Lost interest

The best option is to simply take a break. Hitman is a wonderful series but everything requires moderation. If you do anything for an extended length of time, it’ll start to lose some of the magic. Whether that’s listening to the same band, watching the same movie or playing the same game.

I’ve only put about 200 hours into Hitman 2 - Still a lot, but a fraction of what some of the more dedicated players have done. It still doesn’t feel old or stale for me every time I revisit it.


Here’s another trick that lines up with “change things up” especially if you’re on PC using Keyboard and Mouse…

… plug in a controller. :wink:

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lol na

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Seriously I found HITMAN 2 played like a new game once I was playing on PS4 in addition to PC.

I found I didn’t move the same… I even seemed to favor different solutions because of the control scheme.

I’m still thinking why I killed the Prince with a sloppy Explosive Pen throw on PC… then on PS4 I did it with a slick Church Tower Bell accident…

But it just felt new… and I was switched on more on PS4.

Although the series originated on PC the newer games are designed for console 100% only reason IO released it on PC was to keep their PC playerbase happy… all 12 of them :wink::smirk:

The only reason to even consider using a controller was for the ability to slow-walk. Now that they’ve added that on PC, it is mouse and keys all the way for me.


Whatever makes you sleep at night :wink:


:joy: I was hoping for at least one bite on this. Fair play (you know I’m only jealous :wink:)

Damn I want to try some of these out

Right, so I’m a bit late to this one, but wanted to throw in 2c cos I go through this with a variety of games, but this year has been a super weird one for me:

I’ve been hopping between Hitman 2 and Warframe only (with a brief stint of Prey and its Mooncrash DLC for a week or two earlier this year), and I find it so much fun because both are games-as-a-service titles, but one is slow and deliberate, whilst the other is twitchy and run-and-gun.

So, the first thing is: try mixing it up!

Second is - and this is what I’m doing right now - if you haven’t done Master SA/SO and Sniper Assassin runs… DO THEM! Theses are so much fun because - once you know the layout of each map - they really challenge you by adding more enforcers, cameras and just making the stealth aspect far more challenging (and in my view) rewarding.

Hope you get back into the swing soon!

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These statements always confuse me because you’ll lose interest in any game after playing it long enough. Take a break, play other stuff, come back when the resort releases.

Also, watch the Noclip Hitman doccie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_stW6JvB4SI

EDIT: Oh, and per a quote from the doccie, this is a PUZZLE GAME!

Once you start treating it as such, you may find a different dimension to it… and you might also realise that you should be in a more cerebral mood to play Hitman; it’s not just a pick-up-and-play jam.

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I did those on Xbox before switching to PC.
Not only did I do SA/SO runs but I did SA/SO/SnipAss runs. Those are fantastic!

Right? They’re so satisfying cos they really test your knowledge of the game by putting all your skills to use, and there’s always so many ways to solve the puzzles!

Master Sniper Assassin on both Colorado and Marrakesh were SO satisfying:

In Colorado I did it all from Sean Rose’s office: hit him at the safe while he was testing his bomb, Parvati as she was talking to the mechanic, Graves while she was talking to some dudes near the orchard, and Berg while he was smoking by the lawnmower, wall within 30" of each other!

Marrakesh, I nailed Strandberg from the rooftop overlooking the protest plaza as he was gazing out of the window, and Zaydan from near the schoolmaster’s rooftop while he was overlooking the schoolyard on the south side of the building, all in my gloved summer suit.

That feeling when you walk out unnoticed, having sniped these fuckers to death. Hells yeah.


Play Blood Money hammers actually kill people in that one.

I am a huge Hitman fan since Silent Assassin and played the shit out of every game… but even I get burned out. I needs months to get the urge back… this is why I haven’t touched any of the special assignments and extra maps since finishing up Sgail/Himmelstein.

You should go ahead and enjoy other things/games, but I am sure you’ll be itching to come back to Hitman eventually. This game’s the only one of its kind, and if you loved it once you will be back :grin:

Hello OP,

I have the exact same problem. It’s like this strange relationship, when you love the Hitman for what it used to be and you really want to play it, but you can’t bring yourself to play it for a longer period of time.

I played the bank yesterday for the first time after a half a year break from H2. It seems like an interesting level, but after one playthrough, I don’t feel like playing it again. Perhaps I’ll give it another 1-2 shots, but it’s just the same target and the same objective, just in a slightly different way (Silent Assassin rating wasn’t that hard to achieve for the first time with a couple of saves on Professional).

I would love to go for Silent Assassin difficulty, but what for? Re-skins? I understand that before Blood Money we got only SA rating as a reward (and a fancy gun which you never used), but after BM I would expect to have more engaging reward system than unlocking explosive rubber ducks and flamingo suits.

And I still don’t understand, why 47 can not have lock-pick, fiber wire, three coins, and two syringes at the beginning of each mission by default? Is it okay to hold 8 golden bricks, couple of guns and a fire extinguisher at the same time by the end of the mission, but not to start with three coins and a piece of wire?

Because that would upset the balance and inventory management. Gameplay


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Yeah i don’t get when people want to start with things by default, by that logic you could just take your whole inventory, locked doors would become pointless if you just had a lockpick at all times and if you want lockpick, why not disposable scrambler, it would never end :smile:

Lockpick is probably my most used tool. Only in specific contracts where i dont need it or have to carry other stuff (khm sonko), i dont bring it with me.