Locations that we want to see in expansions or in Season 3

Would love to see a Bond type “Day of the Dead” carnival level set in Mexico.


Cruise Ship
Jumbo Jet

Didn’t Orson say in Nightcall that he had to go to Riga in a few days? It’s possible 47 could also be going there.


There was something on TV in Vermont talking about an art museum in Spain. We already have an art gallery in Paris, but the specificity was interesting.

Ooh, a Spanish art museum? The Bilbao Guggenheim is a possibility. A function at a modern art museum would be excellent.

HITMAN 2049? All the cops are Kronstadt robots… :wink:


The torch tower in Qatar
Internal infiltration bypassing heavy security or using disguise.
External infiltration using ladders and accessibility to open windows.
I worked on this building years ago and always thought it would be an amazing place for a stealth game to take place


Oh my… I was just thinking how overwhelming a tower building map could be now that the engine seems capable of simulating an entire skyscraper!

Like a HITMAN version of DIE HARD or … well… SKYSCRAPER!


would love to go to a place like this one:

Also Spielberg detailing what could very well be one of the Opportunities for a map like this. hahaha

Also… yes… I made it as a joke in the HITMAN 3 Subtitle thread… but you gotta admit… this would be a cool place for HITMAN 3…

They just have to make sure 47 cannot exit the map by riding the Shuttle. :wink:

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Tokyo, The Pentagon, NASA, The White House. Berlin Opera. somewhere in Finland with a lot of snow.

Will we even have a Season 3? This game is slipping under most people’s radar thanks to Rockstar and its precious fanboys.

I am not sure if this game will sell well enough to warrant a sequel. I am afraid this might be a Titanfall 2 situation.

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St Petersburg (like the embassy+metro+park)
Shamal hotel, but the whole hotel.


That was foreshadowing. The Gorka that was forged since the Ark Society took it for their legacy project.

Hey even I have to say RDR2 is the game of the year and HITMAN is a contender but they are not even close in some respects.

Loved the opening scenes of that movie. Would be a lovely theme for Hitman indeed.

This is near the top of my list too. Imagining the footprint of eg. Mumbi level if it was translated into an entirely verticality based level like this. I don’t want to be too cliche but if a couple of the floors were under control of some kind of terrorist group and there was a bit of a low-key homage to Die Hard it could make a crazy good atmosphere up at that height.

Also I’d kill for a proper christmas level. Soemthign the size of mumbai but its a town at christmas :ok_hand:

Soupienza Didn’t see this post , beat me to it with the Die Hard. Man it would be great. Trying to think of all the different ways they could put in to get around, , very interesting.
And if they had some kind of large explosion opportunity that you can trigger that leaves a hole in the side of the building letting in the snow and howling wind , even better!

Accidental-kills98 Agree on that one. There’s a lot of contenders, probably RDR2 edges it for me as a whole package. God Of War was close earlier in the year. Hitman 2 has some levels that I’d say are level of the year though if that was a thing.

Since we’re going after Providence now,this would be a good setting to assassinate Gustavo Torres

The point is a game like RDR2 will butcher the sales of every other game that releases after it within this year.

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True all of the base levels are fantastic. GoW is a close contender but RDR2 still edges it out for me. I can’t put my finger on my exactly.

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An Austrian mountain village with a large chalet as the Villa Caruso of that level. Like something you’d find in a posh snow globe.