Looking for Room 909

What about a new guard in CCTV room, introduced in the Legacy

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Good point.I don’t actually know. I’ll report back soon.

Ah… that must be the reason why it doesn’t work anymore. In a previous experiment, I had to use a CX Explosive in order to be able to use the Clock Tower. :slight_smile:

Using a large explosive to cast “Searching” to occupy the Guards and then using a Lancer when the Guards can no longer register it in their “one state only” minds doesn’t exactly count as a 909 since by using CX Explosives you can make any area viable but it requires knowing which guards to cast your “Searching AOE Effect” and even then the effect is only momentary - you cannot take ten shots.

Instead the idea behind a “909” is it feels like you can just fire a hundred rounds thinking: “I broke the game. kek.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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The guard with the cctv doesn’t hear a thing. Only one who hears a shot is the kitchen staff who is smoking every 90 seconds or so.
Video is uploading…

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Forgot to mention that Map Variants tend to cause changes. The Landslide Map and the World of Tomorrow Map are not the same in spite looking the same. The 909 Rocco’s Stairwell nest that works so well in Landslide does not work in World of Tomorrow.

That said I did use the other 909’s in Landslide in Contracts Mode to good effect (though not SA because body found). Oh wait… that’s because the Contracts Mode mission I tried actually used the Landslide Map Variant. :laughing:

But basically it was like a Featured Contract on Landslide map with 5 Targets on the beach, around the concert… And I was like: “F*ck this…” and just used the Abiatti Bodyguard stairwell and balcony 909 and Lancer-ed them all because I just wanted +1 Featured Contract towards unlockable. hahaha.

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So as long as the kitchen staff guy is knocked out, no one will hear a loud shot.

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Ok… This works in World of Tomorrow. I am pretty certain this doesn’t work in Landslide. Either that or it’s much harder to setup.

Which Kitchen Staff guy is this? The one in the basement? Or the one who regularly walks up and down the tower and smokes outside?

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The one who has a smoke. I didn’t try Landslide, kind of busy with Contracts now lol.

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Hmmm. The thing about that tower… I think in World of Tomorrow it is apparent that the Volume governing the tower itself has no connection to the basement or the main restaurant or the town square (probably as long as doors are closed).

That said I recall clearing the Tower in Landslide and it wasn’t sufficient.

Still… Good find. :slight_smile:

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So that’s a 909. :slight_smile: Thanks to @Urben (by way of @Ibbe040)

Map: Sapienza

Mission: World of Tomorrow

Location: Watch Tower Starting Point

Required Preparation: KO the Kitchen Staff that goes out to smoke.



Credits to Urben :smile:


Since it hasn’t been posted here for the entire time it’s been up, and I only just discovered it the other day; what you call a Room 909 is simply a room where there are two closed doors between the noise and the next closest NPC.

So long as there are two closed doors between your noise and the nearest NPC, it will not be heard; there are some exceptions based on distance, height, etc, but 90% of the time you just need two closed doors and you can make any noise you want.


Here’s a Room 909 in New York.
This has been posted in HMF but I can’t find it, Kevins post reminded me of it so I made a quick video.

Now as Kevin is saying, two closed doors barricade the sound. I didn’t include it in the video but if the door to my right side was open then npcs would’ve heard the shots and the explosion.


Very good example. And this video also demonstrates the concept of cubic volumes. Note how meaningless the visual geometry is in terms of evaluating what is detected or not… The doors may be closed… but there is all this open air space and the open balcony yet no sound seems able to escape!

It’s because that entire “open air space” above the waist-high balcony and the waist-high balcony itself is bounded by just one rule over that cubic area. That volume or “logical room” must have been set so that no sounds get out - unless the doors are open. :slight_smile:

The doors on the other hand must have rules of their own so yes… the doors must be closed.

If one immediately thinks: “Oh but that space above the balcony is a large window surely the sound escapes through there.”, then no one would think of firing a gun there! But the point is, that’s not how the world of HITMAN works. Visual geometry that you think is there in HITMAN, really doesn’t exist in the way it does in our world. :slight_smile:

Great find @Ibbe040