Lost interest

Now this is all gonna sound weird but just hear me out.

I love Hitman, (games of course), I had H-2016 and H2-2018. I even wanted to get the Ultimate Collection on PC, (I play on PS4 mainly.)

But after a while I started playing other games and lost interest in Hitman.

Now when I go back to play it, its occasionally interesting, but it takes me 17 minutes just to kill Silvio Caruso. Like, goddamn.
And I have no motivation to start the game either.

I want to play the game, but I don’t want to play the game. It’s hard to explain, you might understand.

So what I’m asking is, is there any tips for getting back into the game and the franchise?

Again weird and awkward question but it’s about time I asked it.
Thanks btw.

Hey everyone, late edit, but I wanted to say thanks. Some of the advice I had already done, but it seems like I’m starting to play Hitman more, (very sloppily but surely will improve), and I’ve also gotten more into casual-gaming, which switching between games more often, which I consider more positive than being addicted to one, so thank you all for the good advice and attention, I really appreciate it. This community is awesome.

(sorry if I sound like a really cheesy movie character giving an inspirational speech)



I went through the same thing. Eventually I just went into a phase where I just waited for new content to come out. Another great place to check out is the @The_Ducker_Gaming CCC thread for some challenges. Play some escalations and featured contracts in between as well as those have greatly improved since 2016.


Thanks. Slightly helpful, but for me, I will do the content like Elusive Targets, then go back into quit mode. Same thing for other content.

Don’t force yourself to play it. Either you enjoy a game or you don’t, then it is probably time for something else. :wink:


I had a similar problem when season 1 was coming out. Was hyped early on but as time went by waiting for the nest mission to come out I just lost interest.

I remember Colorado and Hokkaido I didn’t even play till about 2/3 weeks after they had released because I had been playing other stuff.

I think regularly staying up to date on this forum helps just so you don’t miss anything. I recently was at a point where I needed something to play and I hadn’t replayed H1 and 2 for a while and I think I was watching some dude playing through Paris and I instantly jumped back on and tried finishing of most of the challenges I hadn’t gotten around to before.

That helped and then I replayed H2 again and now I’m back on it a good few times a week whenever a new ET pops up too is always a good way to get back into the game.


I personally play games now in cycles.


Also the odd PALADINS match here and there.

I got PAYDAY 2 and AC UNITY only recently so grinded those more than others recently which played a part in me failing The Chameleon.

But I am back to cycling in H2. When you do not feel obligated to play H2 you may find you will play it when you feel like it and it will be a better experience. :slight_smile:

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Mr.407, I get you completely. There are weeks, when I’m just not in the mood to play Hitman. There are times, when I can’t stop to play. Then again, there are times, when I just want to play one mission and that’s it.
(Upcoming content is an exception, I’ll checking it out, no matter what. ETs included…)

Just put the game aside, there will be a day, when you want to play nothing, but Hitman.
Personally I believe, Hitman requires a certain mindset to play. You can’t go and fuck around, like in GTA for example. (You need to concentrate…or at least paying attention of your doings.)


This is true and is probably one of the reasons it doesn’t have the popularity of a RED DEAD REDEMPTION entry where acting like a trigger happy hickster is considered top play.

But this is also the reason I believe the average IQ of its community is higher than in other games. :wink:

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I’m in the exact same situation as you. In fact it’s been like this for over a year now. I play Hitman so rarely I don’t even know why i have a account on this forum anymore. I used to play Hitman BM religiously but the new games don’t capture me aswell. I will probably play the resort one time once it drops like I did with the Bank and then not play the game for another 3 months to a year.

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Just play other videogames in the meantime. Too much of the same thing will bore anyone out.


What keeps me playing is trying out different playstyles, role play. Each suit offers a different kind of approach.

  • Signature suits: silent and clean (use the silverballer, fiberwire)
  • Casual black, the undying look: agressive and mostly silent (use RS-15, combat knife, black lilly)
  • Lynch & clown suit: total chaos (use Shashka, Sawn-off shotgun, explosives).
  • Winter gear, winter suit: icy executions (use piton, snowballs, winter briefcase containing whatever silent weapon)
  • Masked tuxedo: shotgun psycho (bring a silenced shotgun with you in a briefcase and start killing as much ppl silently)

There are so many ways of playing, you just need to find and enjoy them. Also try exploring the map more and observate secluded places you mostly by pass.


I can’t tell if you are framing this as a positive thing or a negative thing.

Like, “holy shit, it takes too long just to kill one target”

or “wow it only took 17 minutes to kill this target”

Had the same issue with HITMAN (2016) between Sapienza and Colorado and afterwards, resulting in missing a lot of the ETs.

I am currently unlocking everything in HITMAN 2 again because I switched to the PC version. And it feels kind of fresh, and the levels are just so much fun.

The best advice is probably the one @Danger_dog_guy_7 wrote: change your playstyle.
I used to run around with fibre-wire, silenced pistol and a lockpick. Playing the game for hours using this playstyle is getting stale after a while.
Which is totally normal by the way, had the same issue with MGS V back in the day.

Another advice may be: take your time with the game, explore the levels. Turn the HUD off and stroll around and look what you can find, if you haven’t explored everything yet. I still find things in the levels that make the game worthwhile. Be it dialogues, little details or whatever.

Try new stuff for example 100%ing or
speedrunning (not as hard as you think)

A few things i’d recommend.

  1. Get the expansion pass if you don’t already own it - that will give you tonnes of new content
  2. Try out the different game modes, Sniper Assassin & Ghost Mode
  3. Contracts mode, there’s thousands of different contacts which offer hours of entertainment as generally they’re all different (IMO)

THAT WAS FOR (Increase in volume by 1000%)


Why does that remember me of the 21k assets in Minecraft

I’m in a similar phase, and have been before. Take it from someone who’s been into the franchise since the beginning: it passes. Just play some other things and before you know it you’ll be reaching for one of 47s games again :slight_smile:

Somehow I also prefer playing these games in autumn/winter when it’s darker outside, so that could also be it.

There are some things that you can try. Play contracts, but don’t think so much about them, just click on the first contract on the list and surprise yourself, and try to do as many in a row with SA rating.

Record your SA/SO runs on every main mission from HITMAN to HITMAN 2 and upload them here to the forum and show us how you did them your way, additionally make all targets die from accidents and SANKO - no knockouts, and use default load-outs on every mission.

Try speed-runs.

The best option is to simply take a break. Hitman is a wonderful series but everything requires moderation. If you do anything for an extended length of time, it’ll start to lose some of the magic. Whether that’s listening to the same band, watching the same movie or playing the same game.

I’ve only put about 200 hours into Hitman 2 - Still a lot, but a fraction of what some of the more dedicated players have done. It still doesn’t feel old or stale for me every time I revisit it.