Live Diana responses and comments in game

i am against it, i dont need any more voice of god narration, if you wanna give me a play by play put it at the results screen.


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Diana is already speaking too much tbh.



I agree though, Diana does speak too much.


super evident when trying to make a cool montage. I had to turn the audio waaaaaaaaaaaay down because she would constantly say “1 target down 47, 2 more objectives to go”. So tiring in the long run.

Never, ever add this in the game. The lines we have are allready annoying, so this will be hated. If Diana did this in the old games. ‘47 poisons dog’. Diana: “omg 47 what did you do poor doggie”. ‘cries’.


47 should speak more also.
Men master race :smirk:

Did you just assume 47’s gender?

Rather than more voicelines for Diana, I’d prefer her talking through an earpiece (even just the low-quality sound if not a model of the earpiece).

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You’re right. I guess we don’t know.

I wish she didn’t say stuff for all events. Gets repetitive just like @Pissfloyd said.


So you want something like MGSV?



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I’d rather she say nothing at all unless she has useful intel. If anything 47 should be the one reporting in to her. Announcing the targets name when they’re clearly in your plain of view is useless and makes no sense. Is that not what the mission briefing and intel files with photos are for? She’s not omniscient and 47 doesn’t have a camera hidden in his suit. She should never know 47 killed the target the second he does it.

Remember this?

In this game, Diana would be reporting to 47 about the dead girl the second he walks in the room. It’s stupid, so I am not in favor of this. If this is a troll thread then I guess I fell for it…lol

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Yeah the relation between 47 and Diana is good in the old games when 47 is reporting stuff. The best conversation for me is the dialog between 47 and Diana in St. Petersburg Stakeout.

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Yeah, I also miss those brief cutscenes before the mission starts where 47 would have internal dialogue in his head. St Petersburg Stakeout has it when he’s on the train. Actually most of Silent Assassin and Contracts had it. Made it seem like he had more of a personality. Even in Absolution when you paused the game during a story mission he had dialogue but it wasn’t as cool as the cut scenes in my opinion. I personally want the contracts vibe back in the game, without every mission being at night. There’s also the lack of Jesper Kyd which played a big role in how the game feels. Maybe in a future season.

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Yeah,but he reports to Diana because he finds out girl is dead and that could potentially change the mission.Diana informs him that everything stays the same in terms of contract.Pretty important conversation

That’s not the same as Diana’s unecessary comments that add nothing to the game nor provide any useful information.
I’d say their interaction now is quite different compared to previous games

That’s exactly my point though, it makes sense that 47 would comment and Diana would appropriately respond. In this game, she comments as if she’s there with 47 whether it’s simply “That…is Silvio Caruso.” or “You’re in, good work 47.” How would she even know?

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Personally I’m not in favor, simply cause it isn’t really Diana’s business how 47 finishes his hits. I’m more of the “there’s no right way to play Hitman” camp. Realistically in a high profile hit, if there’s a civilian in the way, they’re gong down.

Did you guys remember Diana gave 47 his briefing while playing in ‘Death of a showman’?. I didn’t mind that, it was usefull. In ‘St Petersburg stakeout’ she gave you the info to identify your target, also usefull. And in contracts 47 contacted her when he found the dead girl in ‘A meat king’s party’. All these little conversations in the old games were important and usefull, now it’s just crap. For example; 47 travelled all the way from his house(?) to Marrakesh, Morocco. He got his briefing before he went to the consulate and has all the info he needs. Then he finally arrives at the markets next to the targets hideout, but Diana starts speaking; welcome to Marrakesh 47, your targets are hiding in the school and the consulate, there is a protest going on. Ugh… :expressionless: :rolling_eyes: What is she, stupid? 47 is allready there for maybe 2 days, this girl really stupid or just extremely retarded? Just like when I spray the f*ck out of my target; he doesn’t breath, his blood is on every wall, bullet holes in his head and torso. Diana: target down. :neutral_face: No shit.