Lucas Grey (aka Subject 6)

Everything Jk said is what made me think he has made the full "PROtagonist turn, cause if he were gonna just “Convinently” turn babyface to suit his temporary needs… why give her a gun??? :wink::v:

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I’m pretty sure the story writers already wrote the story of all three seasons before starting on the first one. Probably not every detail, every mission or every target but they defiantly knew how the 47/6 story would end. Sure sometimes things change and maybe the possible betrayal wasn’t part of the intimal plan, but I doubt it was a last minute addition.

Thanks, I usually check this forum out on my phone and don’t see any options for it. Will keep it in mind to head to pc when using spoilers

Very true… but If it does come back with the Episodic format, even with a mapped out idea… anything could happen mid-stream, but I see your point. :v:

The end scene after Haven is written well, the various dialogues indicate various options. Someone is likely to be up to something with Arthur.

Could be Diana alone - she was alone with Arthur and there’s no way for Grey or 47 to tell who actually sent the message that it was going according to plan. Olivia likely dead here.

Could be Grey with Diana, similar explanation.

Similarly could be Olivia alone - she might have known about the various accounts all along and have sent a message that it’s all okay. Diana likely dead here.

Could be Grey with Olivia, similar explanation.

Could be Grey alone, he received a message that the money’s gone to Arthur along with surprise from Olivia and Diana.

Can’t be Olivia and Diana together or them with Grey as the interaction between Olivia and Diana then makes no sense.

Unlikely to be 47.

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Correct, but they did include alot of details. I think the best one I noticed is that there’s 2 NPCs in The Final Test that talk about Janus.

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Found it, thanks! 202020

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Tagging my post as an introduction to my reply to this thread.
As nice as having the Shadow Client as the antagonist would be, I think Grey (Gray?) and Olivia betraying 47 and Diana seems too predictable :confused: I think maybe the ending of Season 2 might be leading to the reveal that the Constant persuaded Diana to untie him? Poisoned her mind against 47 by revealing who killed her parents. But then how the conversation go?

Edwards:Providence killed your parents, and they used 47 to do it.
Burnwood: “Good God Almighty!”
Edwards:Yes…you should help me take it over so I can continue its existence and more people can get hurt in the same manner.
Burnwood: "Okay :slight_smile: "

I can see how he would turn her against 47 and the rest of the clan, but I can’t see what could persuade her to help him take over Providence.

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Keep in mind, there are probably still crew members of Grey’s on board, even though they haven’t been shown. Maybe the crew has been infiltrated somehow, and the constant captured/freed by them? Maybe retired to the ocean for being compromised and all assets temporarily transferred to him? Until the partners can regroup? Tbh, I think too many are too convinced for whatever reason, that Grey turns on 47. It could happen that way, I just don’t see any absolute facts suggesting this.

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I think people don’t like Grey, so they want the ability to kill him :smile: personally I don’t mind him, but I think as a character, he has weakened since Season 1. Maybe it’s just the lack of mystique? It’s probably because we spent all of Season 1 wanting to know what his story is and what drives him. Now there are no more mysteries, he’s not so special and the wonder is gone. That said, there are so many things I would do with the character if I was an IO writer! :heart_eyes:
It is entirely possible the Constant just escaped of his own devices and nobody has betrayed anybody. Though I think Diana might’ve noticed if someone was departing the boat by jumping into a lifeboat or something :laughing:

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My thing is as much as I’ve enjoyed both IO an now WBs attempt at humanizing 47 (since '01s Silent Assassin an the priest). Enough is enough… you can only go to that well just so many times till it starts getting cliche, an as much as I’ve enjoyed their attempts (now with Grey) … here’s hopin they find a way to end his screen time within the first 5mins of H3. JMHO

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Do you mean 47 or Grey?

Grey… No matter how hard you try, ya cant kill 47!

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Oh good, I was worried :laughing: maybe they could write him out in physicality, like “I’ve gotta’ go 47, I’ve left the stove on. I mean, you don’t need me anymore.” and he just occasionally checks in. Personally I really like the character, but I appreciate he can get a bit boring after a while.

He made a GREAT villan, from the time he was introduced 1st in the Cinematic trailer in '16, but as his true intention (loosely used term) came to light in H2, an I put together where I’ve seen this storyline in the hitmqn franchise before… I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow to IO an WB an shake my head. :joy:

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I know, the predicted trajectory isn’t looking good :sweat_smile: the character has potential though! That’s why I’m not ready to abandon him yet :smile:

I can’t be the only person who thought this was a really bad plot twist or turn or whatever. Never played Codename: 47 but doesn’t 47 only kill after he joins the ICA? The only game where you dont kill for the ICA is Absolution but Providence isnt in Absolution.Maybe there’s something about it somewhere outside of the games but as far as I know, 47 never killed for Providence.


The prologue of the 2016 game doesn’t precisely say it but when he arrives at the training facility Diana remarks he has an impressive record, he’s the result of previous training and all that.

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