
  • I Have The High Ground (Complications here) by @MrNinjafreak (S) [I found it very difficult starting on it, but I started to adapt].


  • Selfish Fishermen by @GreekAgent (F) [A great example of speedrunning with unlimited freedom of kill choices, all within the boundaries of the docks in Colombia which is underused].

I’ll try to compile a proper list later. But for now I’ll just gush about my favourite contract of the past month (was submitted for October). I’d put this under Speedrun

(PS4) Houdini’s Great Escape by @PEA


Frank’s Last Day At Work. Literally. (F)
Type: Puzzle

I was quite skeptical at first, seeing the time limit, but this contract is tons of fun and extremely rewarding when pulled off. It actually made me see the benefit of the once reviled timer and has thought me to embrace it.


Hm, I’ve always thought that the Selfish Fishermen were liked by most people :thinking:

What are you talking about?

I think it’s pretty cool that this forum shows how many people have clicked a link; makes the lists interesting in that you can see what contracts grab people’s attention

Hope more people share their favourite contracts!

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Basically all of our contracts used in our competitions:

Weekly Contest #1
PC ID# - 1-08-5171778-05
PS4 ID# - 2-08-1737017-12
XB1 ID# - 3-08-8232658-57

Weekly Contest #2
PC ID# - 1-12-1344809-02
PS4 ID# - 2-12-2952046-62
XB1 ID# - 3-12-2414982-80

Weekly Contest #3
PC ID# - 1-09-7971226-05
PS4 ID# - 2-09-7415516-21
XB1 ID# - 3-09-7765408-17

Weekly Contest #4
PC ID# - 1-22-6314385-05
PS4 ID# - 2-22-7848078-65
XB1 ID# - 3-22-4139281-00

Weekly Contest #5
PC ID: 1-06-9722655-03
PS4 ID: 2-06-3886317-65
XB1 ID: 3-06-0234023-00

Weekly Contest #6 IDs:
PC : 1-26-8581192-05
PS4 : 2-26-5350169-65
XB1 : 3-26-8037297-00

Weekly Contest #7
PC ID: 1-20-5065032-03
PS4 ID: 2-20-6964465-30
XB1 ID: 3-20-4143009-17

Weekly Contest #8
PC ID: 1-04-7630321-03
PS4 ID: 2-04-5847366-65
XB1 ID: 3-04-5924212-00

Competitive Escalation C
PC ID: 1-03-7987218-05
PS4 ID: 2-03-5780771-65
XB1 ID: 3-03-8873605-00

Weekly Contest #9
PC ID: 1-02-9394318-05
PS4 ID: 2-02-7239540-30
XB1 ID: 3-02-2040323-17

Speedrun Competition #1

Frote Speedrun - Paris
PC ID# - 1-02-7273251-05
PS4 ID# - 2-02-6244000-38
XB1 ID# - 3-02-2179379-00

Frote Speedrun - Miami
PC ID# - 1-11-5563985-05
PS4 ID# - 2-11-1139336-38
XB1 ID# - 3-11-1140724-00*

Frote Speedrun - New York
PC ID# - 1-24-5784726-05
PS4 ID# - 2-24-1925438-38
XB1 ID# - 3-24-2671934-00

Speedrun Competition #2

Frote’s Speedrun - Sapienza
PC ID# - 1-03-7630628-05
PS4 ID# - 2-03-9831759-38
XB1 ID# - 3-03-4467808-00

Frote’s Speedrun - Hokkaido
PC ID# - 1-10-9311177-05
PS4 ID# - 2-10-9168809-38
XB1 ID# - 3-10-8409725-00

Frote’s Speedrun - Mumbai
PC ID# - 1-13-1683608-05
PS4 ID# - 2-13-7223311-38
XB1 ID# - 3-13-7241435-00


Revisiting to see how it compares with your curated list: only 3/10 :wink:

This list must’ve been before Speedrun Whittleton Creek was made

Yes, the WC one was in Speedrun Competition #3

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I kept my list for myself since I expected to become a curator. Now I think I can also share the contracts I also liked but which did not make it into the list. I don’t want to list featured contracts here though (with one exception)

  • Luck or Skill? (PC, Santa Fortuna by @Parsime) - Interesting for speedrunners as getting a silenced shotgun into the caves usually takes enough time to take more risky approaches
  • Action Economy (PC, Sapienza by @Nakar) - While the autofail conditions are not nice, it is a nice contract where you deal with more targets than you have bombs for
  • The Silence Is Deafening (PC, Sapienza by @KevinRudd) - Another explosive contract where you play with sound-blocking rooms
  • I Never Wear A Rubber (Featured, Sapienza by @KevinRudd) - If it wasn’t featured already I had taken it for my batch, shotgun in the virus chamber
  • Straight to the Top (PC, New York by @KevinRudd) - Trespass or not while killing top floor bankers as the new guy
  • He Stole My Coins (PC, Santa Fortuna by @cake941) - Push someone into the water, fun because there are so many ways while none of them are horribly easy
  • Crowd Dodging (PC, AHBOS by @SASO) - The most fun non-target contract I’d say
  • Three Orders (1-21-4088154-04, Sgail by @ArjabRoy) - SA/SO/!KO on the butler, morgue doctor and the ceremony guy
  • No Collateral? No Problem! (PC, Mumbai by @SASO) - Kill the train driver, autofail at non-target kills, fun!
  • The Glass Room (1-24-2710394-31, 2-24-3848762-62, 3-24-3481749-07, New York by @Switcher) - Freeform contract in the middle of the bank

And a selection of unfeatured contracts of mine :thinking: Some I think are quite good, some are gimicky but still worth to be checked out. The best 5 are markes with :star:

  • :star: Mangrove Vines (PC, Santa Fortuna) - Fiberwire three targets at the coca fields, hide the bodies
  • Shah’s Brides (PC, Mumbai) - Burn two targets with one barrel, no KO, also blow a nearby guard up
  • A Hat In Fashion (PC, PS4, XB1, Paris) - There is one very easy and one way harder solution that should be faster by just a tiny bit, intended to get speedrunners and beginners closer together
  • Easy Kill or Easy Exit? (PC, Paris) - As the title says, not that hard actually
  • The Weak Link (PC, Marrakesh) - Routing Puzzle with explosives and maybe a Sniper
  • :star: Stay On The Ground (PC, PS4, ICA Facility) - Kill all on the top floor, ideally without getting there
  • 950 520 980 DØ2 (PC, ICA Facility) - Kill someone with Assault Rifle as Security, hide all bodies
  • Smog On The Water (PC, Mumbai) - Hide 3 targets near the boat start
  • Agoraphobia (PC, Santa Fortuna) - 4 targets with Pistol Elimination and Disguises that make routing bad in any way
  • :star: IV Bagging (PC, Paris) - Playing with body bags and timing
  • :star: Angry Bird (PC, Miami) - Forced Exit puzzle
  • Gods In White - Kill a doctor with Katana in your suit, no KO
  • Dance, Tag, Jump! (PC, Hokkaido) - Make use of new SA rules to bet this puzzle
  • :star: The Portman Paradox (PC, XB1, Hokkaido) - Fingers crossed this puzzle never gets featured
  • A Light Headache (for both) (PC, ICA Facility) - Perfect Shooter puzzle
  • Autour Du Palais (PC, Paris) - Me trying to mock speedrunners with a hard-to-route contract
  • Of Each Nest (PC, The Source) - Infiltrate both wings and shoot into the other
  • Fence Defence (PC, Whittleton Creek) - Undercover disguises + explosive devices + routing puzzle
  • Summer Biathlon (PC, PS4, Miami) - Speedrun contract
  • Gustatory Climax (PC, Whittleton Creek) - My take on Muffin contracts
  • The Isle Calls (PC, Sgail) - Sniper contract nobody has beaten yet
  • Transportation Confrontation (PC, Mumbai) - Troll contract