Locations that we want to see in expansions or in Season 3

People started talking about it in the discord, and I decided to create a topic on the forum. Offer your options.

These are my suggestions:

  1. Small village in Siberia or resort in Switzerland or Alpine resort village…
  2. Full size Stadium like Rungrado Stadium or smaller…
  3. Skyscrapper in Japan like “Graveyard Shift” + “The Jacuzzi Job” from H2SA.
  4. Scientific base in Alaska like in “The Bjarkhov Bomb”.
  5. Oil barge+tanker or base under the Sea.




And to be fair it was hinted at on a magazine in Hokkaido :grinning:

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Anyone else really want to explore the Austrian Sniper location? It looks so great, would love to see more of it.

  1. One of the Gulf countries. Arab sheikhs and their wealthy palaces. EE of reporter dismembered and drained through toilet.
  2. Would love to see more India. Not mumbai, maybe Himalayan setting.
  3. Japan. More of mix of ancient and moerrn Japan.
  4. North korea.
  5. Arctic or antarctic scientific research facility.

Nightclub in Warszawa.


The island of Crete

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Carnival in Rio
International Airport
Casinos in Macau

Edit: Since I’m in Atlanta, I’m biased in wanting one set at Atlanta Hartsfield. It’s also the busiest airport in the world so there’s plenty of opportunies/ideas/etc for the place, but again I am biased. :wink:


A Greek island for the upcoming summer expansion would be great!!

I wanna see 47 blending (and by blending I mean dancing :p) at a full crowded beach bar(swim-suit:p)!!
The mission could last from sunrise to sunset with beautiful places to explore apart from the main hotel(with an interactable pool) and one of the story missions could have 47 actually flirt with his gorgeous target!! (killing her softly :p)


London where 47 must kill Tommy Stokes and a ski-town similar to Aspen

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Top of my list would be Ireland I think it would be really good setting to see 47 in. Would also love to see a level set in Edinburgh and Cornwall. And of course somewhere in Russia and Japan.

I would like one in Brussels. It got mentioned during Hawke’s Bay and I’m sure you can guess the other reason.
Geneva or New York would be nice as well.

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I’d like to see something completely out of the hitman universe…

Something like a cyberpunk city.cyberpunk-desktop-wallpaper_102104548_292

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I bet one of the expansions is in Mexico.


Alpine resort in Switzerland would be amazing.

Old Town in Prague.

Wales. Dubai. Sydney. Moscow.

Poland would be nice.

Returning to Budapest would be awesome.

A nightclub in Berlin would be cool

Assuming H3 (8) will keep the six location format;

  1. UK - a Downton Abbey style building - perhaps home to one of the partners.
  2. Argentina- a mountain hideaway complex - perhaps a fleeing war criminal (secondary target the sleazy lawyer).
  3. Russia - Moscow, hey we went to the White House so why not the Kremlin.
  4. Egypt - the potential here is immense (though being careful to not evoke Marrakech too much), think ‘The Night Manager’ - perhaps the second partner is at a grand hotel.
  5. Hong Kong- just because :blush: and the Lee Hong references would write themselves.
  6. Belgium- Brussels just seems like the logical place to off the last partner… And maybe also the Constant while were at it. A grand finale.

Not too sure story wise how to properly link all six locations yet but it could work, though I may have changed my mind in a weeks time anyway :joy:


Something in Tel Aviv would be cool.

I keep hearing little snippets in the game about possible targets and locations.

Like: one of Sierra Knox’s entourage tells a little story about Sierra’s ex-boyfriend, a guy named Romanov who moved to a small island in the South Pacific. The fact that he’s named and his location is mentioned makes me think that he’s an upcoming target.

And this keeps happening!

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  1. Russia - Political hit in Moskou
  2. China - Assassination on a triad gang
  3. The Netherlands - Brothels, secret weed plantation, luxury apartments in Amsterdam
  4. Mexico - Day of the death
  5. Australia - Cruise ship
  6. Romania - The Asylum

(If they’re making a Hitman 4, then scrap Romania from the list. I want the last level of this adventure take place in the old, abandoned Asylum, where it all begon.)

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  1. Seoul, Korea
  2. Prague, Czech
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Montreal, Canada
  5. Cape Town, South Africa
  6. Detroit, USA
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