Locations Discovered BUG

I am at 99% on Sapienza and it says I still have 1 more location to discover to unlock the achievement, however, there are no icons on the map legend revealing where the locations left to be discovered are. I have the same issue on Whittleton Creek, I would really like to have 100% on all maps. These are the last two I have left, and only need 1 location each, is this a bug? or are there secret locations on Sapienza and Whittleton Creek that dont’ show up on the map?

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Yes there is a bug with discovery challenge on multiple locations. If you don’t have an undiscovered icon on any location then don’t bother with it until it’s fixed, just a waste of time.

Bug reports for Hitman 2 go here

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Maybe there’s more, found only these

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If someone still unaware, this bugfix is officially confirmed for February update