Lost episodes


I can’t access any of the episodes I purchased the game from gamestop and have been playing for months. Now it says I don’t have access and have to buy the episodes again???


Maybe @Travis_IOI can help


Who is that? Do they have a tech support number?


Travis is a member of ioi interactive who is active on these forums regularly & is usually pretty good at responding to these types of issues :slight_smile:
I’m sure he will be able to help you.


How do I message him? I’ve never used a forum before.


You tag them just as I did so he should hopefully see this.
You tag him by typing his id which is @Travis_IOI
That’ll send a notification to him which hopefully he sees.
If you type @Travis_IOI into the forum search function you’ll find his profile page & from there you can message him directly.


Ok. @Travis_IOI have you had any provlems? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I’m playing on Xbox one. It doesn’t give me access to any levels. I played yesterday even. I came home and downloaded an update now all my levels are locked except the tutorial.


I haven’t. I’m on ps4. Are you playing the disk version?


Yes. I purchased the disc


Have you tried a console restart? I know you said you’d already downloaded today’s emergency update, but I generally find on Xbox that a full console restart is required for everything to work properly after an update.


I had this problem on Xbox also. My fix was to uninstall all of the Hitman data and reinstall everything.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:


I have the digital version of the whole first season and I have the same problem after deleting it for extra room and installing it again. Can anyone help me? Perhaps @Travis_IOI?