Lucas Grey (aka Subject 6)

Correct, but they did include alot of details. I think the best one I noticed is that there’s 2 NPCs in The Final Test that talk about Janus.

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Found it, thanks! 202020

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Tagging my post as an introduction to my reply to this thread.
As nice as having the Shadow Client as the antagonist would be, I think Grey (Gray?) and Olivia betraying 47 and Diana seems too predictable :confused: I think maybe the ending of Season 2 might be leading to the reveal that the Constant persuaded Diana to untie him? Poisoned her mind against 47 by revealing who killed her parents. But then how the conversation go?

Edwards:Providence killed your parents, and they used 47 to do it.
Burnwood: “Good God Almighty!”
Edwards:Yes…you should help me take it over so I can continue its existence and more people can get hurt in the same manner.
Burnwood: "Okay :slight_smile: "

I can see how he would turn her against 47 and the rest of the clan, but I can’t see what could persuade her to help him take over Providence.

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Keep in mind, there are probably still crew members of Grey’s on board, even though they haven’t been shown. Maybe the crew has been infiltrated somehow, and the constant captured/freed by them? Maybe retired to the ocean for being compromised and all assets temporarily transferred to him? Until the partners can regroup? Tbh, I think too many are too convinced for whatever reason, that Grey turns on 47. It could happen that way, I just don’t see any absolute facts suggesting this.

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I think people don’t like Grey, so they want the ability to kill him :smile: personally I don’t mind him, but I think as a character, he has weakened since Season 1. Maybe it’s just the lack of mystique? It’s probably because we spent all of Season 1 wanting to know what his story is and what drives him. Now there are no more mysteries, he’s not so special and the wonder is gone. That said, there are so many things I would do with the character if I was an IO writer! :heart_eyes:
It is entirely possible the Constant just escaped of his own devices and nobody has betrayed anybody. Though I think Diana might’ve noticed if someone was departing the boat by jumping into a lifeboat or something :laughing:

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My thing is as much as I’ve enjoyed both IO an now WBs attempt at humanizing 47 (since '01s Silent Assassin an the priest). Enough is enough… you can only go to that well just so many times till it starts getting cliche, an as much as I’ve enjoyed their attempts (now with Grey) … here’s hopin they find a way to end his screen time within the first 5mins of H3. JMHO

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Do you mean 47 or Grey?

Grey… No matter how hard you try, ya cant kill 47!

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Oh good, I was worried :laughing: maybe they could write him out in physicality, like “I’ve gotta’ go 47, I’ve left the stove on. I mean, you don’t need me anymore.” and he just occasionally checks in. Personally I really like the character, but I appreciate he can get a bit boring after a while.

He made a GREAT villan, from the time he was introduced 1st in the Cinematic trailer in '16, but as his true intention (loosely used term) came to light in H2, an I put together where I’ve seen this storyline in the hitmqn franchise before… I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow to IO an WB an shake my head. :joy:

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I know, the predicted trajectory isn’t looking good :sweat_smile: the character has potential though! That’s why I’m not ready to abandon him yet :smile:

I can’t be the only person who thought this was a really bad plot twist or turn or whatever. Never played Codename: 47 but doesn’t 47 only kill after he joins the ICA? The only game where you dont kill for the ICA is Absolution but Providence isnt in Absolution.Maybe there’s something about it somewhere outside of the games but as far as I know, 47 never killed for Providence.


The prologue of the 2016 game doesn’t precisely say it but when he arrives at the training facility Diana remarks he has an impressive record, he’s the result of previous training and all that.

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I don’t like to criticism the writers because I know it’s a job where you’re trying to get objective success out of something subjective, but I do agree that the Providence/Blue Seed thing was weird. And 47’s long lost brother (6) kind of made me think “Oh? Was that it?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: the plot has nice parts, but those two things never sat right for me. The writers are very good, especially with Season 1’s story cutscenes, but I think they must’ve been having an off-day when they wrote “Diana only had one sibling and now he’s dead. Parents aren’t alive anymore either. 47 killed them, and he has a long lost brother called 6.” :confused:

The exact conversation goes:
Diana: “I read your case file. Impressive work. Hardly textbook, but I suppose fieldwork never is. Tell me, what did it feel like, taking lives?”
47: “Random. Disordered.”
Diana: “Is that why you came here? Why you let us test you?”

I interpreted that as when 47 escaped the asylum, his genetic engineering as a killer meant he couldn’t help himself from killing strangers. Like a kind of serial killer, performing sloppy ‘hardly textbook’ murders. But without Ortmeyer to direct him, his actions had no purpose, no order or logic. So that’s why he joined the ICA - to be given structure and order over who he kills and why. I guess you could say he needs them as much as they need him! Apart from trying to kill him in Absolution and (arguably) in Silent Assassin :smile:


Actually, this storyline picks up from that of the comic books, Birth of a Hitman. In it, he and Subject 6 were sent to kill on behalf of Providence until 47 disappeared into the world. Where he freelanced as an assassin.

Does somebody know why he sometimes wears this bandage? First I thought he was only wearing it when he used that sniper rifle, but actually he sometimes wears it, sometimes not :thinking:

I’m hoping Diana hasn’t turned on 47, I think it’s Olivia who set Arthur free.
As the 2nd game’s story progresses she seems less and less enthused, especially when it comes to bringing 47 and Diana on board, she clearly thinks it’s a bad idea. She gets snarky as hell right before Arthur is kidnapped, and I could easily see him talking to her after, using the small doubts she clearly has to bend her towards his will. He could even position himself as everything she thought Lucas was when they first teamed up, when she thought he was planning to kill 47. He’s definitely running his own game, willing to sell out the partners, maybe even trying to destroy Providence, instead of leading it.

Well Codename 47´s first ´proper´ mission (in Hong Kong) takes place a year after 47´s escape from the asylum. While I can´t say for sure whether it was his first ICA gig, if you take into account the prologue from the new games, then it implies that he was working as a freelance assassin fore some time first before being noticed and recruited by the ICA. This killing for Providence is a new addition and basically means that he (and the other clones) were used for Providence´s purposes, and before Ort-Meyer ´released´ 47 from the asylum, he had erased his memory (at the very beginning of C47, you wake up in the asylum basement, not knowing where or why you´re there, and the exact same ´waking up´ cutscene also plays at the end of the game if you don´t manage to kill Ort-Meyer and get tased by him), which is why it´s never been brought up before. Providence didn´t appear in any of the previous games, so…

As for Grey, I´m still wondering about his possible ulterior motives. I keep going back to the Legacy cutscene where he recollects 47´s assassinations and says ´I live in that world. I have seen the consequences. I have felt the cost. That´s what defines me!´ The way he says it just implies there´s something more to his motivation beyond eliminating Providence… Also, in the intro to The Ark Society, when he talks to Diana he ends their conversation by saying ´It´s a dangerous thing… Having a conscience.´ I can´t but think that he´s implying something there as well. Surely he doesn´t just say it because it sounds cool?

Do you have some photos of the bandage you’re talking about? My extensive background as an international sniper assassin might come in handy :slight_smile: