Lost all of my missions

All my missions are gone, i got hitman 1 and 2 from xbox game pass and i stopped playing for 7 months. I recently logged in for none of my missions being there. any suggetions?

Are your missions installed? Can you install your missions? Does each mission say “Get Access”?

Every mission says get access, so i cant install my missions

do you know who i can ask to fix the bug

Do you even have the missions installed? Use the guide I linked to help fix the bug.

Do you still have your Xbox game pass membership. Unless you bought the games you’ll need to renew your membership to play the games.

Everything turned out good, i got hitman for free, xbox had a get season for free

So you have it now and can play?

yeah thank for help tho

Hello. I don’t have game pass but do use Xbox. Once or twice I had a situation where some levels went “red” in the menus for no apparent reason. One time it was due to removing the early-access Sniper Assassin game. The problem went away all by itself.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe Hitman isn’t on game pass. It IS on offer on Xbox right now, at least in the UK.

Hitman has been gone from gamepass for a few months. I think about three months before it was free with gold. I find that if I get a game with gold that comes with DLC and I don’t install it completely, I lose the DLC afterwards. I think this is just the normal get access bug though.

I’m not sure but I thought the idea with game pass was that you could only play the game if it was one of the games in the pass. So when it isn’t there, you lose the access to the game. That would explain it. If it’s with Gold then you keep the game for as long as you have XBLG, the two have different mechanisms I think.

Yeah that’s exactly how it works. But I normally add games to my ready to install when they’re free with gold. When I added the Batman games, the DLC didn’t save so if I were to download them now I would only be able to play the first episode, which is already free.