Looking into the distance


On this redacted challenge after the body in the bedroom is recovered I wait on the balcony for the golfer but he never appears, the club and ball are there!! Anything changed on the legacy pack ?



You ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue. :confused:


Doesn’t it take a while for the golfer to appear? If not then the trigger might be glitched and you will have to wait for the next patch.


Yeah sorted, as long as the golf club and ball is there he will appear BUT it can take an age I waited over 5 minutes I thought there was an issue with it being so long but he does eventually come.


OK future posters nothing to see here move along, hop along or groove along.


Just a heads up, this one and Tuppence a Wish are the glitchiest challenges in the original game. It’s a lot about hoping for the best in all honesty


Well I just got this, by killing the guy, and the bitch in their room, and the golfer appeared. That’s in ps4


Does a body need to be discovered? Which one and by whom?


I have no idea why IO made the HITMAN 2 version of this so time consuming
It used to work shortly after Jackie found Julian’s corpse. Now it takes over 10 minutes for Julian to show up on the pier. Ten minutes AFTER they drag him out in a bodybag.


This challenge is a greater crock of a challenge then shooting six crocodile blowup toys in Sapienza


It’s really different for everyone lol. I couldn’t make the golfer appear in a loaded up save file, it had to be from a restart.

The golfer appeared when the security was done with the searching alert, ~10 seconds before they bagged the sleeping guy you have to kill.

They should have tested the challenges that alot were struggling with in H2016.
Atleast they made Tuppence A Wish much easier for Legacy. You only have to bounce 13 coins off the mirror to the fountain instead of having coins land in a rock in the fountain.


Yeah, but you still have to save because a lot of times the coins land on the rocks against the mirror. I had to reload a million times


True. I had like 16 coins (normal and classics) + 10 in the map so I don’t think I had to reload lol


Yeah, I only got it cuz I had my special gift ICA coins with me as well!