Lost a hitman 2 legercy pack please help


i lost my hitman 2 paris pack emailed io they havent got back to me what should i do


Explain more detailed, what you mean ‘lost’?


Yeah you should explain more about what platform you’re on and how you “lost” Paris. You can always find your Hitman 2 dlcs/add-ons where they are stored. First it would be good to know the platform you’re playing on.

Do you own Legacy or did you have access to Paris during the 3 weeks from Dec to Jan when it was free


By the way, starting from 12th of Feb you’ll ‘lose’ Hokkaido too if you didn’t buy the Legacy Pack.
If you played Paris for free while Holiday Hoarders were online, you will restore all your proress when you buy the Legacy Pack.
If you buy/bought it, it won’t be lost unless you delete it manually from your game store library


@misterkiller you spelt Legacy wrong it’s Legercy, get it right :smirk:

So if you got Paris for free then you can’t do nothing about it. If you bought Legacy and Paris is unaccessable then tell us what your platform is, what edition of Legacy you own and we’ll help you


@misterkiller thanks I will look into it