Locked H1 content

Is anyone still struggling getting access to Hitman 1 content? I am playing on the Xbox Series X and I can get access to Hitman 2 & 3 but it’s asking me to buy an access pack for 30 dollars for Hitman 1.

I already own Hitman 1 with all of the content and all of H1 content works on Hitman 2. Not sure why it’s not loading in Hitman 3.

Anyone hear anything about this?


same here but on xbox one s

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Yeah I’ve got the problem too and I’m still struggling to transfer my progress lvl 1167 btw. This launch has been disappointing and I don’t even want to play cause when I do eventually transfer I lose all that progress

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I think our best course of action is waiting a few days for them to release a statement saying yeah we basically messed up here’s your hitman 1 content, because buying it would be very unwise. In the meantime play the new levels or just hop back into h2 because it’s going to be a bit before this hot mess is sorted out

They know about it and are working on a fix https://twitter.com/IO_Travis/status/1351895465785225221

This appears to still be an issue, >11 days later. Not a good sign :frowning: