Loadout suggestions

Recently found out I can in fact set a default loadout for a location. So my initial purpose for this post was kinda defeated but I think it would be nice to get a global default loadout option too.

also to shake things up it would be cool to add a random option for your suit. just chose random and it will pick a random suit for you to show up in.

I like the idea of an item randomiser, but tbh I don’t think it’s worth IOs time. I can give you a random loadout if you like :wink:


Silverballer (not mark 2), coins, garrote in a stash, lockpick (not mark 2) then I get hold of a crowbar, screwdriver and wrench for hitting people and as tools and pick up coins that I find. I don’t really use the crowbar as a tool although there is one place where it opens something a lockpick can’t if I remember rightly. If I think a sniper rifle is useful then I might forget the coins and take a briefcase with the rifle either at the start or in a pickup.

How about no loadout challenge pack?
Wanted something like that for some time.

I mean if you want to do this I say go for it, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. I’d prefer IO made no loadout a complication in contracts, coz it makes more of an impact on the game long term and no one feels they HAVE TO DO contracts, so people who can’t do no loadout runs wouldn’t be left out

Pistol: Silverballer
Pocket Item 1: Napoleon Blownaparte - distraction, fun to use when you rage
Pocket Item 2: Handyman Wrench or other KO item - Wrech doesn’t look apealing but can tamper with
Smuggle: Stuff like poison or OP phones of death and suffering